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18 Retro Toys Worth a Ton of Money in Today’s Market

18 Retro Toys Worth a Ton of Money in Today’s Market

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Have you ever heard of toys so lavish that their price tags could make your home seem less worthy? They exist!

Vintage toys in excellent condition can be worth a lot of money. If you come across these toys or have them in your attic, it might be like winning the lottery.

It’s beyond imagination that a toy could be worth so much. Yet, their demand, originality, and attention to detail make them valuable. Here are 18 classic toys that make playtime unexpectedly rich. They might even help you buy a new house if you cash in.  

1. Astolat Dollhouse Castle

Father Playing with Daughter with her doll house
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The Astolat Dollhouse Castle is a miniature marvel worth $8.5 million- and constructed over thirteen years. It stands over nine feet tall and is packed with works of art, gold, furnishings upholstered in silk, and even a library with tiny, readable books. The detailing and the use of precious materials make this dollhouse one of the most expensive miniatures ever created.

2. Stefano Canturi Barbie or Diamond Barbie

barbie dolls
Photo Credit: Indrepau from

Designed by renowned jeweler Stefano Canturi, this “Diamond Barbie” is more than just a toy. In 2010, the Barbie was auctioned for $302,500, with the proceeds going to breast cancer research. This Barbie was unique and expensive because it was adorned with an exquisite genuine diamond necklace designed by Canturi. Indeed, it is a luxury item!

3. Action Comics No 1

Boy reading comic book
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The particular 1938 edition of this comic book, described as “pristine,” made a big splash by setting a record as the most expensive comic book ever sold at $3.2 million. What makes this comic book so unique? It has the first appearance of everyone’s favorite Superman. There are fewer than 50 copies of it in the world!

4. Tipp & Co. Mickey Mouse Motorcycle

Vintage image of a boy who has a Slingshot in his hand and an apple on the table
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Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse? There are many vintage toys from this favorite character that are worth thousands of dollars these days. A tin toy showcasing Mickey and Minnie on a wind-up motorcycle was crafted in Germany for the UK market. This toy took the vintage toy market to new heights after being sold for $222,000.

5. Steiff Louis Vuitton Bear

Vintage of Teddy Bear placed at a Suitcase
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Steiff, known for creating high-quality teddy bears, collaborated with the renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton to produce this unique blend of charm and high-end fashion. Steiff had several old teddy bears valued at over $100,000. However, the teddy bears made in collaboration with Louis Vuitton are the most expensive, valued at $2.1 million.

6. The Masterpiece Cube Rubik’s Cube

Two Rubik Cubes Joined Together
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The Masterpiece Cube Rubik’s Cube, priced at $1.5 million, is an exceptionally created toy loved by puzzle lovers. Each cube’s traditional stickers are adorned with precious gems, making this masterpiece as much a treasure as a toy. The centerpieces boast 34 diamond carats, turning this complex puzzle into a work of art and luxury.

7. Pokémon Trading Cards

Collection of Pokémon Trading Cards placed at a wooden surface
Photo Credit: kittyfly at

Pokémon has existed since 1966, before many of us knew about it. Trading cards were the foundation of this franchise. Imagine, these little pieces of paper made Pokémon the highest-earning franchise ever. But don’t just see them as pieces of paper; one of these cards, famously called the ‘Japanese holographic Pikachu illustrator card’ from 1998, was sold for a jaw-dropping price of $900,000 in 2022.

While your cards might not make you that rich, having their value checked is cool.

8. Gold Rocking Horse

An Image of a Gold Rocking Horse
Photo Credit:

While children cherish most rocking horses, this Gold Rocking Horse stands out because of its perfection and luxury. 

Renowned Japanese jeweller Ginza Tanaka crafted the Gold Rocking Horse. The horse is worth $600,000 and was gifted by Beyoncé and Jay-Z to their daughter, Blue Ivy. Its exceptional price was due to its being made entirely of solid gold, weighing nearly 60 pounds. This golden version is both an investment and an heirloom. 

9. Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

A Vintage image of a Mother and her Daughter, Mother Giving a Doll to her daughter
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Thanks to the genius Xavier Roberts, Cabbage Patch Kids has been a celebrity in the doll world since 1978. For example, the 1985 James Dudley Cabbage Patch Kid sold for over $4,000.

There’s a super cool museum specially built for these dolls by Picture Pat and Joe Prosey, the world’s most devoted Cabbage Patch doll collectors. You can get these Cabbage Patch Kids dolls for $360,000.

10. Gundam Fix Platinum figurine

An Image of a platinum figurine Same like Gundam Fix Platinum figurine
Photo Credit:

Gundam Fix toy roots are known for their complex designs and possibilities, but some are extremely rare, like the Gundam Fix Platinum figurine, worth $250,000. The design justifies the price as it’s made with 78 platinum parts and has a natural 0.15-carat diamond on its head. Now, that’s what you call a seriously blinged-out robot! 

11. GI Joe Prototype Action Figure

Vintage image of brother and Sister standing against a Wall
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The G.I. Joe prototype is valued at $200,000 because of its historical significance in action figures. This toy is from the 1960s and is an acclaimed and prized element of toy, military, and comic book collections worldwide.

12. Disney VHS Tapes

Old unusable vhs cassette
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Disney VHS tapes, once a beloved part of many childhoods, have now become one of the fortune-making collectibles. Walt Disney’s Tarzan VHS tape 2005 was listed for $150,018 from the most recent ones. However, Titles like “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “The Lion King” hold a special place in the hearts of those who fondly remember the days of rewinding and watching their favorite Disney classics on VCRs.

13. Hot Wheels

Mix of different Mattel Hot Wheels toy cars on a wooden surface in soft focus
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Hot Wheels cars have been racing around our homes for decades, and some of these tiny cars are wildly rare! Usually, these cars were made in various colors, but Hot Wheels painted some pink, making them rarer and more attractive for girls. Like the 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb – only two of these exist! Bruce Pascal, the lucky owner of the prototype, paid around $72,000 for it. Now, these pink microbuses could be worth more than $150,000!

14. The Original Monopoly Game

The Original Monopoly Game
Photo Credit: martince2 at

Owning The Original Monopoly Game is like holding a piece of the past, giving you a pleasant throwback to countless family game nights. This classic board game, priced at $146,500, is a dream for those who grew up rolling the dice and buying properties. 

15. Vintage Atari Cartridges

A studio shot of Atari 2600 Console and Cartridges
Photo Credit: ctrphotos at

Do you know about the urban Atari legend? In the 1980s, they supposedly buried hundreds of gaming cartridges in the New Mexico desert. And it turns out it’s true! They found 881 of these buried treasures and sold the recovered cartridges for $107,000. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to vintage gaming, keep an eye out because the most wanted ones can go for hundreds of dollars each. 

16. Barbie And Ken Dolls

An image of a Barbie and Ken Doll
Photo Credit: NewAfrica at

There’s only one set of Barbie and Ken dolls where Ken sports a beard! Yes, you heard it right! Ken with a beard. This unexpected twist makes it a super valuable find. Currently, this particular set is being sold for a massive $100,000.

17. Star Wars Action Figures

A collection of Star Wars Action Toys
Photo Credit: HenryStJohn at

In 1977, the Star Wars phenomenon took the world by storm, but the fun didn’t stop in space; people are still really into it. When the movie came out, they also started selling action figures, and those early ones are super valuable now. Rare figures like a vinyl-caped Jawa, selling at tens of thousands a piece, have become legendary for fetching high prices at auction and on the collector’s market. 

18. Beanie Babies

A view of a collection of Beanie Babies stuffed animal toys
Photo Credit: PBT at

Beanie Babies used to come in a variety of colors and cute designs. They were the most valuable toys in the 90s; people went nuts collecting them, but they crashed. These once-precious toys turned into not-so-precious ones. These little buddies are returning after 20 years and becoming valuable again. The original nine, including the rare Princess Diana Bear, can bring exorbitant sums (most sell for around $7, but the highest profit was over $700,000).

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