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Omega Ukama

With an honors degree in financial engineering, Omega Ukama deeply understands finance. Before pursuing journalism, he honed his skills at a private equity firm, giving him invaluable real-world experience. This combination of financial literacy and journalistic flair allows him to translate complex financial matters into clear and concise insights for his readers.

Ever wondered what the ultra-wealthy do with their time and money? It’s not all yachts and caviar, although those do feature prominently. From investing in rare artifacts to experiencing zero-gravity flights, their pastimes can be as unique as their bank accounts. While some might criticize these activities as extravagant or frivolous, it’s important to remember …

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Jesus of Nazareth, a name that resonates through history, evokes images of miracles, parables, and a life of devotion. Yet, beyond the familiar narratives and religious interpretations, there lies a wealth of underappreciated facets of Jesus’s character and influence. The historical Jesus, stripped of centuries of dogma and embellishment, reveals a figure who was not …

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