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27 Psychological Facts About a Cheating Woman (2023)

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Do you feel like your female lover’s been cold, distant, or different lately? You wouldn’t be faulted for believing this behavior might be that of a cheating woman and for thinking, what are the psychological facts about a cheating woman?

Of course, there could be many reasons she’s acting this way. She could be facing pressure at work or dealing with a family matter. But what if there’s more to it than meets the eye?

For some reason, maybe you just can’t shake the sneaking suspicion that she’s having an affair. If she’s returning from work later than usual or sneaking off to answer calls, then she must be cheating, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

There’s actually a lot more to it. There’s tons of research on the psychological facts about cheating, but we’ll focus on the realities of women cheating.

Before we go on, grab a cup of coffee and let’s face the facts.

27 Psychological Facts About a Cheating Woman

Despite what you may think, there are many reasons a woman may decide to cheat. Let’s take a look at some of these unpleasant facts.

1. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Unfazed-woman-distraught-man psychological facts about cheating woman

Image by Vera Arsic on Pexels

A popular saying in the world of finance and investing is that “past performance is not an indicator of future results.” While that may apply to the world of investing, it doesn’t appear to ring true when it comes to relationships.

If she has a pattern of cheating in her previous relationships, then she may be more likely to cheat on you, too.

2. She’s Feeling Really Unappreciated

“I’m feeling really unappreciated/You’re takin’ my love for granted, babe.”

If you find your female lover singing along to these lyrics of Cherish’s Unappreciated song, you may be in trouble.

Women who feel unappreciated may feel they are justified in cheating. To possibly avoid this, try to show her you value and love her.

But hey, don’t get too worried — she may just be digging the song and it’s not an expression of her innermost thoughts.

3. Hurt People Hurt People

Your sweet darling may not be cheating on you because she no longer loves you. It may be because she has low self-esteem.

It’s been reported that just like men, women with low self-esteem are also likely to cheat on their partners. They usually cheat to try to build their self-worth.

This typically has to do with how the offending partner feels about themselves (and whether they deserve you as a partner) and is less likely to do with you.

4. The Thrill of Something New


Image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

She may feel bored and seek excitement. Sometimes the thrill and prospect of something new seem far more appealing than working on her current relationship. 

Once the honeymoon phase wears off, she may start looking for excitement elsewhere.

5. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and your lady may be thinking of doing just that — to you.

You may have cheated on her and thought she wouldn’t find out, or you came clean, and she “forgave” you but couldn’t really let it go. Either way, she may be hellbent on avenging herself and getting her licks in.

6. Or Maybe Things Just “Aren’t Hot Enough”

Despite loving their partners, some women cheat because they feel a lack of passion in their relationship.

She might feel that the passion has died down for some reason, or you just aren’t making time for one another due to work, parenting, and more. In this situation, she may believe you don’t desire her like you used to, and so she seeks hot, passionate love outside the relationship.

7. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree


Image by Elina Fairytale on Pexels

If her mother has cheated before, it may increase the likelihood of her cheating on you.

She may have been influenced by her mother’s infidelity to her father and thought it was acceptable. As a result, she may have internalized this behavior and acted it out.

8. She Communicates Less Often

If you notice that there’s a lack of communication, especially from her side, then that may be the canary in the coal mine.

It’s been reported that faithful women are more communicative with their partners than unfaithful ones. What may make it even more apparent is if she avoids communicating with you by responding to your texts late or avoiding your calls.

9. She’s a Rule Breaker

Some things are meant to be broken. But that doesn’t apply to wedding vows or the trust one has in a committed relationship.

If your partner is a rule breaker, she may enjoy the thrill of living “wild and free” — not caring about rules or social norms and preferring instant gratification.

Unfortunately, your soulmate’s penchant for rule-breaking may break your heart.

10. The Price of Success


Image by Tima Miroschnichenko on Pexels

Women who earn more than their partners are 1.5 times more likely to cheat on them than women who earn less.

In a situation like this, she may feel that she wants to be with someone on the same financial footing as her and decide to cheat with someone of that status.

But that’s not all there is to the story. The men in these relationships are more likely to cheat on their female partners who are out-earning them. Yikes.

11. She Uses Alcohol and Drugs to Escape

Alcohol and drugs are known to impair one’s judgment, and if she frequently uses these substances, she may be more likely to cheat on you.

The use of alcohol (or drugs) plus the desire to “get away” increases her likelihood of cheating on you, especially when she’s out with people doing the same.

12. Commitment Issues

She may struggle with being in a committed relationship (or being in a relationship for a long time).

In fact, your female lover may even have a fear of commitment, which may affect her ability or willingness to remain faithful to you.

13. A Sign of the Times


Image by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

The findings of a study suggest that, compared to 20 years ago, women today are 40% more likely to cheat on their partners.

14. Lack of (Emotional) Connection

If your female lover feels lonely, she may seek an emotional connection outside the relationship. An easy way to spot this is if you notice she doesn’t have any more heartfelt and intimate conversations with you.

15. Just One

Women are more likely than men to have an affair with one person with an emotional connection. Men are more likely to have a string of different partners and not necessarily develop an emotional bond with them.

16. Lack of Impulse Control


Image by elifskies on Pexels

It’s not uncommon for a woman in a relationship to find someone other than their partner attractive. It’s called having a pulse and being human.

However, there are some women who stop at simply checking them out. Those who do so and decide to cheat on their partner, as a result, may do so because they are unable to control the impulses that drive them to act in such a way.

17. “Monogamy Is Unnatural”

If your partner believes monogamy isn’t natural, then her behavior may reflect that.

Our thoughts influence our behavior, and cheating is no different. Whatever her reasons for thinking monogamy is not natural, she may not be faithful as a result.

18. She’s Unhappy

Unbeknownst to you, your woman may feel unhappy in the relationship.

It could be due to her feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled when being partnered with you. Consequently, situational factors like being stressed out at work and finding solace in an affair with a colleague may contribute to her cheating through unhappiness.

19. Addicted to Social Media


Image by Plann on Pexels

Apart from the risk of being subjected to cyberbullying on social media, being overly active on social media may indicate that she’s seeing someone else.

The rise of online dating apps has made cheating easier for people, including women. If she’s spending a lot of time on social media, she may be using it to meet new people and form romantic connections.

20. She Tries to Dominate You

Your female lover may desire to dominate you in bed and in the relationship.

This means she may want to be the alpha in the relationship if she tries to one-up you and has an insatiable desire to express her dominance. It’s her way or the highway.

When she doesn’t get her way, she puts the pedal to the metal and finds someone new who follows her rules.

21. Dishonesty Is Her Game

Sure, everyone lies. But a cheating woman lies more. She’s a good liar and talks a good game. She’s not just deceptive when it comes to infidelity — she lies about the little things, too. 

If you notice that she constantly lies (even about “dumb stuff”), it might be in your best interest to pay a little more attention to what she says.

22. She Has Narcissistic Tendencies


Image by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Narcissistic women are more likely to cheat on their partners than those who are empathic. Features of her narcissism include her not being empathetic to you, gaslighting you, and having a sense of entitlement. 

Note that these don’t include the entire list of criteria for narcissistic personality disorder (there are nine), and one needs to meet at least five to be classified as a narcissist by a licensed therapist.

23. Different (Social) Lives

It’s often said that “out of sight, out of mind,” and this may be true when it comes to relationships. 

If you spend more time apart than you do together, and are subsequently spending more time with other people, then this raises the chances of your female lover finding interest in someone else. This is especially the case with couples who have different friend groups.

Socializing with people outside your friendship group isn’t a problem, but when she is vulnerable and you aren’t there, she may seek comfort in someone else.

This makes it even more difficult for you to find out about her infidelity, because you don’t hang around the same circles.

stressed woman with laptop

24. She Avoids Confrontation

Now, many people are conflict-avoidant. In fact, chances are you know someone who likes to avoid confrontation. But does that mean they all cheat? No.

In the case of a cheating woman, she typically avoids direct confrontation and prefers more subtle forms of deception.

If you notice she is constantly talking about a male co-worker, for example, and you question her on it, she may immediately change the subject or give you vague answers.

25. Accusations Out of the Blue

In the same way that people who scam others are concerned about being scammed, so too is a cheating woman concerned about her partner’s infidelity.

If she accuses you of cheating for no reason and without evidence, it may be that she’s projecting. She knows what she’s doing to you is wrong, but fears you are doing it to her.

26. She Has Many Male Friends

Heterosexual men who cheat typically spend a lot of time with “friends” of the opposite sex. The same applies to female philanderers.

It’s not uncommon for friends of the opposite sex to find one another attractive, but if she spends more time with her male friends than she does with you, something is amiss. A major red flag is if she goes out with male friends but doesn’t invite you along.

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27. She Comes Home Late

According to marriage researcher Shirley Glass, 46% of women who cheat had an affair with someone they met at work.

Now, just because your female lover works late doesn’t mean she’s cheating on you. She could be dealing with deadlines and projects that are taking longer than expected.

However, one way you can spot if she’s not being faithful is if she gives you vague answers for why she’s working late. Plus, if her job doesn’t typically involve spending late nights in the office, that may be another red flag.

If you’d like to “shake the table,” so to speak, you can tell her you’re picking her up after work to see her reaction. If it’s anything but a pleasant surprise, confusion, or enthusiasm, then something may be going on.

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