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19 Interesting Facts about Shakespeare You Might Not Know

William Shakespeare is thought by many to be the greatest writer the world has ever known. Born in Stratford Upon Avon in the United Kingdom, his actual birthday is not known although it is believed to be April 15, 1564, one of the interesting facts about Shakespeare.

interesting facts about shakespeare

He started his career as a member of the actor’s group in “The Kings Company”. After few years this company achieved much success until they eventually built the famous Globe Theater, their very first own stage. As there were only male members in the company, every role had to be played by men but that was not the reason why Shakespeare’s plays like Othello or Hamlet were very popular.

To match the various tastes of the audience, Shakespeare created text of high complexity containing relatively simple plots as well as complex turns. His stories also contained multiple characters, twists and lots of confusions containing something for everyone in the audience.

Famous Plays of William Shakespeare

Here is a list of Shakespeare’s 10 most famous plays:

  1. Hamlet
  2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  3. As You Like It
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. King Lear
  6. Henry V
  7. Richard II
  8. Love’s Labour’s Lost
  9. Timon of Athens
  10. Sir John Oldcastle

19 Interesting Facts about Shakespeare

  1. In 1592 his work was criticized by another playwright who documented his career, although it is unknown when he began writing.

2. From 1859 to 1860 Shakespeare wrote his first play named:” Henry VI”.

3. Shakespeare was also known as a keen businessman.

4. He was probably educated in the local grammar school and then there is no record of him until he married “­­­Anne Hathaway” in 1582.

5. The years 1599 to 1601 were the most important in Shakespeare’s life. This was because during this time he wrote one of his famous compositions, Hamlet. It would become one of the most popular plays ever known to the world.

6. His first poem was published in 1609 and the words touched the hearts of the world making Shakespeare a well-known poet.

7. One of the most interesting facts about William Shakespeare explains that he also created many new words that never existed before. He has been credited by the Oxford English dictionary as introducing more than 3000 words into the English language.

8. William Shakespeare is the inventor of the word “Assassination”.

9. The Globe was the name of the theater that made William Shakespeare a wealthy man.

10. His works consist of some 38 plays, 154 sonnets, and many other poems.

11. His plays have been translated into many modern languages and have been performed more than any other playwright in history.

12. The most famous poem by Shakespeare was the “Fairy Song”.

13. The words “Fashionable” and “Eyeball” are also the creation of William Shakespeare.

14. There are 13 suicides recorded in Shakespeare’s plays. He ended many love stories with suicide in his most famous plays.

15. William Shakespeare had seven siblings, two of whom were named JOHN and they were born a year apart.

16. Shakespeare never spelled his name Shakespeare in the documents, the spellings were totally different.

17. In 1613 the Globe Theater burned during the performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

18. William Shakespeare’s works have been translated into over 80 languages even Klingon.

19. William Shakespeare died in 1616 at the age of 52.

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