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21 Interesting Facts about Isaac Newton You Might Not Know

Isaac Newton was the person who shaped new ways of living by discovering gravity and finding new ways to observe the universe. Sir Isaac Newton was a great physicist, mathematician, and highly influential astronomer. Additionally, he is widely recognized as a great philosopher and alchemist. He was the first person to invent calculus and discover the laws of gravity, also known as Newton’s Laws of Gravity.

Here are 21 interesting facts about Isaac Newton you might not know.

interesting facts about isaac newton

21 Interesting Facts about Isaac Newton

  1. He was only 26 years old when he became a professor of mathematics

2. In his personal life, he was known to be quite jealous, potentially mean, and to have quite an ego.

3. Newton also loved to draw.

4. Newton tried to turn lead into gold but failed.

5. He once went temporarily blind after looking at the sun for a long time in the mirror.

6. He was born prematurely on January 4, 1643, and had a very low chance of survival.

7. His father died before his birth.

8. Newton’s mother left him when he was only three years old.

9. His mother wanted him to become a farmer.

10. Isaac failed his farming tests many times.

11. Isaac was standing under an apple tree when he first noticed gravity while observing an apple falling on the ground.

12. He was 23 when he first discovered the law of gravity.

13. Newton actually studied Law.

14. He had more historical subject books than science.

15. He once put a needle in his own eye, while performing experiments on optics.

16. Isaac Newton also had many roles of leadership, He cared for royal money as a warden of the Royal Mint.

17. He was very bad-tempered and often argue with the work of other scientists.

18. He loved Maths from the beginning.

19. In his college years, he cleaned the rooms of rich students.

20. Newton never married because he always preferred to work alone.

21. Isaac was a very passionate discoverer, he once said: What we all know is just a drop but what we do not have any knowledge about is an ocean.

Is The Isaac Newton Apple Falling Story True or Not?

History says that there was a great role of an apple behind the man who discovered gravity, but hang on!! Is this story really true or it’s just a myth?

According to the Royal Society Newton himself, the story is true.

During an Interview with His biographer, He said that; it was really an apple falling from tree that first got him wondering about the gravity and force of attraction from the earth.

So we can say that the story is true, but the apple didn’t actually fall on his head, he just noticed the gravitational pull from an apple falling from the tree.

Isaac Newton Facts : Ledgend Who Discovered Gravity

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