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In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find balance and discover fun, interesting facts about everyday life. These often-overlooked tidbits can provide valuable insights into the ways we live and interact with our surroundings.

What we eat and drink

Find out more about things we eat regularly like apples, grapes and bananas. It is always fun to eat pizza and ice cream. As people travel more there is more interest in eating food styles from other nations like French Food and Mexican food. And there is always interest in drinking wine.

Art and Language

We love to publish articles that bring to life art and language. These include articles on language and english as well as writers such as Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, John Steinbeck, Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson.

And be inspired by reading about Helen Keller.

In addition to articles on art you can read about Pablo Picasso, the Mona Lisa and even facts about the piano.


Advances in technology are changing how we all live. Find out more about advances such as drones and hacking.

Our Natural World

We cover topics from tornadoes to rainbows to sunflowers as well as the earth and earthquakes. 

General Fun Facts

Our interests at this website run wide. We cover everything from marijuana to marvel characters to cancer zodiac women. We cover yoga, tattoos and nike as well as cactus, pilots, dentists and astronauts. It is always fun to learn about different disciplines like Buddhism and confucianism. And we also like to write about great events like the 4th of July.

Ever wondered what the ultra-wealthy do with their time and money? It’s not all yachts and caviar, although those do feature prominently. From investing in rare artifacts to experiencing zero-gravity flights, their pastimes can be as unique as their bank accounts. While some might criticize these activities as extravagant or frivolous, it’s important to remember …

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