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16 Antiques That Are Worth a Small Fortune Now

16 Antiques That Are Worth a Small Fortune Now

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Do you have a basement, storage unit, or attic full of old stuff? While decluttering is always a smart idea, don’t throw it all away quite yet; certain items could be worth a fortune (or at least a tank of gas). You might just have a few of these gems hiding in your storage unit or attic.

Some of the largest sales in history were generated from the most unexpected items sitting in people’s attics, garages, and storage. Let’s look at 15 old items that might be tucked away in your home, covered in dust, or hidden in a box with more value than you realize.

Some are literally worth more than your house; others will give you some extra spending cash.

1. Polly Pocket Toys (and Accessories)

polly pocket toys
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Polly Pocket was a craze in the 90s that girls, and some boys, love to collect and play with. This handheld toy has recently returned, and some collectors are looking for the originals. These days, sets in good condition sell for as much as $500 on Ebay.

2. Pogs

Color plastic caps
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It all started with caps from a juice called Passionfruit Orange Guava, known as Pogs. People got so hooked on collecting these caps that it became a game, even though it existed before it became popular.

Not exactly a jackpot, but if you’ve got these Pogs caps in your attic, you could sell them to ’90s nostalgia fans for less than $1 each or around ten bucks for a big stash.

3. Dungeons and Dragons Toys

Dungeons and Dragons Toys
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Dungeons & Dragons, born in the ’70s and booming in the ’80s, brought fantasy alive on tabletops. With characters like dragons, wizards, and giants, it was a role-playing sensation. 

Besides the games, Dungeons & Dragons also had its line of toys that can be sold for up to 20 bucks each, depending on their condition and the year they’re from.

4. Milk Glass Easter Eggs 

Easter eggs
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These handmade Easter eggs were mainly crafted from glass by a family where both men and women worked together to create them. They were handmade and cost just $1-$5 then, but now, if you find them in one piece, they can be sold for 25 bucks or even more online. 

They also had a secret magic! You could use these eggs to help hens lay more eggs and mend socks.

5. Little Snoopy

Wooden Dog Shape Pull Toy
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Little Snoopy’s hit toy, Little Snoopy Pull Toy from ’68 to ’75, had plastic wheels that made it wobble when pulled. This Little Snoopy is still a favorite among Fisher-Price collectors. You can get one on resale sites for $20 to $50. 

6. Glidden Pottery

Close-up hands of potter in apron making vase from clay
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Glidden Pottery, crafted between 1940 and 1957 in Alfred, New York, is a fascinating part of stoneware history. Remember that episode of “I Love Lucy”? Gliddenware got a massive boost in popularity thanks to that show. 

Back then, a basic starter set sold for just $14.50, making it affordable. Nowadays, on eBay, Glidden pieces range from $15 to $100 each. The decorated ones usually fetch a higher price compared to the plain ones.

7. Rubik’s Siamese Mate Cube

Two Rubik Cubes Joined Together
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This cube is a brain teaser unlike any other. Two Rubik’s cubes joined, but here’s the twist: they overlap, and you can’t solve the side where they’re connected. The challenge? Solve the other sides without losing your mind!

They weren’t as common as the regular ones in the past; they were worth around $4. Fast forward to today, and if you’ve got an original Mate Cube from the ’80s lying around, you could sell it for a cool $100 to $125. 

8. Nirvana Oakland Concert Ticket Stub

People enjoying of a music concert outdoors at the night
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Nirvana, the rock band riding high on the success of their album “Nevermind.” Led by the late Kurt Cobain, this Washington-based group rocked the stage on December 31st, delivering an unforgettable performance. 

Back then, the ticket cost was about 26 bucks, but guess what? Those ticket stubs have become a hot commodity, selling for $125. Nirvana fans and folks who cherish Kurt Cobain’s legacy are all over these pieces of history. 

9. Original Titanic T-Shirt

Titanic Actor and Actress Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
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Remember Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s rise to stardom? Well, this flick played a big part. A simple t-shirt was released around the movie’s premiere to promote the movie, selling for just $15-$20. 

Nowadays, this tee has become a hot item among movie buffs. You can make $150 from this simple tee. 

10. Lines Bros Tudor Dollhouse

Father Playing with Daughter with her doll house
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Back in the late 1800s, Tri-ang Company, started by Joseph Lines and his three sons, along with their uncle, was famous for making dollhouses that looked like real homes at that time. 

These houses were top-notch, featuring styles like country homes, modern houses, and the ever-popular Tudor designs. They were worth $100-$200, but one of these Tudor houses, the Peggy Lines House from 1936, sold for almost 6,000 bucks at an auction in 2011. Can you believe a dollhouse could be worth that much?

11. Tamagotchi Plus Color

Tamagotchi game
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Released in 2008, it was the first Tamagotchi with a color screen. Fans in Japan were super eager to grab this new version and got the chance to buy it a week before the official release for just $45.85. 

If you’ve got an old one from 2008, you could pocket 200 bucks by selling it. And if it’s brand-spanking-new and unopened, you could score 400 bucks for it.

12. Antique Trunks

Old trunks and chests
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Vintage trunks and chests with historical roots can be surprisingly valuable, such as a Tudor Era oak chest from the 1500s. It features a single-piece lid, detailed floral carvings, and a carved edge showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.

Sold by Period Oak Antiques, this chest hails from the Henry VIII era and is quite a marvel for surviving so well over the centuries. Valued at $8,500, it’s a testament to the enduring worth of well-maintained antique furniture.

13. American Girl Doll – Felicity Merriman

Doll on the wood
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Meet Felicity Merriman, a spunky character from a ’90s series called The American Girl Doll, known for being adventurous and a bit of a tomboy. These dolls originally cost around $82.

According to PBA Galleries, these dolls are like hidden treasures, fetching a whopping $6,000 to $9,000! These iconic pieces from the American Girl franchise could turn out to be a goldmine.

14. Nike Air Yeezy

_Editorial Use Only New Rem Legendary Nike Air Yeezy 2 sport shoes
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This shoe was a one-of-a-kind sample of the first-ever collaboration between Kanye West and Nike, the Air Yeezy 1. It has been put up for sale a few times, with prices soaring high—starting at $65,000 and even hitting $100,000 at Flight Club. 

While it’s similar to the retail version from ’08, the reason for its popularity and high value is its rarity, being the very first Air Yeezy ever made. 

15. Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel

Stainless steel watch on wooden background
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The Rolex Daytona Steel, once owned by Paul Newman, skyrocketed to a staggering $17.5 million due to his fame. However, without a celebrity connection, it still holds significant value, ranging from $13,000 to $50,000. 

What makes this watch unique is its rarity and intricate movement, exclusive only to the Daytona. This distinctive feature adds to its resale value, making it a sought-after piece even in used condition.

16. Vintages Ads

vintage ads summer
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Old tin or poster-style ads from the early 90s can be a hit among collectors. These are often items that people will randomly have in their storage from their years as bartenders or as long-lost decorations that they forgot they had. Examples of ad signs that have sold for hundreds of dollars include 1930s Coke signs and vintage beer signs from brands like Pabst and Old Milwaukee.

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