Interesting Psychology Facts About Human Behavior

As we change our world, our behaviors change with it, making psychology an ever-evolving game of research, statistics, best guesses, and bizarre behaviors to dissect.  

Here are 99 random psychology facts about human behavior to contemplate and discuss at your next dinner party. Some may cause some controversy, and others will undoubtedly draw nods of agreement.

A fascinating study from the 80s revealed something about how people have shared notions when it comes to imagination. Several people were asked to draw an ordinary object, like a coffee cup.


Almost all of them attracted the cup from a particular angle and perspective – slightly above, looking down upon it.

This became known as the “canonical perspective.” Most of us seem to see everyday objects in our imagination in the same way.

Another study suggests that chocolate is more addictive than some drugs. Shopping also has a similar effect on the brain.


Can’t stay away from checking your Insta, Twitter, or Facebook? That’s a psychological and very real scientific phenomenon. Your brain produces the hormone dopamine when you do this.


This has a very pleasing emotional result, so you keep doing it searching for that pleasure.

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