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Interesting Luxembourg Facts: 50 Fun Facts about Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a European country of small size but big dreams, and that will be evident by the interesting Luxembourg facts that we have put together for you.

Luxembourg is a very small and charming European country. They are best in the field of music, painting and photography. Many festivals are celebrated here throughout the year, which represent their traditional legacy. With extraordinary edifices like the Vianden Castle and exemplifies, the beauty of Luxembourg passed through the hands of Romans and Germans.

Interesting Luxembourg Facts

  • WE WANT TO REMAIN ONE” is the motto of Luxembourg.
  •  If you are invited to someone’s home, then you must always take gifts with you.
  • Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world. According to the International Monetary Fund projections, at the end of 2017 Luxembourg will overtake Qatar to become the world’s richest country.
  • In Luxembourg the minimum wage paying workers is EUR 1,923 per month.
  • According to a survey, this European country is the safest country in the world. There are only 2 police stations and 1300 police soldiers in this country.
  • Luxembourg is the 20th smallest independent country of the 194.
  • It is also the least populated country in the European Union.
  • This country is also known as tax haven. In March 2006, there were 155 banks in the country.
  • The average unemployment rate in Luxembourg from 1980 to 2015 was 3.2%, the lowest in the Europe.
  • Did you know? Skype, the free internet calls and instant messaging software, is headquartered in Luxembourg.
  • It is also the world’s only Grand Duchy.
  • Nearly 40 % of the population is of immigrants. 15 %of them are of Portuguese origin.
  • It is the second country with a higher Gross Domestic Product per capital.
  • Luxembourg has an area of 998 square miles, which is probably smaller than Oxfordshire.
  • It has 3 borders, France, Belgium and Germany.

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Fun Facts about Luxembourg

Interesting Luxembourg facts

  •  In 1443, Duchess of Luxembourg, sold this country to Philip the Good of Burgundy.
  • One of the most interesting Luxembourg facts shows that around 346,000 people in the world speak Luxembourgish.
  • When giving someone flowers in Luxembourg it is customary to give an odd number, but not 13.
  • Unless the euro replaced both currencies franc had the exact same value as the Belgian franc.
  • Their only gold medal was won by Josy Barthel for the 1,500 meters at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, who was also a government minister.
  • They have won the Eurovision Song Contest five times.
  • From 1310 to 1437, the Dukes of Luxembourg were also the Kings of the modern Czech Republic.
  • Amazon, Paypal and Rakuten have their European headquarters there.
  • Luxembourg has won two medals at the Summer Olympics and two at the Winter Olympics.
  • It was ranked probably the 2nd best country in the EU for business efficiency in 2007, after Denmark.
  • The Heritage Foundation ranked this country 1st in Europe and 4th in the world for economic freedom.
  • Luxembourgers, most of all try to keep their professional and personal life separate.

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