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Fun Facts about Ancient Greece Empire

Did you know that Ancient Greek facts and Mythology shows  “Red heads” were thought to turn into the vampires when they died. Some Greeks wouldn’t eat beans because they thought they contain the souls of the dead. They also believed that Irish was true, that prevents someone from getting drunk. And the drink of choice in Ancient Greek was Beer, Honey meat and diluted wine, which was actually 1 part wine and 3 part water.

Threw an Apple and Start a Family

What did you do if you want to start a family in ancient Greece? You threw an apple of course. In ancient Greek, throwing an apple to a girl, to her or at her was a traditional proposal marriage. If she caught it, it meant she accept it.

Interesting Facts about Ancient Greek

  • The classical Greek culture we know today came to existence during 4th to 5th Centuries BC. And it is also known as the culture that provided a very strong foundation of western culture.
  • When the Ancient Greece’s boy turns 7 years, he went to school if he lived in Athens. Or he went to barracks if he lived in SPARTA.
  • The democracy of Ancient Greek was the world’s very first democracy and it lasted for 185 years.
  • In 3rd Century BC, it was proposed for the first time that earth and other planets orbits around the sun by Ancient Greek.
  • It is also a very well-known fact that between 40 to 80% of the classical Athens population was of slaves.
  • In the 4th and 5th Centuries BC, ancient Greek was at the peak position of its economy and had the most advance economy in the world.
  • They used to buy slaves with salt.

Fun Facts about Ancient Greece

  • The word “School” is derived from the ancient Greek word meaning “Free Time”.
  • In Ancient greek the world IDIOT was used for the person who was not a politician.
  • Throwing an apple at someone was a sign of expressing ones love to another.
  • unbelievable factsDinosaur is also the word that come from Ancient Greece and it means “Terrible Lizard”.
  • Ancient Romans and Greece had a very unique hobby to bath. They really love taking bath and they also frequented public baths.
  • Fun facts about ancient Greece tell us a very awful myth that they used to exercise Naked.
  • In Greek mythology the word Music is also derived from the Greek word MUSES. This means Goddesses of the Arts.

Slaves in Greece were the Police Force

Greek society did have a police force to catch prisoners, and drunk people. Ironically the police force was mostly made up of slaves and let me tell you that above the slaves there were prostitutes made up of women and young men.

Weird Fact about Ancient Greece

One of the very interesting facts about ancient Greece is that they never wasted their URINE. It sounds weird….. But the Greece knew then what we knew now, that Urine has no bacteria and its actually very clean. They used Urine for everything from Teeth whitener and for cleaning clothes and also for the treatment of wounds.

Ancient Greece Games

Very first game that took place in Greece was held in the year 776 BC, and one of the very first was 200 meters sprint. You probably may know that the athletes were naked while running. But you probably didn’t know is that the common regular man of ancient Greece also exercise in public naked. And in the Sparta even the women exercised in the nude.

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