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53 Psychological Facts About Sex That Might Surprise You 2024

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The topic of sex can be an awkward one, even after all the progress societies have made as the world shifts and becomes more open in all aspects. As a lingering taboo area in most cultures, it’s not always easy to approach sex-related subject matter in ways that are less shameful and more empowering.

Like most things, one of the most effective ways to demystify the nervous tension around sex-related conversations is to equip yourself with enough cold, hard facts. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll be exploring how sex affects our lives.

Have you ever wondered why sexual desires present differently in passionate (eros) versus romantic love? Or why sex cravings can get wrapped up in poor decision-making? What follows is a tantalizing collection of juicy psychological facts about sex that’ll intrigue, amuse, and inform you.

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53 Psychological Facts About Sex

There’s no need to cringe or blush when sex comes up. Although not an ice-breaker or small-talk topic, it can still be fun and educational when great facts support your thoughts and opinions.

From the strange to the silly to the unexpected, these 53 psychological facts about sex might teach you a thing or two.

1. Sex Affects Mental Health and Well-Being

Sex is more than physical; it’s emotional, psychological, and even spiritual. Your cultural and personal experiences influence your attitudes toward sex. The positive (e.g., pleasure) and negative (e.g., trauma) consequences have direct effects on mental health and your overall well-being.

2. Oxytocin Is the Real Hero

Hormones are drivers of sexual desire. Although testosterone and estrogen play significant roles, oxytocin is the unsung hero. During sex, oxytocin levels spike, enabling increased feelings of arousal, relationship bonding, and trust. 

Hence, oxytocin gets the nicknames ‘cuddle chemical’ and ‘love hormone.’

3. Happiness Is a Three-Letter Word

Happiness is a complex emotion with many contributing factors. One of them is the fulfillment you get from genuine affection, sustained care, and a healthy sex life. Studies show that regular sex does wonders for your mood, boosts self-confidence, and reduces your stress levels.

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4. Sex Is a Pain Reliever

Sex alleviates pain, or more aptly, the perception of pain. When you’re aroused or experiencing orgasms, the brain’s hypothalamus releases oxytocin — the ‘feel-good hormone.’ High oxytocin levels help reduce pain, notably during women’s menstruation and by increasing the pain threshold in men. 

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5. The 1-Second Decider

Your brain is so powerful that it takes no more than a second to determine sexual appeal. This is a fleeting impulse decision because things like intelligence, social conduct, odor, and intoxication can enhance or totally kill sexual attraction.

6. Asexuality Doesn’t Need Treatment

Asexuality is little or no sexual attraction for others. It’s not abstinence or celibacy and doesn’t signify abnormality or a need for medical intervention. Asexual individuals simply find closeness and bonding in solid friendship and other forms, in equally rewarding measures as sexual intimacy.

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7. Men Aren’t the Sex Fiends Society Thinks

Decades of stereotyping, perpetuation, and lazy consensus have concluded that men are driven solely by sex, causing major misunderstandings in their psyche. Beyond guys in love, men want just as much genuine connection, deep love, and loyalty as women do.

8. Sex Addiction Is a Psychological Disorder

Sex addicts struggle with an obsessive need to have sex, even when facing serious consequences like infidelity-related repercussions. Think of it as an obsessive-compulsive disorder of a sexual nature, influenced by genetic predispositions and external factors like abuse and trauma.

9. Healthy Sexual Behaviors Can Alleviate Depression

Sex isn’t the cure or some magic pill (excuse the pun), but studies reveal that it helps with feelings of depression, anxiety, and relationship satisfaction. This is linked to mental health and sheds light on why practicing healthy sexual behaviors contributes to well-being.

Image by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

10. Sex Stimulates Creative Juice

Sex is itself a creative activity. After all, it creates life. Conception and relationship bonding aside, good sex unlocks creativity in areas like music, art, design, and writing. Oxytocin stimulates the brain’s cognitive flexible pathways, leading to improved problem-solving and heightened creative thinking.

11. You Can Sniff Your Way to a Good Orgasm

Sexual behavior studies suggest that people with an excellent sense of smell experience better orgasms. How, you ask? Well, elevated pleasure states are triggered by certain body odors — like sweat and vaginal fluid. Sniffing these out enhances gratification.

12. Sex Is About Chemistry

There’s a science behind sexual chemistry. During intercourse, the powerful neurotransmitters oxytocin and dopamine drive intention and sexual behaviors. Oxytocin helps foster feelings of connection, while dopamine is behind pleasure-seeking actions. That’s why you’ve got to listen carefully to your body during sex.

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13. Post-Sex Cuddles Increase Satisfaction

Sex obviously occurs outside deep, committed, romantic relationships. So, the dynamics vary. But one thing’s certain: cuddling after sex can increase feelings of satisfaction. Even during one-night stands or ‘situationships’ with someone who isn’t your first love, cuddling creates much-appreciated feelings of closeness.

14. Sex Isn’t Mindless

Sex between people who aren’t necessarily ideal soulmates or involved in a long-term relationship may seem temporary, thus somewhat hollow in certain instances. 

Even so, it isn’t mindless. Sex requires energy, intention, focus, and a considerable level of commitment in execution — even in just that moment.

15. Sexual Anxiety Is Psychological

The mind, a commanding organ, has the authority to propel or stunt performance. Psychological difficulties cause function-related sexual complications. Sexual anxiety is linked to erectile dysfunction, low libido, and more. Embarrassment, shame, and rejection affect concentration and the ability to really zone in on the moment.

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16. The Post-sex Blues Exist

Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD) describes intense feelings of sadness, worry, or even anger after sex, particularly after an orgasm. In some people’s unique scenarios, this is linked to past sexual trauma. 

Even when PCD isn’t the case, it’s not unusual to cry after sex. The post-sex blues occur courtesy of a rush of hormones.

17. The Power of Sexual Healing

When Marvin Gaye made the 1982 smash hit Sexual Healing, do you think he knew it was real? While sex is certainly no medical treatment, studies confirm that a healthy sex life encourages the following:

  • Better sleep
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower risk of heart disease, particularly in men
  • Lower blood pressure levels

18. Sex Is About Human Connection

Sex opens the pathway to physical and emotional connectedness, a human need. Sexual interaction decreases feelings of loneliness, isolation, and detachment. The feeling of ecstasy after sex can make you feel alive. From sexual satisfaction comes comfort, affection, joy, and love (hopefully).

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19. Some See Sex as Dangerous

Sex can be a dangerous business. Some people avoid it, fearing rejection, unwanted pregnancies, injury, disease, or death in extreme cases. Psychologically, people battling irrational or severe attachment issues caused by sex-related obsessions might be deterred from engaging in sexual activity.

20. Sex Is Used as a Coping Mechanism

Human emotions are part of an intricate psychological network. Since sex involves emotion and can be led by passion instead of true love, it can serve as a coping mechanism. Sex as escapism compensates for the lack of authentic intimacy.

21. Celibacy Doesn’t Eliminate Sexual Thought and Desire

Celibacy doesn’t quell sexual thoughts and desires. Sexual instincts are innate and are present despite abstinence. The key is to find healthy ways to express sexual energy with positive effects rather than destructive consequences. This goes back to fact #10.

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Image by Call Me Fred on Unsplash

22. Women Can Forget How to Orgasm

As odd as this one sounds, it’s true. In rare cases, women lose it if they don’t use it. In clitoral atrophy, the clitoris loses sensation due to a lack of stimulation, eventually even shrinking. 

The main causes include extensive periods of disuse, hormone changes, injury, aging, and decreased blood flow.

23. Libido Is a Lifelong Thing

Libido, or sexual energy, is with you for life. Yes, it does indeed differ between people and varies even within one person at different life stages. But you can rest assured libido will never leave you entirely. It simply wanes over time.

24. It’s Possible to Sound Sexier

Women are guiltier than men of doing this, but check this: it’s possible to sound sexier or more alluring by altering your voice. This may not be a sex cheat code, but it’s worth trying as part of sexy teasing foreplay games.

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25. Eggs Get the Final Say

In the reproductive process, it’s a myth that eggs (ova) wait passively for the fastest sperm. Eggs are involved in sophisticated biological mechanisms of strict selection. The ovum actively decides which exact sperm it allows in. First come isn’t always first served.

26. Inability to Exercise Self-control Is a Myth

One big misconception that needs urgent rectification for the sake of healthier relationships, among other benefits, concerns self-control. Rationalizing and controlling sexual urges is relatively easy for women and men, provided there’s no sexual addiction or other psychological disorders. 

Men are not special; they can restrain strong sexual emotions, impulses, and attractions.

27. Faking It to Make It

Men want to see and hear pleasure from their partners during sex. Without overt signs of satisfaction, men are susceptible to disappointment, insecurity, knocked self-esteem, and distrust. 

Perhaps that explains why up to 80% of women admit to faking orgasms. Common reasons for faking include boredom, tiredness, and the complicatedness of inebriation.

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Image by Deon Black on Unsplash

28. Socks on, Orgasm Galore

Some university research indicates that keeping your socks on during sexy time could just increase your orgasm chances. Cold feet interfere with total relaxation and can hinder your efforts to remain comfortable and avoid feelings of anxiety. So consider keeping cozy down there for mind-blowing orgasms.

29. Ovulation Affects Attraction

Ladies, listen up! There’s a special moment in your cycle when nature does all the groundwork. Men find women more naturally attractive during ovulation. Changes in the face (softer features) and a woman’s scent are picked up by your male counterparts, increasing sexual attraction.

30. Sexual Desire Isn’t Gendered

Sexual motivation isn’t as clear-cut as: ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.’ Sexual desire is individualized. Your sexual appetite depends on components like your hormones, degrees of cognitive development, learned behaviors, and culture. These affect individuals differently, making sexual desire personal.

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Image by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

31. Oftentimes, Pressure Trumps Authentic Desire

Sadly, sex isn’t always discussed openly and honestly in relationships. This results in feelings of obligation. Oftentimes, there is serious pressure — which trumps a sincere desire for sex. Pressure can also be external, especially from peers, predominantly in young male groups.

32. Overachievers Have Less Sex

Research proposes the more sexually inactive you are, the more likely you are to overcompensate at work. When sex is scarce, you’re prone to substituting a lack of fulfillment with excessive productivity. More work equals more stress; elevated stress equals reduced sexual appetite.

33. Sex Needs Constant Creativity, Adaptability, and Playfulness

Long-term partners will know this all too well: a healthy, exciting sex life needs work. This doesn’t suggest monogamy or committed relationships are boring. Rather, couples should feel encouraged to continue learning new things and retain spiciness in the bedroom.

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34. Sex and Sexual Attraction Have Much Depth

Sexual attraction and expressions of sexuality are both biological and psychological. Having sexual organs is one thing; knowing how to use them is another. It’s fundamental to understand how to channel your physical, mental, and emotional inclinations through healthy sexual practices.

35. How Significant Is Sex?

The first and most essential thing to clarify is this: for the most part, everyone wants and needs sex as part of the natural cycle of life. However, there are differences in the significance men and women place on sex — necessitating earnest dialogue.

36. Birth Control Affects Female Attraction

While things like body type and subconscious biological triggers (e.g., reproductive potential) drive male attraction, female attraction is more complex. 

Birth control affects women’s response to men. It may decrease sexual attraction, interest, and satisfaction due to hormone level changes and fluctuations.

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Image by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

37. Lower Cholesterol Boosts Sexual Performance

This one’s for the fellas! Managing your cholesterol and maintaining lower levels improve sexual performance. That’s a much-welcomed push to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat correctly, and monitor medical conditions. It’s work, but the perks of better sex are a definite win.

38. Sexual Energy Can Be Expressed in Different Ways

Expressing sexual vitality takes many forms, including artistic creation, selfless social expression, and spiritual advancement. 

These alternative forms of expending sexual energy aren’t complete substitutes for physical satisfaction. Instead, they are part of controlling sexual impulses and developing balance.

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39. Sex Can Be Used as a Power Tool

Unfortunately, there are individuals who use sex as a power tool to exert dominance over or to hurt others, sometimes going out of their way to cause humiliation. When sex is used in sadistic manners, it can cause irreparable internal harm.

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40. Sexual Vigor Requires Healthy Outlets

Sex and sexuality are as natural as breathing, but you need to be responsible for how you channel all that energy. Finding healthy outlets is part of being a mature adult, and the onus is on each individual to do sexual introspections.

41. Objects Are Sexy Too

Strange, but no laughing matter. Some people develop erotic relationships and form sexual connections with inanimate objects like cars, trains, statues, and bridges — known as Objectophilia (Objectum-sexuality.

The scientific understanding behind this is limited, but debates about its classification as a medical condition are ongoing.

42. Culture and Family Influence Human Sexuality

You remember Sigmund Freud, right? His studies and conclusions on the development of psychosexual behaviors spurred current understandings of the role culture and family play in sexuality. The childhood and adolescent years are crucial, shaping sexual attitudes, expectations, and so much more.

43. Suppressing Sexual Impulses and Feelings Can Be Harmful

The ‘sexual revolution’ and shifts in liberal thinking pushed the envelope to allow today’s commitment to creating safe spaces. Now, sexuality is claimed and expressed freely. Sexual repression, especially when forced, can create neurotic symptoms and profound psychological harm.

44. Sex Is Good for the Heart

Sex is exercise, getting all kinds of muscles working while sending a surge of blood and hormones to the right parts of the body. Research reports that men who have more sex stand to cut their chances of cardiac arrest significantly.

45. A Clitoris Has More Than 8,000 Nerve Endings

With more than 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is among the most sensitive sex organs, designed exclusively for sensual pleasure. Surprisingly, the clitoris’ nerve endings extend to the pubic hair region, which explains why grinding is enjoyable.

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Image by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

46. Kinky Sex Is a Sign of Psychological Health

In line with the immeasurable value of finding healthy expressions for your sexual zeal, kink takes it one step further. People who experiment and explore kinky sex are reported as psychologically healthier. 

Remember, kinky doesn’t mean irresponsible, unsafe, or destructive behaviors. It’s more about curiosity, creativity, and open-mindedness.

47. Is Sex a Drug?

The short answer is no; sex is not a drug. But endorphins are released during sexual intercourse, inducing feelings of euphoria similar to the high drugs like opioids provide.

48. Multi-Partner Sex Is the Most Common Fantasy

Threesomes, specifically, are the sexual fantasies over 80% of people admit to having. To touch on the idea of kinks shared earlier, a UK study showed that 90% of adults fantasize about enjoying saucy sexual activity in professional office spaces.

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Image by Deon Black on Unsplash

49. Sex Can Be on the Menu

It’s a cheeky little thing some say: ‘Sex is on the menu tonight’ or ‘There’s sex for dessert.’ You can say this and actually mean it. 

Well, sort of. Certain phytochemical-rich and high-zinc foods can improve sex drive by enhancing libido, stamina, and endurance. Winners include black raspberries, oysters, and watermelon.

50. Post-Sex Glow Is Real

Love-making enables women to produce increased amounts of the hormone estrogen, which is the secret to smooth skin and shiny hair. What’s more, that high-intensity sweat you think is embarrassing during sex actually cleanses your pores, resulting in a type of after-sex glow.

51. Sex Toys Can Enhance Sexual Pleasure for Couples

Letting your partner know you’d like to try a sex toy during intercourse can be awkward or uncomfortable. But that’s precisely why open communication, honesty, and vulnerability are important in healthy sexual relationships. Sex toys can greatly enrich sexual experiences.

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Image by Womanizer Toys on Unsplash

52. Breast Is Best

Women can climax and experience orgasms from something as unassuming as breast stimulation. It’s about touch (including tongue strokes), pressure, motion (direction), and reading body language. Nipples, with their abundant nerve endings, act as control centers. The actual breasts and chest are equally critical.

53. Life Does Begin at 40

Women over 40 are more likely to experience multiple orgasms compared to their 20-something-year-old counterparts. This is due to a firm sense of identity, revitalized self-confidence, hormone changes, and experience. Older women also understand lust and repressed sexual emotions better.


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