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14 Things Kids Might Not Want to Inherit When Their Parents Pass

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Any parent hopes to pass on love, wisdom, financial abundance, and maybe a few precious family heirlooms. When you pass away, you leave behind not just a legacy or stuff for your children but also a set of responsibilities.

However, despite our best intentions, there are certain things that a parent’s children might prefer not to inherit when they pass. This is a crucial aspect of planning for the future that we often overlook.

Let’s delve into what kids don’t want to inherit from their parents. Many of them are based on preferences. Thus, simply talking to your kids about their interests and concerns can prevent passing on stuff they don’t want.

1. Debt

Student loan debt concept. Woman with heavy box debt carrying it up
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As much as your children may love you, no one dreams of inheriting your debts, big or small. Inheriting financial burdens can hinder your children’s financial stability and limit their opportunities.

Thankfully, debt isn’t typically something our children inherit since a parent’s estate will be responsible for covering any outstanding money owed. However, there are special circumstances that will reduce the amount of inheritance.

2. Old Books

A stack of Harry Potter Books
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A favorite childhood book may be on the list of books you want to inherit for your children. However, unless they ask for them or are college professors, they probably don’t really want your encyclopedia collection. Besides, people are now more inclined to read e-books online, which is a great way to reduce clutter.

It might be worth asking your kids if they’re interested in your books while you’re alive.

3. Silverware

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Gone are the days when people took time to shine silverware until they saw their reflections on it; your children may not be very keen on your collection of antique silver cutlery.

4. Legal Issues

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Legal matters can be frustrating as they can drag on for years. Passing on legal liabilities or unresolved legal issues can create stress and financial burdens for your children. It’s prudent to settle all legal matters when you still have the energy and ability to do it.

5. Figurines

Vintage Ceramic Figurines of People, Outdoors
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The porcelain figurines from your honeymoon trip to Thailand may hold sentimental value for you, but your millennial and Gen-X kids probably won’t have much feelings for them. It’d be better to donate them to organizations that would value them.

6. Family Heirlooms with Negative History

Old photos and albums'
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Items with a negative history or association, such as old family photos of distant relatives with strained relationships or objects tied to difficult memories, may not be something your kids want to inherit. They likely want to keep the good memories and discard the rest when you are gone.

7. Outdated Clothing

Girls in Outdated vintage Clothes
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Your Gen Xer or Millennial may not be interested in your grandma’s vintage wedding dresses. Old-school tuxedos or vintage clothing may not be helpful to younger individuals with different fashion preferences or lifestyles.

8. Vintage Furniture

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Certain ancient artifacts are quite valuable, but others might not align with contemporary tastes or functional requirements. For example, kids with modern or minimalist tastes may not be suited to large, flamboyant furnishings.

9. Unresolved Family Conflicts

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The children may not know what happened between Auntie Patricia and their mother, and leaving them in a relationship desert is not good. Passing on unresolved issues can strain relationships and negatively impact children’s emotional well-being. Forgiveness and explanations will go a long way to helping the family move on when you aren’t there anymore.

10. Grandma’s Embroidery

Bulgarian Traditional Female Dress Flowers Pattern
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Handmade items might be quite nostalgic, but younger people might not value them as much or want to keep them on display in their homes. DIY lovers may find them intriguing and helpful, though.

11. Antiquated Technology

Old unusable vhs cassette
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The VHS may have been the height of entertainment in your heyday, but younger generations that grew up with more sophisticated technology may not see the worth of old computers, VHS cassettes, cassette players, or other antiquated equipment. It’s best to recycle anything that isn’t of value.

12. Toxic Relationships

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Children will automatically enter some relationships courtesy of their parents, but it’s the parents’ prerogative to ensure that the interactions aren’t toxic. Inheriting toxic relationship dynamics or patterns can influence how your children interact with others in their relationships.

13. Old or Outdated Décor

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Your children might not like old or outdated home décor pieces like gaudy wallpaper, heavy curtains, or elaborate furniture that doesn’t match the current style. This is especially true if they have diverse tastes or live in smaller quarters where these pieces are unworkable.

14. Obsolete Kitchen Appliances

Vintage mixer in an old kitchen, italian accessories
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Old or rarely used kitchen gadgets and vintage appliances, like bread makers or specialty cooking tools, may not align with your children’s cooking habits or kitchen setups, especially if they prefer more modern, multifunctional devices. The retro refrigerators that used to last for eternity may not be a bad idea, though, if they don’t care that it isn’t stainless steel.

In the end, inheritance has more meaning than tangible goods. Therefore, it is important to be transparent with your kids about your intentions and what is important to you (and them).

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