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16 Interesting Facts about Gold You Might Not Know

Gold is valuable and there are many weird, cool, awesome, funny amazing, and interesting Gold facts you probably aren’t aware of.

16 Interesting Facts about Gold

  1. Gold was originated 200 million years after the formation of the earth, and all of the gold on our planet came from the bombardment of Meteorites. This bombardment has filled the core of the earth with plenty of gold.

2. There is enough gold in the core of this planet to coat its surface with a depth of 1.5 feet or more.

3. Gold is suitable to eat and it can be eaten as food. The worlds’ largest gold bar has a weight of 250kg.

4. Gold is not very unique, that it has been found on every continent.

5. You have 0.2 Milligrams of gold in your body. The amount of gold is present in your blood cells.

6. A very strange fact shows that earthquakes can turn water into gold.

7. Eucalyptus trees are the only trees whose leaves contain small traces of Gold.

8. An Olympic gold medal has only 1.34% of gold in it.

9. Research shows that the amount of gold ever mined can be fitted in 3 Olympic swimming pools.

10. By wearing a gold ring continuously over a year, you lose 6 milligrams of gold from it just by wearing it on your finger.

11. Oceans are the only place on earth with the maximum amount of gold. Researchers have claimed that over 20 Million

12. Tons of gold are present in the oceans.

13. The melting temperature of 24K gold is recorded as 1063°C.

14. Most of the people in this world has fear of gold and this type of illness is known as Aurophobia.

15. Hennig Brand was a chemist who believed that urine can be converted into gold just by boiling it. And for that, he requested many times for this experiment to occur.

When he was permitted to do this experiment, he collected 1500 Gallons of Human Urine and boiled it. And let me tell you that he never found Gold by boiling it, the only thing he found was Phosphorous.

16. Gold is the only metal that is ductile and can be stretched. It is observed that even one ounce of gold can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles long. These types of threads (Gold Threads) are also used as embroidery thread.

interesting facts about gold

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