20 Facts About Red Robin’s You’ll Flock To!

  • Red Robin Facts

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  • If a robin is fed during the winter, it will carry on returning to the area for the whole winter.
  • Around 3 quarters of all robins in Britain, either through being unable to fend or becoming prey, die before their first birthday.
  • Robin’s singing is often mistaken for that of a nightingales. This is supposedly due to street lights confusing the birds and making them believe it’s still daylight.
  • Robins actually have quite the sweet tooth, being known to steal fruit cake and uncooked sweetened pastries.
  • The Latin name for the robin is Erithacus rubecula.
  • The robin’s famous red breast is actually an orange coloring. This is due to the birds being named before English had developed the word orange.
  • It’s believed that robins are able to view the earth’s magnetic field via a special visual system known as magnetoreception.
  • A strange feature for the bird world is that the female and male species of robins are virtually identical. Some claim there is a slight difference in breast shape.
  • The robin that lands on Mary Poppins’ finger isn’t actually a European Red Robin, but actually an American variant.
  • Baby robins hatch after about 2 weeks, and in 3 they become independent.
  • So there we have it, 20 facts to amaze and delight anyone during those dull moments this Christmas.

    From the origin of the Christmassy-link of robins to their orange color, the humble robin is quite the creature with a lot more than simply chirping up its sleeve.

    I for one love the little, albeit noisy birds, and can’t wait to look out at Christmas to see one even with the tiny chance of a White Christmas.

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He’s been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or factually interesting.

    30 Shocking Facts About Subway

    • Shocking Facts About Subway

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  • In August 2015, Subway revealed on their Twitter that they broke a real Guinness World Record by managing to make the most sub sandwiches simultaneously. All of the proceeds went to local charities.
  • In 1996, the first U.K. Subway store opened. Subway also launched their main website, subway.com.
  • In January 2013, Subway managed to accumulate 20 million fans of their Facebook Social Media page.
  • As it currently stands, U.S. Subways offer 16 alternative main sandwiches on their “All Sandwiches” section on their website, but the combination of D.I.Y. sandwiches and topping combinations is reportedly in the millions.
  • In 1981, the 200th store was opened in Washington. Shortly after, their 300th opened only a year later, and their 5,000th by 1990.
  • Subway was featured in the 90’s blockbuster hit Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • In Seattle, 32 customers were part of a huge Subway controversy after contracting Hepatitis A in 1999. This was due to poor enforcement and implementation of food preparation processes.
  • In 2013, Subway responded to challenges that their sandwiches were not 12 inches by saying the “footlong” is a descriptive name of the product and not an exact measurement.
  • Overall Subway, actually has more chains than the fast-food juggernaut, McDonald’s!
  • Subway has only offered the option of toasting your creation as of 2005, and even though this is the integral part of so many customers sandwiches, there is a ruling being disputed in the U.K. to charge the customer for the pleasure of having it toasted due to VAT changes.
  • Dick Pilchen is the longest employee of Subway. He first gained employment in 1968 and is currently working in their U.S. Headquarters after working his way through the ranks.
  • Project Subway was a fashion show created by the lunchtime heroes to create Subway-themed outfits and designs by rising stars of the fashion world. It took place in 2013 and 2014 asking designers to utilize everything from napkins and gift cards, to store-stocked veggies.
  • Subway is potentially introducing the new “subway” with touchscreen ordering options, USB-charging, and of course, Wi-Fi.
  • In 2016, Subway Ireland and U.K. had a whopping $680 million turnover, and are planning by 2020 to have 5,000 new jobs on offer.
  • If you will like to declare your love the old fashioned way, you can send a letter to 325 Sub Way in Milford, Connecticut. This is the address of the world headquarters of the sandwich giant.
  • So there we have it, from the worst choices to legal cases about sandwich measurements, Subway sure has its fair share of amazing and odd facts!

    I for one, no matter what they say about the chain, will continue to love a good lunchtime 6-inch sub with all the trimmings.

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He’s been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or factually interesting.

    The A-Z of Christmas Movie Facts

    One Magic Christmas is one of the few Christmas movies that was filmed in Canada. Although there is plenty of snow and it might seem like the perfect country for shooting winter scenes, a surprisingly small number of movies are actually shot here.

    Polar Express’ movie directors seemed keen to reference childhood homes and memories. Not only was “11344 Edbrooke” director Robert Zemeckis’ real childhood home, but the author Chris Van Allsburg also referenced his hometown by showing a picture taking in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Queen Isadora in the movie A Royal Christmas was played by actress Jane Seymour. Apart from having a varied acting career and also publishing self-help books and materials, Seymour had also narrated another Christmas movie two years earlier in 2012 called Once Upon a Christmas.

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is one of the most classic Christmas stories! Following the journey of Rudolph, the entire movie is stop-animation and took 18 months complete. The work turned out to be worth it, because it is the longest running and highest rated special in television history.

    Scrooged was Bill Murray’s big comeback to the big screen, since in the last four years, he had only played a small cameo part in Little Shop of Horrors. He had chosen to take a break from filming, and although he was asking in 1986 to play the part of Scrooge, he just wasn’t ready until two years later in 1988.

    Twas the Night Before Christmas is a lesser known television animation, which is based on the famous poem that begins with the same line as the title. Interestingly enough, this special was animated in Japan, although it was created for the United States.

    Unlikely Angel is a Christmas movie which features country singer Dolly Parton as the main character Ruby Diamond. After not managing to earn enough points to enter Heaven, she returns to earth for a second time and is given another chance.

    Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas was created under a tight schedule in efforts to get the movie done. While in production, most of the crew would even sleep in their offices just to get the film finished! When released, The Star of Christmas became the second VeggieTales Christmas special.

    White Christmas was initially meant to star Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire side by side for the two main characters – Bob Wallace and Phil Davis. While Crosby went on to play Bob Wallace and famously sing the title song at the piano, the role of Phil Davis was played by comedian and actor Danny Kaye.

    Xmas Without China diverges from the usual Christmas flick story by taking the form of a documentary. The film follows a family trying to purchase Christmas gifts that are not made in China in order to be more ethical. They end up spending $166 on Mexican Christmas tree lights, toasting their bread in the oven, and avoid gaming on their Xbox during the holidays.

    Year Without a Santa Claus was released in 1974 and was an animated film which was one of the first to show Santa Claus as being cranky and grumpy rather than always happy and jolly.

    Ziggy’s Gift is yet another animated television special, although this one is much lesser known. The movie is based on the comic strip, Ziggy, who’s character never says a word in the entire movie! Even so, the character remains honest and kind even while surrounded by thieves and bad Santa’s.

    Now that you know some of the quirkiest and most interesting facts about all your famous Christmas movies, you’ll be able to spot them and share them with your friends this year!

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    Lizzie Robinson has been a freelance writer since 2011. She is currently studying English Literature at university and enjoys sailing & playing the piano in her free time. Lizzie enjoys writing about current issues & business.

    The Largest Postage Stamp in the World

    What’s the largest postage stamp in the world?

    If you want to find the largest postage stamp in the world (as of 2017), you’ll have to visit the United Arab Emirates. On March 21st 2013, a postage stamp was released to commemorate Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi, the widow of Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder and previous ruler of the U.A.E.

    The stamp was released on March 21st because this is the day that Mother’s Day is celebrated in the U.A.E. It was considered a thank-you gift to Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi from the women of the U.A.E., in appreciation of her efforts to promote women’s rights across the country.

    What does the largest postage stamp look like?

    Largest Postage Stamp In the World

    Aptly named ‘The Mother of Emirates’, the postage stamp features the “Mother of the Nation” logo. This name has been given to Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi, and the logo is heavily associated with her personality, work and achievements. A solid pink color, the postage stamp is clearly reflective of women and women’s rights across the country and the world.

    What are the measurements of the “Mother of Emirates” postage stamp?

    The original postage stamp entered the Guinness World Records after being measured at 1.36 x 1.77 meters. Since it was so large, it was able to draw more attention to itself, thus promoting further the lifelong work of Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi.

    Whether you’re a philatelist or not, there’s no denying the beauty and significance of certain stamps from around the globe. Even if you don’t feel inspired to start collecting them yourself, maybe you’ll think twice when you next see a foreign (or local!) postage stamp.

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    Lizzie Robinson has been a freelance writer since 2011. She is currently studying English Literature at university and enjoys sailing & playing the piano in her free time. Lizzie enjoys writing about current issues & business.

    30 Scotland Facts That Will Lift Your Kilt!

    • 30 Scotland Facts

    • Facts About Scotland

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  • The world’s first color photograph was taken of a Tartan Ribbon in Scotland.
  • The United Kingdom’s most remote bar is The Old Forge Pub in Scotland. To get there, you can either take a 7-mile ferry, or hike 1 miles over rough terrain.
  • In Gaelic, Scotland is called “Alba.”
  • The 17th deepest lake in the world is Loch Morar in Scotland, which reaches a depth of 1,077 feet.
  • The land area of Scotland is about the same as the Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, and Panama.
  • Scotland had cave dwellers until 1915 when it was outlawed.
  • 432 people own half of the land in Scotland, however there outdoor access laws that allow privately owned land to be freely walked on and used as long as you leave no trace behind.
  • Scotland wanted to build a replica of the Parthenon, bigger and cheaper to be their National Monument. Construction started in 1826, but due to the lack of funds, was left unfinished in 1829. It has been nicknamed “Scotland’s Disgrace.”
  • Bagpipes were invented in Ancient Egypt, and was brought to Scotland by the Roman invaders.
  • Scotland only has 6 officially recognized cities – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, and Stirling.
  • The oldest known tree in Europe is the Fortingall Yew in Perthshire, Scotland. It is between 2,000 and 3,000 years old.
  • The most famous Scottish dish is haggis. Haggis is typically made with the heart, liver, and lungs of sheep, and boiled with seasoning in the animal’s stomach.
  • Scottish people are more likely to have blue eyes than anyone else in the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • The coastline of Mainland Scotland is 6,160 miles long, which is 3 times longer than England’s.
  • Scotland has its own version of Stonehenge – the Callanish Stones. They were built around 3,000 B.C. on the Isle of Lewis, and no one knows why the stones were erected.

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    Michelle Gabriel is a freelance writer and blogger and currently loving it! Her primary focus and passion is traveling, which she does full time and continues to be her preferred topic when composing articles.

    30 Astonishing Facts About Tattoos

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  • The record for the longest tattoo session is 56 hours and 30 minutes. The artist, Krzysztof Barnas, finished 11 tattoos, and he was only allowed 5 minutes after every hour to rest.
  • It only takes 3 days for inner lip tattoos to heal due to the rapid regeneration of the cells. Because of this, they will also fade and disappear in 1-5 years.
  • 23% of people regret their tattoos, with the biggest regret being a tattooed name.
  • When starting an apprenticeship, aspiring tattoo artist usually practice on fruit. Grapefruit, oranges, and lemons are the closest texture to human skin.
  • Unsanitary tattooing practices can transmit diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV; however, there has yet to be an actual case of HIV being transmitted via a tattoo application.
  • Tattoo numbing cream helps with pain, however it may disturb the inking process on the skin and affect the visual result of the design because it can make the skin swell and deform.
  • Government jobs have the most tolerant tattoo and piercing policies, but only 8% of government employees have ink or piercings.
  • States with the highest percentage of tattoo discrimination are South Carolina, Oklahoma and Florida. States with the most tattoo friendly public opinion are Montana, Colorado and California.
  • The U.S. spends $1,650,500,000 annually on tattoos, with 14% of all Americans having at least one tattoo.
  • The part of the body tattooed the most among women, is the ankle area. Among men, the most common spot is the arm.
  • In the United States, Miami has the most tattoo shops with about 24 shops for every 100,000 people. The city with the least is Salina, Kansas at 2 shops for every 100,000 people.
  • The most expensive tattoo in the world costs $924,000. It is done with half a carat diamonds encrusted into the skin instead of ink. No one has ever had it done.
  • The average cost of a small tattoo is $45, while the average cost of a large tattoo is $150 per hour.
  • New Zealanders are the most tattooed people in the world. This is mostly due to the island’s Māori who still get traditional Polynesian tattoos.
  • In Soviet Russia, some prisoners would get tattoos of Lenin and Stalin. This was not a form of support, but in case they were sentenced to death, guards would not shoot them because it was illegal to shoot at images of their national leaders.
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    Michelle Gabriel is a freelance writer and blogger and currently loving it! Her primary focus and passion is traveling, which she does full time and continues to be her preferred topic when composing articles.

    What is Contact Juggling? | The Fact Site

    During the 1990s, contact juggling continued to receive widespread attention, and many people began to hone the act and start performing it themselves. This led to debates and controversy over whether the intellect copyright of Michael Moschen was being stolen by certain individuals and groups. Books were published teaching people how to contact juggle, and DVDs and magazine began to be circulated, leading to further discussion about whether or not the publishers and promoters were stealing intellectual property.

    Contact Juggling – Where is it now?

    Even if you’ve never heard the phrase, you’ll have seen contact juggling at some point. Contact jugglers have taken part on popular TV shows, such as America’s Got Talent, while famous international companies such as Cirque du Soleil have employed them in the past to include in their world-famous circus shows.

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    Lizzie Robinson has been a freelance writer since 2011. She is currently studying English Literature at university and enjoys sailing & playing the piano in her free time. Lizzie enjoys writing about current issues & business.

    30 Fun Facts About Ash Ketchum (Pokémon)

    • Ash Ketchum Facts

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  • Although he has many adoring fans, lots of Pokémon lovers dislike Ash Ketchum as they believe he is a bad Pokémon trainer.
  • However, the fact he has defeated four of the legendary Pokémon means that he has, in fact, had several impressive achievements.
  • It’s difficult to say who the favorite Pokémon of Ash Ketchum would be, since this is never clearly stated in the comics. Most fans believe it is either the famous Pikachu or the loyal Goodra.
  • When Pokémon Go took the world by storm in 2016, Hollywood wanted to produce a live-action movie which would not include Ash Ketchum.
  • The only video game Ash has appeared in is the Pokémon Puzzle League, way back in 2000 when the Nintendo 64 was on the top of everyone’s Christmas list.
  • Although Ash has been compared to the character Red many times, he isn’t strongly based on him. Red was one of the greatest trainers ever, while Ash is a mere mortal!
  • His mother is called Delia Ketchum, but we are never told the name of his father. His mother once wanted to be a Pokémon trainer too, but when she fell pregnant with Ash, started running the family restaurant instead.
  • Veronica Taylor, as well as voicing Ash himself, also voiced his mother Delia for the duration of her time on the show.
  • Clefairy almost became the character that Pokémon fans grew to know and love, but during the development stages, producers thought Pikachu would be a better choice for Ash’s iconic Pokémon.
  • The reason Pikachu became Ash’s main character was because yellow is brighter and more noticeable, particularly since the comic was aimed at children.
  • His was the pitcher on his basketball team, which probably explains his great technique at throwing Pokéballs.
  • Gary Oak wasn’t always the enemy of Ash Ketchum. They used to be very good friends until they had a fight over who would keep a Pokéball.
  • Ash never received a Squirtle since he overslept, and he ended up with Pikachu since this was the only Pokémon left.
  • After winning at the Battle Pyramid, Ash could have become a Frontier Brain, but declined the offer.
  • Ash’s favorite color is dark green.
  • So now you know the most fun facts about Pokémon’s Ash Ketchum – you’ll be amazed at what else you recognize when you go back and watch the series again!

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    Lizzie Robinson has been a freelance writer since 2011. She is currently studying English Literature at university and enjoys sailing & playing the piano in her free time. Lizzie enjoys writing about current issues & business.

    SECURITY OF VoIP versus Traditional Telephony – What are the threats and how to overcome them

    VOIP Security

    PSTN or POTS which stands for Public Switch Telephone Network is the standard telephone connection to the majority of us today, and has been the sole providing system since the telephone made its way to the users.

    These systems have dedicated lines (circuit switched) and are governed by technical standards created by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T).

    This is a protocol which is optimized for the transmission of voice through the internet. It is referred to as IP telephony, Internet telephony, cvoice over broadband, broadband telephony and broadband phone.

    There is a suite of IP-based communications service and provides multimedia communications over the IP networks (which internet is a part of, but not limited to such).

    VOIP operates over any IP network and not just the internet and it provides a low-cost alternative to PSTN calling system.

    PSTN versus VoIP
    Publich Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) uses a SS7 signaling protocol (Signaling System # 7) and is a circuit-switched network (ATM/Frame relay). It is a pretty expensive infrastructure based system but provides reliable quality of transmission.

    Voice Over IP (VoIP) uses SIP, H.232, RTP and more protocols for its transmission of data. It is a packet switched network system which is based on a converged infrastructure, and has up till now at least a unreliable quality of transmission, and highly dependent upon where you and receiver are located globally, regionally and locally.

    Traditional features we are used to over the telephone systems are call waiting, caller ID, transfer of calls, Three-way calling, conference call capabilities. IN addition to these features VoIP will be able to provide business application integration with for instance tying IP telephony to a Customer Relation Market database (CRM).

    It will also be possible to do calendar integration with desktop applications like MS Outlook for instance.

    You can get detailed information about each caller and use of mobility – “follow-me-service” which makes it possible for users to work from anywhere.

    VoIP benefits are the traditional argument about costs of course, but the scalability of system is a far better argument when it comes to business use of VoIP.

    It provides a simplified network engineering concept and makes it possible to do applications integration.

    Today there are several alternatives like Skype, Vonage, Google Talk and MS Messenger to mention a few and it is bound to be more available in the years to come, but also the functionalities of existing applications will increase dramatically according to user market.

    Today less than 2% of user market used VoIP in 2005, it increased to aroud 10% in 2009, and is expected to increase to around 18 percent in 2011.

    This increase in market share of VoIP over traditional telephone systems will require systems to handle this amount of users which is expected to be around 300 million users in 2011.

    When we look at the penetration of VoIP in various markets around the world, some interesting facts comes to the surface.

    The market share of VoIP in Japan is estimated to around 62.5% today, as for North America it is estimated to around 16 percent, in France the market share is around 11% and in Italy 4.5 percent. Germany has a market penetration for VoIP of around 2 percent and the Netherlands follows with 1 percent, as for Sweden and Norway they have a market penetration of VoIP of around 0.5% each.

    The U.S VoIP subscribers are spread over 7 major service providers like Comcast , Time Warner, Vonage, Cablevision, Charter, Bright House and 8×8 which is supposedly the largest with around 3.2 million subscribers in the U.S, closely followed by Time Warner and Vonage each with around 2.4 million subscribers.

    In Europe there has been a dramatic increase in households utilizing VoIP as telephone system. We can see the largest penetration in the household market in France with around 48% followed by Netherlands with around 35%. Norway comes in on third place with around 22% as for the other countries lies around 10% each in average.

    IBIS World 2012 estimates that the U.S will have approximately 25.4 million VoIP subscribers in 2012.

    VoIP equipment revenue development from 2007 to 2011 is prognosed to go from 3.5 billion USD to around 8 billion USD by the end of 2011.

    There have been raised concerns about VoIP systems amongst users, and especially business clients have been concerned.

    Integrity of systems is one concern as voice quality should be excellent and the availability should be 365/24/7 dial-tone.

    The confidentiality is another concern raised by business users, as all communication should remain confidential.

    Authenticity is a factor ranked high as valid subscribers should be able to access the service provider’s network. And last but not least the regulatory compliance issue is a must. This also makes the need for corporate best practice documentation and routines.

    There are security threats to an IP network which VoIP uses. These threats are of a widespread type. It could be denial of service attacks, called DDOS attacks, Spoofing (caller ID), voice alteration (hijacking) and toll fraud (theft of service). All these types of threats can result in the loss of privacy and integrity of users on VoIP.

    You also have the chance of SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony or VoIP). You will also have the chance of being exposed to advertising that appears in a VoIP voice mailbox.  Then there is the chance of Vishing which is the process of persuading users to reveal personal information.

    So, certain security measures need to take place before serious business use of VoIP systems can take place.

    Use of Encryption and VPN systems will become a necessity as well as the use of Digital Certificates. There needs to be a separate VoIP network from the data network in a company or in a household. Computer systems need to have installation of Intrusion Prevention Systems and Firewalls. Use of Session Border Controllers (threshold policy rules) will have to take place. There is a need to implement a campaign to make awareness on using high-risk programs that expose the company or household to outside attacks.

    To day, not a single virus is reported that is specific to attack or infect the VoIP packets. However, this will come without a shadow of a doubt.

    30 Surprising Facts About Microsoft

    • Surprising Facts About Microsoft

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  • Sonoma County California was the location of the most famous Windows desktop backgrounds; the field with a blue sky or “Bliss” to give its official name, the photo was taken in 1996.
  • To keep up with Google, Microsoft has an army of very virile rabbits wandering around its Corporate Campus after a load was dumped many years ago.
  • The well-known and frequently played PC time waster Solitaire was actually given as a game for quite an interesting reason. The game is based on a premise that the user drags the cards to the relevant match, in turn educating a user on how to ‘drag and drop’.
  • The arrest photo of Gates actually forms the outline for the default picture option in Outlook 2010.
  • In 2014, the Surface Pro was set to become the NFL official tablet but the deal became a flop when commentators kept calling them their Apple counterpart.
  • After an unfortunate naming abbreviation mishap in Windows 98 with the Critical Update Notification Tool, the program was renamed to Utility to form CUNU.
  • In 2014 Bing, the Microsoft search engine, accurately predicted that the World Cup Final would be Argentina v Germany.
  • Former CEO Steve Ballmer said in 2011 that he found it hard for him to become excited when it came to Android devices.
  • Microsoft only have an estimated 25% of the stores worldwide when compared to their biggest competitor; Apple.
  • In 1992, the first ever Windows virus became prevalent; WinVer 1.4 but this virus was not the first PC ever, this came much earlier in 1986.
  • A man named Bob and Microsoft came to an agreement over internet domains after Bob owned “windows2000.com” and Microsoft owned “Bob.com”.
  • Microsoft’s Encyclopaedic software; Encarta was discontinued in 2009, it was codenamed Gandalf and its demise is often accounted to Wikipedia.
  • According to legend, when Microsoft released its browser Internet Explorer 4, some employees went over to Netscape HQ and placed a huge IE logo in their water fountain.
  • Microsoft has acquired an impressive 190+ companies in its life span to date including Nokia which was purchased for almost $8 billion in 2014!
  • Windows XP was officially released back in 2001. Microsoft ended their support for CP in April 2014, but still roughly 30% of all PC’s still use Windows XP.
  • So there we have it, 30 facts about this technological juggernaut, a company that has its finger in every flavour of techy pie from mobile devices and PC’s to search engines and billion dollar business, they really do know their stuff!

    Whatever you think of the Microsoft vs Apple debacle, like Apple, you do have to give Microsoft the due in terms of ability and sheer impressive stature.  As always, don’t take your eyes off them, they will release something new or wondrous soon I’m sure.

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He’s been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or factually interesting.