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55 Psychological Facts About Guys in Love You May Not Know

55 Psychological Facts About Guys in Love You May Not Know

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Do you want to know if the guy you’re seeing is in love with you? Or are you just curious about how the male brain works? These psychological facts about guys in love shed some light on both topics. 

Men can be fairly predictable when falling head over heels in love with someone. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but generally, they act very similarly when they let their heart lead them. These facts about boys feelings will you help to understand what this looks like.

There are many stereotypes about how guys behave when they’re in love; some are true but false. Let’s take a deeper look at the most common ones as we explore these facts about men and love. 

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Image from Vjapratama on Pexels

55 Interesting Psychological Facts About Guys in Love

Want to learn if a man is smitten with someone? Read these interesting love facts about guys and you may be able to figure out his feelings. Some of these boy facts about love might just surprise you! 

1. Guys Feel Like They’re on Cloud Nine When They’re in Love

This is especially true in the beginning stages of a relationship. Their dopamine production ramps up in their brain, which is followed by a sense of total bliss. Their life seems perfect, and they only notice the good in the world. This is one of the crush facts about guys.

2. A Guy’s Sense of Judgment Goes Out the Window When He’s in Love

Love can make people do strange things. Even the most sensible and logical man can do some out-of-character things when they begin falling hard for someone. 

3. He Doesn’t Care What Other People Think 

Most people stay close to societal norms as they enter adulthood. However, if a man is in love and people don’t approve, their fear of stepping out of line will fade away. They’ll unabashedly declare their love for anyone they feel romantically about. 


4. Men Start Using the Word “We” More

When men are single, they tend to use the word “I” quite often. However, this changes when they’re involved with someone. Without even realizing it, “we” and “us” will pop up much more in their vocabulary. 

5. Men Find It Hard to Stay Angry for Long

Even when two people are madly in love, arguments and conflicts can arise. However, even when your opinions collide, a man will struggle to stay mad for too long. They typically don’t hold a grudge for too long. Once the problem is solved, it’s back to love and affection. 

6. Most Men Aren’t Great With Words

Guys usually express their love with actions rather than words. They may have difficulty describing their feelings, but they won’t shy away from displaying their love for you. 

7. Men Can Be Possessive of the People They Love


Image from Jonathan Borba on Pexels

When a man loves you, they feel a need to safeguard you. They can feel jealous of anyone trying to steal your attention in a similar way that they are. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a committed relationship; a man will try to fend off anyone who’s competing for your attention. 

8. A Guy’s Softer Side Comes Out 

When a man is in love, their softer side comes out. They want to be caring, empathetic, and compassionate with their love interest. 

9. Men Usually Fall Faster Than Women

Although this might not be true in every case, when a man finds someone attractive, they’ll take the lead in the relationship. Whereas women are more likely to weigh up the potential drawbacks and outcomes, a man is more likely to jump right in. 


10. Men Can Lose Their Appetite When They’re in Love

A study on falling in love by the dating website eHarmony found that loss of appetite can be a symptom of developing feelings for someone. 

This is likely because when you fall in love, your body experiences a surge of oxytocin. The production of this hormone plays a big part in regulating body weight and appetites. Or, maybe it’s just all the butterflies in your stomach keeping you full.  

11. Love Can Help Guys Overcome Addiction

Love can get you high without needing stimulants like cigarettes, alcohol, and other potentially harmful substances. Sometimes, it can give men the willpower to tackle their addictions. 

12. Men Like It When Their Partner Admires Them 

Men enjoy being looked up to, whether that be for protection, advice, or guidance. Societal norms may have a lot to do with this, but it’s something they hope for from their partners. 

13. They Want to Impress the People They Love 

Guys are more careful of how they carry and express themselves at the beginning of a relationship. The usual worry-free guy will become more aware of their appearance and behavior. 

If he wants to keep you around, his habits and appearance might level up. 

Male and female sitting, staring at each other while holding a glass of wine.

14. Guys Are More Open With the People They Love

Guys that seem reserved with the rest of the world can be an open book with their love interest. They recognize that letting their partner know their imperfections and vulnerabilities can actually make their relationship stronger. 

Of course, this may be a slow process. But, as their partner reciprocates by letting their own guard down, guys gain more confidence and are more willing to let them in. 

15. Guys Will Try to Understand Your Feelings 

A guy who is in love will want to understand his partner’s feelings. He wants to know all the things that make you happy or sad. If you have a problem, he’ll be all ears to listen and comfort you if you’re feeling down. 

A man who is in love will also want to answer any intimate questions you have so that he can get to know you better. 

16. There Is More to Love Than Just Sex 

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Image from Leah Kelley on Pexels 

A huge misconception regarding men is that sex is all they want in a relationship. While they do consider it an important part, it’s not everything. Spending time with you and doing activities you both enjoy is equally important. 

17. Men Are More Likely to Fall in Love First

Whereas women are usually more logical regarding love, men don’t take as long to fall for someone. They are simple creatures; if the attraction they feel for someone is instantaneous, you’ve passed the first test. 

18. He Might Mimic Some of the Things You Do

Mimicking or mirroring some of their partner’s likes and dislikes is a gesture a man might make when they fall in love with someone. It’s their way of trying to be in sync with you. 

19. Guys Will Overlook Many Flaws When They Are in Love

When a man falls in love, he’ll ignore your flaws. Or, he’ll see them as assets. Whereas you may feel self-conscious about them, when a guy falls in love, he falls in love with all of you, even your shortcomings. 

man in red and woman in white sitting together, looking at each other, and smiling.

20. A Guy That’s in Love Can’t Resist Wanting to See You 

A guy who’s truly in love doesn’t play hard to get. He’ll want to be around you as often as possible. Call or message him, and he’ll respond as soon as possible. Ask him to hang out when he’s free, and he’ll be there. 

21. Physical Touch Is Very Important to Men 

Physical touch—and not just sex—is very important for men. Simple things like holding hands, cuddling, and kissing are aspects of the relationship that guys find vital. 

22. He’ll Find Ways to Touch You

Whether giving you a “friendly” goodbye hug, nudging you to look at something, or giving you a high-five, a man in love is longing for physical touch. He might do these things without even thinking about them. 

23. He Loves Getting Compliments From You

Guys remember the compliments they get from the people they’re in love with. He’ll remember even your smallest praise and hold it close to his heart. So if you like his smile or think it’s sexy when he wears a white t-shirt, tell him. 

Man and woman holding the same basket of grapes together.

24. Guys Are More Likely to Fall For Someone Like Their Mom 

This fact is strange but true. Men usually favor partners who remind them of their mothers when choosing mates. 

This has been studied many times, and various theories have been offered. 

It could be that we’re pre-programmed to seek out partners from the same species group as us. Or, It could just be that we have a preference for things that we’re familiar with. 

25. A Guy’s Relationship With His Mother Plays a Role in His Love Life

The mother-son bond sets a pretty important foundation for a man’s love life. If he had a healthy relationship with his mother, he’s more likely to form a close and loving bond with his future partners. 

However, if he had a tough relationship with his mom growing up, he might unconsciously choose partners who treat him the same way. 

26. A Guy’s Relationship With His Father Also Plays a Role in His Love Life

How a guy sees his father interacting with his mother can influence how he treats his partner. Guys who grow up with parents who are equally affectionate with one another are much more likely to have healthy romantic relationships. 

27. Men Find the Color Red Very Attractive

Red catches a man’s eye very easily. He finds it sexually attractive, and it gathers his attention. If you want a man to notice you, a simple way to do this is to wear red. 

28. Guys Love It When Women Wear High Heels


Image from stokpic on Pixabay

Wearing high heels can make women more attractive to men. There have been all sorts of theories as to why this is. Like, for example, it makes women look more feminine, gives them an attractive gait, or makes their hips sway more when they walk. 

29. Guys Sometimes Slack Off at Work When They’re in Love 

When a guy is in love, his mind is focused on one thing only, which can affect his work life. It could mean he’ll make more mistakes on the job or not pay as close attention to tasks as he normally does. 

30. Love Stresses Guys Out

It’s been shown that our bodies produce higher cortisol levels (the stress hormone) during the first six months of falling in love with someone. Did he say the wrong thing? Is he being too clingy? All of these thoughts can stress a guy out. 

31. Guys Are Willing to Wait for Their Crush to Come Around

If a guy has a crush on you, and you don’t know if you feel the same way, it’s not completely game over for him. A man will try their best to win you over before giving up. If he senses a glimmer of hope, he’ll consider this struggle well worth the effort. 

Check out these psychological facts about crushes for more insight into how he’s really feeling. 

32. Men Find Pain Easier to Bear When They’re in Love

Love can be a natural painkiller. Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study on love and pain. It found that the areas of the brain that become activated when someone’s in love are the same areas that drugs target to reduce pain. 

So if you’re on a date with a guy who stubs his toe, it probably won’t hurt as bad if you’re next to him. 

33. He Likes the Way You Look 

If a guy is in love with you, he likes the way you look. You don’t have to be self-conscious about your appearance, he already loves every inch of you. 

Couple on beach wearing leis.

34. Love First Starts With Physical Attractiveness for Men

Men are visual creatures, and attraction begins with your body. The way you look will make a man decide if he initially likes you. Of course, personality and compatibility come into play, but it all begins with your physical traits. 

35. He Doesn’t Want to Have Sex All the Time

This is another stereotype. Most people think that men are ready and willing to have sex with their partner 24/7, but sometimes they’re just not in the mood. This could be because they’re tired, stressed, or feeling another strong emotion that takes up most of their attention. 

36. Guys Are Willing to Leave Their Comfort Zone When in Love

One of the psychology facts about boys is that when a guy is in love, he’ll be more willing to leave his comfort zone and less afraid to try new things. 

If he’s usually fearful of heights, he may be more willing to hike up a mountain or go skydiving if you’re around. If he’s a homebody and doesn’t like traveling, he’ll be more inclined to take a trip if it means he gets to spend more time with you. 

37. He Might Give You a Pet Name 

If a guy is in love with you, he may begin to refer to you by a pet name or an endearing term. 

It could be something like “sweetheart”, “honey”, and “baby”. Or, he might create his own special name for you. 

38. Chocolate Will Make His Feelings of Love More Intense 


Image from Budgeron Bach on Pexels

There’s a scientific reason why chocolate and love go hand in hand. Eating chocolate releases four chemicals in the brain, one of which is oxytocin-–the love hormone. So eating chocolate while you’re hanging out with your partner can intensify your feelings of love and romance. 

39. He’ll Want to Know What Your Future Plans Are 

Men who are in love will want their partner to be a part of their future. So, if he asks you what your goals are, where you see yourself in five years, or if you ever plan on moving, he’s just checking in to see if you two will be compatible in the long run. 

40. He’ll Be Excited for You to Meet His Family and Friends 

If you got it, flaunt it. This phrase applies to a man that’s in love. He’ll be eager to tell his family and friends about you, and he’ll be excited when the time comes for you to meet his inner circle. 

41. A Man Will Form Positive Memories Early on 

In the early days of being in love, a man will form new memories of your relationship. This deepens his feelings of affection toward you and helps him free his brain from some of the mental baggage he may be carrying from past lovers. 

42. A Guy That’s in Love Is Extra Kind in the Early Stages 

This isn’t to say that men are only kind at the start of the relationship, but, indeed, he will probably try harder to consider your feelings and impress you in the early days. He’ll be very aware of his behavior and how it affects you. 

43. Most Men Find a Women’s Face the Most Attractive Part of Her Body

A study on heterosexual male attraction conducted by online pharmacy Dr. Felix found that nearly half of the participants (46%) voted that a woman’s face is her most attractive feature. 

This was followed by her butt (18%), hair (11%), and legs (9%). 

Man and woman standing behind each other, smiling and looking happy.

44. Guys Get Jealous of Your Affection Easily 

If a man is in love with you, he will undoubtedly feel jealous if you flirt with another guy in front of him. But on the other hand, if you show affection towards him in front of other guys, he’ll feel like he’s on top of the world.

45. When a Man Is in Love, He Speaks More Directly

Whereas women might say something but mean something else, men are more likely to say something straight. He won’t intentionally leave room for confusion. 

46. Guys That Are in Love Have Better Posture

Men that are in love use alpha body language. When he’s around you, he’ll stand taller, pull his shoulders back, and walk with confidence. 

47. Guys Feel More Pain Than Women Following a Breakup

sad-man psychological facts about men

Image from Andrew Neel on Pexels 

Society seems to encourage men to hide their feelings more than women. But guys can feel more trauma than women when they’re hurt emotionally. According to a study at Lancaster University, men experience more emotional pain than women after a breakup.

48. He Loves Looking at You

You can tell he’s in love with you if he can’t take his eyes off of you. When a guy falls for someone, he can’t help but look at you; and he especially loves making direct eye contact. 

49. He Likes It When You Make the First Move

It’s an outdated assumption that only guys can make the first move. One of the psychological facts about boys is that they find it very attractive when the person they fall for initiates physical intimacy. 

50. He’s Not Scared of PDA

A man that’s in love with someone won’t shy away from public displays of affection. This isn’t in a sexual way. He’ll make little gestures, like holding your hand, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek, or wrapping his arm around you. 

51. When a Guy Holds Your Hand, Your Breathing Syncs Up

Research conducted at the University of Colorado found that when two empathetic partners hold hands, their heart and respiratory rates sync up.

52. He Becomes Much More Optimistic 

One of the male facts about love is that when a guy falls in love, he becomes more upbeat and optimistic. He’s got a pep in his step, and life seems brighter. 

53. He Will Start to Take Care of You

This comes from a guy’s protective nature. He wants to make sure you’re comfortable in the relationship and well taken care of. He’ll do things like give you his coat when you’re cold and get you food if you’re hungry. 

54. He Keeps You Close When Other Men Are Around

One of the facts about guys when they like a girl is that he’ll want to ensure everyone knows you’re taken. It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging out with his close male friends or complete strangers; he’ll make sure there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that you two are together. 

55. Men Make Up Their Minds About Marriage Pretty Fast


Image from Jasmine Carter on Pexels 

Men make up their minds on whether or not they want to settle down with you pretty quickly. Although it’s not usually immediate, they do tend to decide faster than women. That doesn’t mean he’s ready to propose; that might require more courage and time. 

How many of these psychology facts about guys in love did you know? How much do we know about men in love? Which of these psychology facts about men surprised you the most?

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