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57 Psychological Facts About Female Attraction You Might Not Know 2024

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Some say that women are complicated, but is the nature of female attraction as confusing as you might think? Psychologists — and, let’s be honest, men — have been trying to understand the nature of women and what they like for ages.

One thing about women is that they tend to be more selective and specific when deciding what they find desirable in a partner. Not only that, but what drives a woman’s attraction varies from person to person, depending on their own personality, appearance, and sexual preferences.

These psychological facts about female attraction will take a deep dive into what women find attractive in a partner and some ways to tell if she is attracted to you. These facts are by no means all-encompassing to what every woman likes, but it’s a pretty good place to start.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it.

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57 Psychological Facts About Female Attraction

When it comes to female attraction, it’s important to remember that not all women are attracted to the same things. Generally, here are some everyday things women find attractive in a male partner based on appearance, personality, and common signs of female attraction.

1. Women Are Attracted to Taller Men

Most women like a man that they can look up to, both physically and metaphorically speaking. Something about a taller man makes a lady feel safe and secure while also making them feel more feminine in the process.

2. Women Are Attracted to Facial Symmetry

Several studies have shown that symmetry is an important part of facial attractiveness for both men and women. It’s associated with good genetic quality, which is likely why women subconsciously tend to prefer symmetrical faces.

3. Women Like Men With Deeper Voices

There is something about a guy with a deep voice that women tend to find attractive. Deeper voices often make a man appear more assertive, masculine, and dominant, which just adds to their appeal.

4. Women Tend to Like More Athletic and Muscular Bodies

Like most features, this is entirely based on preference, but many women like a man with a more muscular build. This typically means a broad chest and shoulders, a narrower waist, and strong arms.


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5. Women Like Men Who Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and regular exercise not only demonstrates self-care but also has a biological aspect. More nutritious foods result in a more pleasant body odor that women are more attracted to.

6. Women Can Be Attracted to a Larger Belly

Lean and muscular men with a six-pack don’t get all the attention. In fact, many women love a man with a larger belly or “dad bod.” It all depends on a woman’s preference, but larger bellies are often preferred since there is more to love.

7. Women Like Older Men

Women usually like older men since they are more emotionally mature, self-aware, have more life experience, and are generally better providers.

8. Women Find Different Colors Attractive

Color psychology plays a significant role in what women find attractive. Red and black are considered two of the most alluring and appealing colors. Wearing red exudes passion, sensual energy, and dominance, whereas black gives off a more confident, capable, and mysterious vibe.


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9. Attraction Through Eye Contact

A sure-fire way to let a woman know that you’re attracted to her is by making sure you keep eye contact. It’s an essential kind of body language that lets women know you’re interested and, in turn, makes them more attracted to you.

10. Mysterious Men Are Attractive to Women

First of all, what makes a man mysterious? A mysterious man tends to be quiet and observant, careful with his words, confident but not boastful, and calm in serious situations. All of these qualities can be seen as incredibly attractive to a lot of women.

11. Women Like Men With Good Hygiene and Grooming Habits

Women like a man who takes pride in his appearance and ensures his clothes, hair, and beard (if he has one) are well-kempt. Not only does this increase his physical attractiveness, but it makes the man feel more confident in himself, which women love.

12. Women Find Emotionally Expressive Men Attractive

Being emotionally expressive means communicating your feelings through non-verbal cues and body language. Women like a man who can express his thoughts and emotions rather than a guy who always bottles everything up.

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13. Women Like Men With a Good Sense of Style

A good sense of style in a man tells a woman a few things. It says he is thoughtful and knows exactly what colors and styles work for him. A man’s sense of style is also integral to how some express themselves. Women go head over heels for a nice outfit.

14. Women Love a Good Sense of Humor

Physical appearance can only take you so far, so if a guy can make a woman laugh, she’s bound to like him a lot more. Much of this comes from our happy feeling when our bodies release feel-good endorphins like epinephrine and dopamine.

15. The Type of Man a Woman Is Attracted to Changes Throughout Her Cycle

The type of features of a man that women find attractive is heavily influenced by her menstrual cycle and hormone fluctuations. Women tend to be more attracted to rugged and muscular men during ovulation. At other points in the month, women might find gentle and soft men more attractive.

16. Birth Control Can Affect Attraction

This works hand in hand with the previous fact. Birth control pills work in the same way that the menstrual cycle does and affects hormone levels in a woman’s body. This, in turn, changes the type of features a woman is attracted to. 

17. Women Like Men With Confidence

Women are attracted to men who display a sense of confidence in their looks, abilities, and careers. Confidence can indicate that a man is mentally strong, has a sense of self-worth, and is more capable of leadership roles.


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18. Altruistic Men Are More Attractive

Altruism refers to a person’s ability to promote the welfare of someone else and have a concern for their well-being and happiness. Women may find altruism attractive in men because it signifies a romantic and loving partner.

19. Women Like Men With Similar Levels of Education and Intelligence

Men with similar intelligence and education levels can make a woman feel like they’re equals, both in a financial stance and in the capacity to communicate with each other.

20. Women Can Find Dark Triad Traits Attractive

The dark triad traits refer to narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. This might sound a little scary, but research has found that women see men with these traits as having higher sex appeal.

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21. Women Like Men With Leadership Qualities

Women tend to be more attracted to men with leadership characteristics. These traits include qualities like confidence, good communication skills, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness.

22. A High Level of Emotional Intelligence Is Attractive to Women

Women are attracted to a man with high levels of emotional intelligence. This is someone’s ability to understand and express human emotions and positively manage their feelings.

23. Women Like Men With Heroic Traits

Not every woman is waiting for Superman to sweep her off her feet, but some tend to gravitate toward men with heroic traits. These include courage, chivalry, moral integrity, and a sense of self-sacrifice.

24. Women Are Attracted to Men Who Are Good at Sports

This has a lot to do with the halo effect — a cognitive bias that makes us deem physically attractive people as more competent in other areas of life. Seeing a man who is good at a sport makes him appear more determined, motivated, and hard-working, which women love.


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25. Women Like Risk-Takers and Adventurous Men

Risk-takers aren’t necessarily those men who are prepared to go skydiving or mountain climbing. It can also refer to men who aren’t afraid to take risks in emotional and social settings. But not all risks are equal — women aren’t attracted to cheating men or ones who take health-related or ethical risks.

26. Ambitious Men Are Attractive to Women

Women are attracted to a man with ambition, making him seem more interesting, passionate, and better able to provide for them. Not only that, but women also like a man who supports and takes an interest in their ambitions and goals.

27. Women Are Attracted to Men With Empathy

Empathy is similar to emotional intelligence, except this focuses more on understanding someone else’s emotions from their point of view. Not only do women want you to empathize with their feelings, but seeing you express empathy towards others is a very attractive quality.

28. Women Like a Good Listener

A significant component of female attraction comes from an emotional connection, and to achieve that, you need to be a good listener. Women form bonds when you’re able to listen to and engage with their thoughts and ideas.

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29. Women Are Attracted to Financial Stability and Security

No, she’s not a gold digger. Women are attracted to financial stability in a man because it’s a sign that he can provide for her and any potential future family.

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30. Women Like Creativity and a Good Imagination

Whether it’s artistic skills like painting, drawing, writing, or being a musician, women love a man with a lot of creativity and a good imagination. It adds a certain level of intrigue and makes him more interesting.

31. Women Like Men With Strong Family Values

Women are attracted to men who can connect with and respect their family members, whether it’s their parents or siblings. Why? Well, how a man treats his family will often reflect how he will treat you, and of course, any woman wants someone who will treat her well.

32. Women Can’t Resist Good Cooks

You don’t have to be a five-star chef for women to find you attractive, but a man who knows his way around the kitchen is a major turn-on for women. It shows that you can care for her and, let’s be honest, that she doesn’t have to do all the cooking herself.


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33. Women Admire a Strong Work Ethic

Having a strong work ethic tells women a few vital things. It shows a man is dependable, has a passion and drive for his work and activities, he is goal-oriented, committed, and loyal. These are all appealing qualities that women appreciate in a man.

34. Women Like Communication and Conflict Resolution

Good communication is vital to understanding underlying issues in a relationship and resolving conflict. Women love a man who can communicate his thoughts and feelings in any given situation.

35. Women Are Attracted to Men With Strong Personal Values and Ethics

It’s often attractive for a woman when a man shows that he has strong beliefs and morals. This is especially true when he sticks to his values despite what society may throw at him. A good moral compass also indicates that he is a kind and good person.

36. First Impressions Are Important For Attraction

A good first impression is essential if you want a woman to remember you. If you look put together, act polite or funny, or do something impressive when first meeting someone, she is much more likely to be attracted to you.


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37. Women Like Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

It’s been found that some women are more likely to be attracted to a man if they show cultural awareness. So, when men are aware of differences between cultural and social groups, they both respect and attempt to understand them. It shows a lot of kindness and respect, which women appreciate.

38. Women Like Emotional Stability and Maturity

Nothing is a bigger turn-off than a man who can’t control his temper or acts like a child. It’s much more attractive when he can take a breath, think through his emotions, and act maturely in difficult circumstances.

39. Women Like Men Who Take an Interest In What She Likes

It’s not great to be around someone who only wants to do what they want to do, is it? Women adore men who try to participate in their interests and hobbies. This could mean reading her favorite book, listening to her favorite singer, or watching one of her shows.

40. Women Are Attracted to Bearded Men

A well-groomed beard is attractive to many women — it makes a man seem more masculine, mysterious, and sexually mature.


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41. Women Like Men Who Can Articulate Their Ideas

This falls in the same vein as effective communication, but women are more attracted to men who can express their thoughts and ideas clearly. This leadership quality makes a man appear more confident and self-assured.

42. Women Are Attracted to Social Intelligence

It’s no secret that women are attracted to men with good social skills. Social intelligence gives them the ability to initiate and continue conversations. It also makes it easier to talk to them and shows he has good charisma — something women find incredibly charming.

43. Women Are More Attracted to Men When Other Women Smile At Them

Research has found that women are more likely to find a man more attractive if another woman is smiling at him. Something about another woman viewing a man in high regard makes him appear more appealing. This shows that women are influenced by one another’s opinions of what is deemed attractive to a certain extent.

44. Women Are More Attracted to Intelligent Men

Intelligent men have an aura about them that drives women crazy. They are critical thinkers and problem-solvers who are able to hold an engaging conversation while actively learning more at the same time. Plus, smart men are usually very relaxed and confident in most situations.


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45. Women Like Independent and Self-Sufficient Men

Let’s face it — women aren’t usually attracted to someone living with their parents at forty years old. A self-sufficient man makes his own money, works for what he has, pays his bills, and is overall much more attractive to a woman. Independent men show women that they are capable and can care for themselves.

46. Women Want Commitment and Loyalty

For many women, loyalty is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, so it makes sense that they are attracted to men who show a sense of commitment. A loyal man is dependable and able to commit and invest in the relationship entirely. Faithful men also show a woman they appreciate her worth, making her feel wanted and cared for.

47. Women Are Attracted to Responsible Men

Women find responsibility attractive, whether it’s taking control over a situation or taking accountability for something he has done. It shows a great deal of initiative, which is appealing and necessary for a healthy relationship.

48. Women Like Men Who Initiate Conversation

It may sound old-school, but most women find a man who makes the first move very attractive. This shows his genuine interest in her and makes him appear more confident.


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49. Women Are More Attracted to Men Who Are Similar to Their Fathers

Freud said it first, folks. While this may seem strange, it’s said to be because men who resemble a woman’s father (in physical traits, personality, or even smell) tend to provide her with familiarity and comfort.

50. Women Like Men Who Pay Attention to Small Details

Women love men who pay attention to the little things — like noticing her new nail color or the way she did her makeup that day.

51. Women Are Attracted to Men Who Are Good With Children

Even at a subconscious level, most women want a man who has good parental potential. Men who are good with children set off that maternal instinct in women, recognizing a man as responsible, a good provider, and a family protector.

52. They Are More Likely to Blush If They Like You

A prominent aspect of female attraction is the use of body language. Often, blushing means someone is shy or embarrassed, but sometimes, it shows a woman is attracted to the man she’s speaking to.

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53. Women Fall Head Over Heels For Chivalry

What woman doesn’t love it when a man is courteous and helpful? This doesn’t mean you need to be perfect and do every little thing for her, but simple acts like holding the door open or letting her use your jacket go a long way. Chivalry is not dead!

54. Women Like Men Who Make Them Feel Confident

As confident as a woman may be, there are some instances where the voice of insecurity makes itself known. A man who can hype her up, make her feel confident, and forget those insecurities is a keeper.

55. Women Often Fidget With Their Clothes If They Are Attracted to You 

Women tend to be more hyperaware of what they look like when they are around someone they like. This awareness results in them shifting and smoothing their clothes around to try and “fix” it, even if there isn’t anything wrong, so that they look and feel their best.

56. A Woman Will Touch Her Lips When She’s Attracted to Someone

You may already know that looking at someone else’s lips can be a subtle flirting technique to let them know you want to kiss them. So sometimes, when a woman likes a man, she will start touching her lips while talking to try and draw their attention.


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57. Women Tend to Mimic Your Behaviors if They Like You

You know what they say — imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that works the same for female attraction. Mimicking or mirroring someone else’s behaviors or speech patterns is a good sign that a woman is attracted to them.


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