1. A document focusing on the scientists association with pacifists and socialists was collated by the FBI in 1933; it stood a whopping 1,427 pages high.

2. Edgar Hoover tried to keep Einstein out of the country only to be overruled by the U.S. State Department.

3. As Einstein neared the end of his life in 1952, the scientist was actually given the opportunity to become president of Israel but being his usual pacifist self, he turned the job down.

4. Even though he will be remembered for his work with relativity, Einstein received his Nobel for his work with the Photoelectric effect.

5. In New York – buried away in a safe box – lies Einstein’s eyeballs after they were given to Henry Adams; the scientists eye doctor.

6. Einstein’s wrinkles and eyes appeared in Star Wars after the make-up supervisor responsible for Yoda based the features on the visionary.

7. Einstein loved to smoke; he smoked a pipe and claimed that it helps calm and focus a man.

8. Like The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper, Albert Einstein refused to learn to drive.

9. Einstein started tutoring youngsters around the turn of the century as his financial situation became so poor.

10. For 20 years from 1913 to 1933, Einstein was director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics.

11. Einstein Syndrome is the condition of delayed speech in those who are gifted. It was discovered by Dr. Thomas Sowell.

12. Albert had mastered calculus by the tender age of 15.

  1. A man who worked on his ideas until the day he died, a man who focused every minute of his life to science and discovery. Even his greatest blunder turned out to be revolutionary.

    Whether you class the man as a crazy, deluded domestic abuser, or a scientific god among men responsible for almost every major breakthrough in the physics world, you have to respect the sheer intelligence and brilliance that was Albert Einstein.

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