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18 Things to Stop Wasting Energy On After 50

18 Things to Stop Wasting Energy On After 50

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So, you finally hit the big 5-0 milestone! The candles on your cake pose a minor fire hazard, and those pesky “over-the-hill” jokes have been replaced by a newfound sense of…well, freedom.

Turning 50 certainly isn’t an expiration date but rather a chance to re-evaluate and make a plan for many enjoyable years to come. It’s also a time to finally ditch those things that drain your energy without offering joy in return (because no one has time to waste on that). It’s about choosing where you invest your limited time and emotional bandwidth wisely.

This isn’t some anti-aging rant, nor is it about becoming a grumpy hermit. Think of it as streamlining your life for peak personal satisfaction. It’s also not one-size-fits-all – you get to decide which items make YOUR list to ditch after after 50. Consider this a thought experiment, a catalyst to shed baggage with a smile, not a sigh of regret.

Let’s dive into specific, yet common, energy-suckers that deserve to be left behind in your 50s (and beyond), so you can embrace liberation moving forward!

1. People-Pleasing

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Spending your life trying to make everyone happy is a recipe for burnout. The older we get, the less energy we have left to give about what others think of our choices, from career to haircut to who we love.

It’s NOT selfish to say “no” to requests that overload you, to set healthy boundaries, and to prioritize what brings YOU fulfillment. True friends won’t melt if you skip that obligation-filled party in favor of a cozy night in.

2. Regret Spirals

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Yes, we’ve all made cringe-worthy mistakes. But dwelling on the past robs you of joy today. Turning 50+ offers a longer perspective, showing that even missteps likely led you to where you should be.

Practice forgiveness—towards yourself! Embrace those less-than-stellar moments as quirky plot points in the wild story that is YOUR life. Focus on what you CAN control right now, not replaying old tapes.

3. Comparing Yourself to Others

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Social media makes this worse, offering curated highlight reels of seemingly perfect lives. But, everyone struggles, just not usually on Instagram. Plus, the only competitor you need to track is your own past self.

Curate your feeds for inspiration, not soul-crushing inadequacy. Celebrate others’ wins without dimming your own light. Focus on your journey, goals, and what brings YOU satisfaction – those can’t be captured in a filtered selfie.

4. Feeling Guilty About Rest

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Hustle culture glorifies being constantly busy. But rest—mental and physical—isn’t a luxury; it’s ESSENTIAL for well-being. The to-do list will never actually be finished.

Schedule non-negotiable “me-time.” Nap? A silly show? Long bath? It matters less about what it is and more about defending that space. Your future self will thank you for prioritizing rejuvenation.

5. Tolerating Toxic People

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Life’s too short for those who bring drama, negativity, or silently suck the joy out of the room. It gets easier with age to spot these emotional vampires and create healthy distance.

“No” is a complete sentence. You don’t owe anyone your time who consistently makes you feel bad about yourself. Phase toxic people out in favor of those who uplift, support, and celebrate the awesome person you are.

6. Waiting for a “Special Occasion”

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Are those fancy dishes gathering dust? That dress you’re saving for an event that may never happen? Stop denying yourself small joys for an imagined, perfect future. Every day offers the chance to celebrate being alive.

Sprinkle little luxuries into the everyday. Use the good china for messy pasta Tuesdays. Wear the sequined top to the grocery store because why not? You’ll be surprised how it shifts your entire mood.

7. Body Obsession

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Yes, bodies change as we age. Gravity does its thing, and those magazine covers become even more unrealistic. Hating your own reflection is soul-sucking!

Focus on what your amazing body CAN do—move, dance, hug, taste delicious things—it’s a miraculous machine. Appreciate its resilience, not whether it meets outdated standards. Nourish it with good food and joyful movement, and ditch the self-loathing.

8. Trying to Keep Up with Trends

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Unless you genuinely LOVE chasing the latest skinny jeans or slang teenagers use, let it go. Trends are fleeting and often aimed at making you feel insecure in hopes of selling you a magic “fix”.

Cultivate YOUR personal style, whatever that is. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, not what the influencers tell you is in this season. It also saves you money!

9. Fear of Looking “Old”

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We’re ALL aging every second. Wrinkles and gray hair are signs of a life well-lived. Obsessing over looking younger robs you of the present moment. This isn’t about letting yourself go but shifting the goal from appearing 20 again to rocking your CURRENT age.

Take care of your skin and body because it feels good and promotes health. But laugh lines are earned, hold wisdom, and look pretty darn good when you smile. Aging is a privilege; own it!

10. Tolerating a Soul-Sucking Job

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If you dread Mondays and live for Fridays, something needs to change. Life’s too short for work, and that feels like torture. While not everyone can quit on a whim, this milestone birthday is your kick in the pants to at least START exploring options.

Maybe it’s a full career change, negotiating better hours, or shifting to part-time. Don’t get stuck thinking work must look like it did in your 20s. Get creative, network, and seek out career counseling—you might be surprised by what’s possible.

11. Staying Silent to Avoid Conflict

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Yes, sometimes biting your tongue is wise. But, chronically letting things fester builds resentment. By 50, you’ve earned the right (and hopefully wisdom) to speak your truth respectfully yet assertively.

This doesn’t mean being combative! Choose your battles wisely. Learn to express difficult emotions without it devolving into a screaming match. The sense of empowerment you’ll feel for standing up for yourself is worth the initial discomfort of changing old habits.

12. Feeling Stuck” in Your Identity

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Mom/dad, career professional, wife/husband…these are roles, not the totality of you. The 50s offer a chance to rediscover interests put on hold while raising a family or explore entirely NEW things that ignite a sense of passion.

That hobby you always meant to try? Go sign up now! Don’t get stuck in “I’m too old for that” thinking. Travel, art classes, joining a nerdy club…these aren’t just distractions; they’re about adding new facets to your sense of self.

13. The “Shoulds” Dictating Your Choices

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“I should have a nicer house by now”, or “I should be married/ have grandkids/whatever.” Nope! There’s no timeline. Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s YOUR life to design!

Redefine success on your terms, even if it clashes with societal expectations. Focus on experiences, relationships, and creating the kind of life that nourishes YOUR unique soul, not one that looks good but makes you miserable.

14. The Myth of “Being Set in Your Ways”

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The ability to grow, learn, and change doesn’t vanish at 50! In fact, staying intellectually curious and open is KEY to an engaged, fulfilling life at any age.

Embrace a beginner’s mind. Travel to places that challenge your worldview and read opinions that clash with your own… The goal isn’t necessarily to SWAY your beliefs but to flex those mental muscles to avoid stagnation.

15. Holding Onto Grudges

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Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to get sick. Unless they’ve committed truly heinous acts, resentment hurts you more than them. Forgiveness doesn’t condone bad behavior, nor does it require reconciliation.

Let go of that anger – it’ll likely age you more than wrinkles ever could! This is about freeing up headspace for positive emotions. Do it for your OWN sanity, regardless of whether the other person ever changes.

16. Worrying About Things You Can’t Control

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Obsessiveness over kids’ choices, the weather, whatever pops into your head…it’s exhausting. It doesn’t solve anything and sucks away energy from areas you can impact.

Stoicism offers wisdom here. Focus solely on what’s within your power. When anxiety spirals start, distract yourself with pleasurable activities or tackle something small on your to-do list. Action quiets those pesky “what if” loops.

17. Defining Yourself Solely Through Others

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It’s wonderful to be a loving spouse, parent, etc. But when their success or failures become your whole identity, it’s unhealthy. With 50+ years under your belt, you are SO much more than just someone’s “mom” or “partner.

Reclaim those parts of yourself that have laid dormant. Rediscover who YOU are separate from the roles you serve for others. This benefits everyone involved. People are drawn to those with strong senses of self!

18. Clinging to Material Possessions

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That overflowing attic of stuff you no longer use? It’s weighing you down. Clutter isn’t just about space; it creates mental sluggishness. By 50, the memories often matter far more than the objects themselves.

Embrace a good decluttering! Donate, sell, or trash ruthlessly. Keeping only what truly brings joy or serves a practical purpose makes your space and your mind feel so much lighter.

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