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27 Psychological Facts About Male Attraction (2023) Most People Don’t Know

Do you want to find out if a man is attracted to you? Or are you just curious about how the male brain works? If you answered yes to either of these questions, these psychological facts about male attraction are for you. 

Everyone experiences being attracted to someone differently, and the signs might not be clear. But hopefully, these facts about men and what they find alluring will clear up some misconceptions. Some of this information about what men find desirable might even surprise you. 


Image from Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Psychological Facts About Male Attraction

What men find attractive isn’t just based on looks. It also has to do with the way you carry yourself, what your voice sounds like, and even what you’re wearing. Time to get into the most interesting facts about male attraction. 

1. Biology Plays a Big Role in Male Attraction 

What the male sex finds attractive is often driven by a subconscious biological need to reproduce. Since reproduction is a lengthy and complex process, guys need to seek out the highest quality partner they can find. 

For this reason, attraction is heavily based on the health and fertility of their mate. 

2. Men Find the Color Red Very Attractive

Red-Dress psychological facts about male attraction

Image from Adam Kontor on Pexels

Countless studies have found that guys perceive women as more attractive and sexual when they’re wearing the color red. The deep red shade of crimson, in particular, is a serious man-magnet.

So if you’re trying to turn a man’s head, wearing a red-colored piece of clothing or applying rich red lipstick might just do the trick. 

3. Most Guys Are Attracted to a Similar Body Type

Heterosexual men usually prefer women with an hourglass figure. This includes large breasts, a small waist, wide hips, and a well-proportioned bottom. Men subconsciously correlate these features with a woman’s increased ability to reproduce. 

4. Guys Can’t Resist a Women in Heels


Image from The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels

Speaking of looks guys are attracted to, studies show most men find women more attractive when they’re wearing high heels. Several theories as to why this is have been put forward. 

Some researchers say that it’s because heels change a woman’s shape. When she walks, they make her chest and hips more exaggerated and increase her pelvic tilt, which makes her appear more feminine.  

5. Guys Are More Attracted to a Certain Type of Voice 

Your voice can have an interesting effect on a man’s attraction to you. A study by Plos One suggests that guys are more attracted to women with breathy, high-pitched voices. 

The same study also found that women speak in higher-pitched voices when they’re talking to someone they find attractive. 

6. Men Don’t Have a Sexy Voice 

Guys don’t have a sexy voice. Whereas women have no problem changing the tone of their voice to make it sound sexy, men do. 

According to research, this could come down to the fact that men have no clue how to change the tone of their voices to make women more attracted to them. So basically, it might just come down to a lack of practice on a man’s part. 

7. Men Find It Attractive When Women Smile


Image from Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Men find it attractive when women smile. They view women as more approachable and interpret the gesture as a signal that she might be interested in them. On the flip side, most women find guys that smile less attractive – ouch. 

8. Most Men Are More Attracted to Younger Women

This fact about male attraction comes down to biology. Guys find younger women more attractive than older women because they’re more fertile. Women, on the other hand, prefer older men because it usually means they are more mature and responsible. 

9. Men Want to Spend Alone Time With People They’re Attracted To 


Image from cottonbro on Pexels

If you notice that a guy prefers to spend alone time with you, it’s another sign that he’s attracted to you. Whether it be taking a quiet walk together, going out for drinks, or seeing a movie, he’ll prefer to spend time in settings where it’s just the two of you. 

Even if you’re out with other friends, he’ll find a way to talk to you and spend one-on-one time with you. 

10. Men Get Nervous Around People They’re Attracted To

If a guy acts nervous or experiences anxiety around you, it might mean he’s attracted to you. Men are worried they’ll do or say the wrong thing, which may cause them to act a bit apprehensive around you. He’s just worried he’ll mess up, and you won’t feel the same way about him that he feels about you. 

11. Guys Want to Get Physically Close to the People They’re Attracted To 


Image from cottonbro on Pexels

If a guy is attracted to you, he’ll want to get as close to you as physically possible. You may notice him make overt gestures, like putting his arm around you or giving you a hello or goodbye hug. Or, it may be more subtle, like playful touches and sitting on the edge of his seat to get closer to you.  

12. If a Guy Is Attracted to You, He Can’t Help But Glance Your Way


Image from Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

When a man is attracted to you, he can’t help but look your way. If you notice he’s continuously staring at you, it just means he likes what he sees. Also, when a guy’s in love with you, making direct eye contact is part of his love language. 

13. When a Male is Attracted to You, His Body Language Changes 

Research shows that when a man is attracted to someone, he’ll unconsciously flex his body and position himself in a way that shows off his best features. He’ll also try to face directly towards you, especially when you’re talking. 

14. Men Are More Attracted to Charismatic Personalities 


Image from Leah Kelley on Pexels

Attraction isn’t only about your physical appearance. Men find charismatic personalities very alluring. How a person interacts with others and the persona they put off can make them more attractive to men. 

Also, people who are more charismatic tend to be more approachable and self-confident. 

15. Men Are Attracted to People That Resemble Them

Men are attracted to people that resemble themselves. Whether you share a similar hair color, facial features, or even the same sense of fashion, a guy will find you more attractive if you’re similar to him. 

16. Certain Scents Can Arouse Men


Image from Mareefe on Pexels

Men find certain scents more attractive than others. As far as natural odors go, men find women who have lower levels of progesterone and higher levels of estrogen more attractive. 

Certain fragrances, including vanilla, pumpkin, and lavender, can also influence a man’s attraction to a woman. 

17. The Smell of Tears Is a Turn-off for Men

According to a study on tears conducted by a team of Israeli researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science, the scent of tears has a physiological effect on guys. The research found that when men smelled female tears, they experienced a decline in their testosterone levels, and it lowered their sexual arousal. 

18. Having a Good Sense of Humor Makes a Man More Attracted to You


Image from Stephan Seeber on Pexels

Guys like it when you laugh at their jokes, and it may even make them find you more attractive. Studies show that men find a sense of humor an attractive feature. In fact, you don’t even have to be funny yourself; you just need to find their humor enjoyable.

19. Guys Are More Attracted to People Who Look Like Their Mothers

This fact is strange but true. Men are usually more attracted to women who resemble their mothers. This is thought to be because it gives men a sense of comfort and familiarity. 

20. Guys Like It When You Let Your Hair Down 


Image from Element5 Digital on Pexels

Different hair types were put to the test and rated for male attraction. The six hairstyles were: unkempt, disheveled, messy bun, short, medium-length, and long. Men found only two of the hairstyles attractive – medium-length and long. 

So, if you’re going on a date with a guy and deciding how to wear your hair, science says men are most attracted to women who let their hair down. 

21. Mothers Want Attractive Male Offspring —Supposedly 

The sexy son theory (yes, you read that right) claims that women want to select the most attractive male possible to mate with. What’s the reason, you may ask? Well, it’s believed that their attractive male partner will have good genes that they will pass on to their sons. 

And the theory also claims that women want to have sons who are found more attractive by the opposite sex. 

22. Facial Symmetry Is an Attractive Feature for Men 


Image from Rafael Barros on Pexels

Facial symmetry is when both sides of your face look exactly the same. Men (and women) find symmetrical faces very attractive. This is why men find women wearing sunglasses more attractive; a pair of frames can make your face appear more symmetrical. 

23. Signs of Health Are Important When It Comes to Attraction 

There’s a reason men find clear skin, long hair, and rosy cheeks attractive – they’re a sign of good health. Potential female partners with these attributes will be more likely to be fit for reproduction. 

Again, this fact just comes down to biology. Although, it’s flawed logic since you can’t judge how healthy a person is simply by looking at them. 

24. Guys Like It When Women Wear Make-up 


Image from Shiny Diamond on Pexels

Guys are more attracted to gals who wear make-up, but the reason as to why might surprise you. It’s because many classic makeup styles actually mimic your natural indicators of health. 

Foundation covers up a woman’s imperfections, like acne scars and dark eye bags – which could both indicate poor health. Red lipstick enhances the natural red pigment of a woman’s lips when they’re healthy. Mascara and eyeliner highlight the whiteness of a woman’s eyes, which makes them look more youthful.  

25. Men Are Attractive to Women With Large Breasts Because of Biology

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that display permanently swollen breasts outside of their lactation period? This is believed to be because males find a women’s breasts sexually appealing.  

To men, swollen breasts subconsciously indicate a female’s ability to produce an abundant supply of milk for their potential offspring. Guys obviously want the best nutrition for their future children; therefore, they’re more attracted to women with larger breasts. 

However, the interesting part of this belief is that studies have shown that there is no correlation between a woman’s breast size and the amount or quality of milk that she produces. 

26. A Man’s Sexual Attraction Can Change With the Season 


Image from Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Heterosexual men report being more attracted to women’s bodies and breasts during the winter months. However, there might be a simple explanation for this: it’s most likely because a woman’s skin is covered up in the colder months, which makes it more of a novelty. 

27. Men Find Women Most Attractive When They’re Fertile

An interesting study from the journal Hormones and Behavior found that men are more attracted to women when they’re at the most fertile point in their menstrual cycle. 

The research suggests that as a woman approaches her peak fertility, her voice gets higher in pitch, her body odor becomes more desirable, and there may even be a discreet change in her lip and skin color. Basically, these are all of the things that men find attractive. 

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