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About Me

Welcome to New Interesting Facts!

My name is Amanda O’Brien and I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but have been living in London for 18 years. I worked in Marketing for many years at big companies like Heinz, Kraft and Direct Line Group – check me out on Linked In if you’d like.

About five years ago I decided to trial living in Australia again. To cut a long story short I didn’t like it at all and ended up returning to London. But while I was there I decided that I wanted to learn about how to create a website so I set up what is now my travel blog The Boutique Adventurer to learn and as a hobby.

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I ended up falling in love with blogging and creating and optimising websites. Well it took me a few years to figure it all out but I always enjoyed it. I worked part time as a marketing consultant whilst doing this.

Then the pandemic hit and two things happened at once. My traffic on the travel site really died and I had decided to get a Siberian cat. I had always thought of myself as a dog person and was dog mad. I would dog sit, loved my parent’s dogs (which they selfishly acquired after I moved out of home) and looked after them and was crazy about friends dogs.

However, being a travel blogger and having a dog don’t really go together but I so wanted a pet. Then I went over to my friend Cordy’s house and met her Siberian cat Nelly. Nelly was like a dog in a cat’s body as well as being gorgeous. I instantly fell in love and decided that I needed one.

I had “ordered” Alexei before the pandemic hit. I realised I was going to need to learn alot about cats – so why not start a second blog about cats? So in June of 2020 I launched The Discerning Cat. Within one year the website had reached over 100,000 page views and I started to think hey I know what I am doing!

So when it became June 2021 I thought maybe I should do a dog site as I love them but at this stage of my life can’t have one. Why not become an expert so that I am ready to be a great dog parent? And most of my friends and family have dogs so I can check things off with them. So I launched a third site, The Dog Snobs.

For the third website, I bought a site that already existed from someone rather than creating my own from scratch. This meant I started with some articles and a bit of credibility in the eyes of google. And then I couldn’t help but think – what other sites could I launch? On my travel site I had done several articles about Fun facts on countries, what countries or cities were famous for and I really enjoyed them. I started thinking what if I did a site about facts on all types of things?

I started searching on my favourite platforms and I found this website. It needed quite a bit of TLC as well as the removal of some articles that weren’t great but it was an awesome start.

So today I am running four websites and spend quite a bit of time traveling. To make it all easier I have set up a company called Beyond the Horizon that owns all four websites. Here are its details:

Beyond the Horizon
86-90 Paul Street
London, EC2A 4NE
United Kingdom

+44 203 966 0041

Or email us:

General Enquiries

Media Enquiries

So that’s my story – why not email me and share yours?

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