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23 Psychological Facts About Soulmates You Might Not Know

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A soulmate relationship is a deep connection between two souls, and they fit perfectly into each other’s lives like a jigsaw puzzle. Soulmates are essential in your life journey, so it’s natural to be curious about this spiritual connection. 

There is a common misconception when thinking about soulmate relationships, as many associate it with a romantic one. However, there are different types of soulmate relationships; it’s not just about romance, feeling butterflies, or physical intimacy. These psychological facts about soulmates help to provide a guide.

These relationships can be at a spiritual level with a friend, sibling, parent, or other loved ones. So whether you’re in a little love bubble or just curious about human behavior, you’ll likely be intrigued by the psychology facts about soulmates in this article.

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23 Psychological Facts About Soulmates

Here are 23 interesting things soulmate facts.

1. Soulmates Are Best Friends Too

It is believed that the bond between soulmates is often stronger and longer-lasting when friendship forms the foundation of the relationship. However, romance can still exist, especially in a romantic soulmate relationship.

After all, you can fall in love with your best friend.

2. Soulmate Friendships Are More Common Than Romantic Relationships

Soulmates are those who come from the same soul family. They are supportive and show you pure and unconditional love, but this should not be confused with romantic life partners.

A soulmate can be your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and others who enter your life and help you evolve.

3. You Can Get Addicted to Your Soulmate

It’s easy for soulmates to become obsessed with each other, resulting from the love, connection, and chemical reactions that come with it. When you fall in love, your body releases high levels of dopamine. This feels like a high and promotes a strong desire of wanting, similar to an addiction.

So, if you’re wondering if someone is your soulmate, ask yourself how you feel when they’re around.


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4. A Soulmate Makes You Feel More Positive

Soulmates bring an undeniable joyful shift in your life from the moment you meet. They inspire, motivate, and help you grow.

With the support of a soulmate, your views will be more positive. There will be many happy moments when you’re smiling from ear to ear, but it’s not only about those cheerful times. Your soulmate will also be by your side, supporting you through more challenging periods.

5. A Soulmate Makes You Feel Confident

Soulmates are incredibly comfortable with each other, and the relationship flows naturally. You’ll feel relaxed and confident in being yourself in their presence. 

Additionally, soulmates help you become more optimistic. They give you a confidence boost to make decisions and tackle problems that may arise in your life.

6. Soulmates Feel Secure

When you find your soulmate and feel secure in the relationship, you’ll likely experience a sense of calm and intensified feelings of contentment and security. When you feel safe and protected by your soulmate, the release of hormones like oxytocin enhances prosocial behaviors and warm, fuzzy feelings.

Additionally, cortisol levels tend to decrease, which has been found to ease anxiety and stress.

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7. Soulmates Have an Instant Connection

Soulmates are aware of each other’s existence in the subconscious mind. So when you meet, you’ll immediately recognize your soulmate’s energy. You’ll just hit it off and feel like you’ve found the Yin to your Yang.

8. Soulmates Have Differences

While soulmates complement each other, this does not mean they are without differences. There is a misconception that soulmates are mirrors of each other. However, this is only related to specific soul connections like twin flames.

In the beginning, soulmates tend to seem highly similar. As time passes, you’ll learn more about your soulmate, and the differences will become more apparent. For instance, you might have dissimilar personality traits due to your life path.

Soulmates value and respect each other’s differences, which tends to play a part in complementing one another and deferring to your individual strengths.


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9. Soulmate Relationships Are Not Only About Physical Intimacy

Physical attraction is a significant aspect of a regular relationship or when you have a crush on someone. However, emotional love and lust are not the same. So, when soulmates meet, they are attracted to each other by their soul connection.

10. They Experience a Sense of Deja Vu

When soulmates meet, they’re likely to feel like they’ve known each other. It’s a peculiar feeling that you know the individual. It is believed that this familiarity may be due to past life or past-relationship memories.

11. Soulmates Tend To Meet When Their Stars Align

You might spend years searching for your soulmate, but no matter how much energy and effort is put in, it will happen when the time is ripe. It’s not a coincidence when soulmates meet; it’s divine timing.

Your soulmate will appear in your life when it’s meant to happen, and the stars align. So if you recognize your soulmate and wonder if it was orchestrated, it was by strong forces in the universe.

12. Soulmates Often Meet During Times of Distress

A soulmate relationship is not all rainbows and sunshine. In fact, soulmates often meet during distressing times. You might meet your soulmate in your darkest moments. And when you feel alone, your soulmate appears, and your life changes for the better.

13. Soulmates Show Their Vulnerabilities

As soulmates have a high level of trust and comfortability, it helps to conquer inhibition. You’ll naturally let your guard down when you’re with your soulmate, thus strengthening the relationship.


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14. You Can Lose Your Ability To Judge in a Soulmate Relationship

Many people feel blinded by love, which results from chemical reactions—similar to feeling addicted to your soulmate. The intense emotional connection might cloud your judgment and make it difficult to think objectively or notice flaws.

15. 73% of Americans Believe in Soulmates

A research study shows 73% of Americans believe in soulmate relationships. Additionally, it was found that more men (73%) believe in soulmates than women (70%).

16. People Over 45 Are Less Likely to Believe in Soulmates

According to a Marist poll, it was found that around 79% of people younger than 45 years believe in soulmates. On the other hand, only 69% of individuals over 45 years believe in soulmate relationships.


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17. Soulmates Have Similar Life Goals

While soulmates aren’t identical, they may share similar plans and goals for the future. This makes big decisions like whether to start a family easier. There will be disputes; however, discussions are often handled with love and affection.

18. Soulmates Have Heightened Intuition

Soulmates tend to think alike and are more tuned into each other’s minds. It’s as if they communicate through telepathy due to the heightened sense of intuition.

For instance, without a word being said, your soulmate can sense a change in your mood and act appropriately.

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19. Soulmates Accept Each Other For Who They Are

Your soulmate will accept you for who you are, flaws and all. In their eyes, you’re perfect just the way you are. This makes you feel comfortable being authentic and helps you grow to be the best version of yourself.

20. They Help Each Other Grow

Soulmates enter each other’s lives to bring out the best in their other half. A soulmate will motivate, support, and help you reach a higher state of consciousness. Soulmates encourage one another to overcome limiting beliefs, achieve goals, and grow together.

It’s important to note that personal growth before meeting your soulmate is essential too. As this is a spiritual connection, your subconscious mind will go through self-improvement and spiritual evolution. 

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21. A Strong Belief in Soulmates Can Have Negative Consequences

Finding your soulmate is a magical, life-changing experience. However, there are cases where a strong belief in soulmates can lead to negative outcomes.

For example, the “Soulmate trap” occurs when a person only views relationships from a soulmate perspective and is fixated on finding the one that is perfect for them. This could lead to no effort being put into the relationship due to the belief that everything will work out and be perfect. These expectations can ultimately result in disappointment.

Additionally, the thought of “it’s destined to be” could make people go from the dreamy honeymoon phase to arguments and horrific behaviors, thus taking their partner (or each other) for granted.

22. Soulmates Can’t Keep Secrets From Each Other

When you’re with your soulmate, a sense of security makes you feel comfortable sharing anything. Honesty is incredibly important for a strong foundation in your relationship. And if you’re with your soulmate, transparency comes easily.

Did you know it’s hard to lie to someone you’re crushing on too? Have a look at this article for more fascinating facts about crushes.

23. Soulmates Fit Into Each Other’s Lives Like a Glove

With destinies intertwined, soulmates fit into each other’s life perfectly. This does not mean that everything will be perfect, but it’ll feel like home when you meet. You’ll go through ups and downs, grow together, and have the most wonderful experiences.

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How many of these true facts about soulmates did you know?

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