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30 Interesting Facts about Bacteria you Might Not Know

You can find bacteria everywhere, it is what keeps us alive. Some interesting facts about bacteria tell us that, from the yogurt that you eat to the water you drink, these microbiological cells live everywhere. Even though they are also present in the digestive system of our body to help in digesting the food.

Like viruses they are also called microbes and as they are too small and can only be seen with a microscope. They are also called germs but that is totally wrong, only a few bacteria are harmful, while most of them are good for humans.

Strange bacteria facts show that they do have an aim in life that is doubling, doubling and doubling.

Even though 99% of these unicellular organisms are good for you 1% of them are still harmful to the human body and this bad bacterium is called “Pathogens” which can cause a lot of diseases.

Pathogens can cause:

  1. Pneumonia
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Cholera
  4. Plague
  5. Rickets
interesting facts about bacteria

30 Interesting Facts about Bacteria

  1. If you collected all the bacteria of your body, it would weigh 4 pounds.
  2. Bacteria can enter to your body through nose, mouth or from broken skin.
  3. Fever protects you from bacterial infections.
  4. There is a type of microbes called ACTINOMYCETES are responsible for the smell of rain.
  5. On average, mobile phones have more bacteria than handles of a toilet.
  6. bacteria factsYour sweat is odorless, but the bacteria present on your skin mingles with it and causes body odor.
  7. After cleaning your mouth, you still have more than 10,000 bacteria on each tooth.
  8. Weird bacteria facts show that the amount of bacteria present in your mouth is much greater than the amount of people living in this world.
  9. Your office desk contains 400 times more viruses than a toilet.
  10. The shelf-life of tap water is about 6 months, after which bacteria starts to grow.
  11. A very unique and specific breed of bacteria also lives in hair gel and hairspray.
  12. If you love money than you should also know that there are 300 different types of bacteria living on a dollar bill.
  13. Bacteria are also used in most of Antibiotics.
  14. Ants can pull up to 100 times their own body weight and are said to be the strongest creatures but there is a type of bacteria called “GONORRHEA BACTERIA” that can lift up to 100,000 times their own weight.
  15. It is observed that male employees cause more bacteria in offices than female employees.
  16. Bacteria produce half of the oxygen present in the atmosphere.
  17. Bacteria facts and studies shows that CHOCOLATE is antibacterial and it protects your teeth and fight against viruses that causes tooth decay.
  18. According to research in 2013, researchers of Newzealand found a type of bacteria that resists every antibiotic ever known.
  19. In every 20 minutes new bacteria grows on a Sponge of Kitchen.
  20. When babies are born, their body has 0 Bacteria.
  21. There are types of wrecking-bacteria that can eat the Titanic in 20 years.
  22. There is a type of chlorine bacteria that causes red eyes in swimming pool, its not the chlorine itself.

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