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18 Cutest Animals in the World That Make Us Say “Ahh”

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Humans have a tendency to gravitate towards cute animals, and it seems we can’t help it. Our swooning over most animals is nature’s way of ensuring we are compassionate and caring towards babies and, by extension, other animals, according to National Geographic.

It’s just part of our biological nature to love little ones, no matter what species- especially when they’re fuzzy and remind us of human babies.

From man’s best friend to Koalas to the beautiful Firefox, these little furry friends have a way of making us feel all fuzzy with their cuteness. No wonder videos of puppies and kittens are so popular.

Here are 18 of the cutest animals, and science approves.

1. Sea Otter

Sea Otter greeting
Photo Credit:

They may be some of the smallest marine mammals, but sea otters will steal your hearts with their backstroke skills.

We love it when an animal has a special ability, and a sea otter’s impressive act of balancing snacks on their tummies will have most humans tearing in delight. Plus, their pure joy for playful swimming can’t help but bring a smile to anyone’s face.

2. Kittens

Cute gray kittens
Photo Credit:

They may seem aloof or even outright sinister, but the little feline friends are plain cute. This is majorly due to their large eyes and cute-as-a-button little noses, which somehow make them look like human babies.

The tip of the cuteness iceberg is that cats behave like they know they’re cute.

3. Puppies

Labrador puppies in a basket
Photo Credit:

Humans and dogs have fallen in love with each other for centuries, and it’s a very symbiotic relationship. Both humans and dogs recognize each other’s emotions, and the canines are undoubtedly some of the cutest animals known to man.

4. Giant Panda

Lying cute young Giant Panda
Photo Credit:

With the small eyes and black eye patches that make their eyes seem bigger than they really are, giant pandas are just like little toddlers. Their toppling over and apparent silliness only add to the cuteness.

5. Meerkat

Meerkat looking
Photo Credit:

Meerkats aren’t cats, but they’re just as cute as the felines. Meerkats are social animals and may be smarter than most animals known for their smartness, such as dolphins, according to Tropical World.

Their little hug huddles are meant to keep out the cold, but this only makes them seem cuter.

6. Sugar Gliders

Cute little Sugar Glider on wooden table
Photo Credit:

These little real-life parachutes are gaining popularity as pets, and it’s majorly for their cuteness and small size. The Sandiego Zoo explains that the soft membranes between their wrists and feet make it possible for them to glide as far as the length of a football field.

Impressive and adorable, huh?

7. The Gecko

Tokay Gecko
Photo Credit:

If you can get past the fear of reptiles, you will enjoy the cuteness that is geckos. According to Wikipedia, there are about 1,500 species of geckos.

Geckos come with colorful skin, big eyes, and an adorable love for sunbathing. According to Geckopedia, they can change color to camouflage or just to show off.

8. Duck-billed Platypus

Platypus in water
Photo Credit:

With its half-hippo-half-duck looks, the platypus is one of the animals that is ugly in a cute way. The egg-laying mammal may be cute, but its cuteness has a hidden motive—it’s venomous.

Unfortunately, the platypus population is declining rapidly, according to National Geographic.

9. Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil
Photo Credit:

Don’t let the diabolic name fool you; the Tasmanian devil is considered one of the cutest animals in the jungle. Its cuteness may be due to its close resemblance to a puppy, but that’s where the similarity ends.

The little marsupial emits a foul smell to ward off predators, and its shriek can be a little intimidating.

10. Snowshoe Hare

Snowshoe Hare sitting in the snow in winter
Photo Credit:

Considered clever and witty, the hare is a hero in many folk tales and one of the cutest animals.  The snowshoe hare is particularly adorable due to its ability to change its fur color and adapt to its changing environment.

11. The Bee Hummingbird

The Bee Hummingbird Siting on the branch of tree
Photo Credit:

The bee hummingbird is the world’s smallest bird and is found in Cuba. Hummingbirds are impressive with the ability to fly backward, downwards, and even hover in one spot.

They’re arguably the most adorable birds in their gorgeous red, yellow, orange, or blue.

12. Tamarin Monkey

Emperor Tamarin Monkey
Photo Credit:

Small equals cute is most true when it comes to the tamarin monkey. Their reddish-gold coats and back-combed manes are a spectacle, and it’s no wonder most humans find them adorable. Plus, their facial hair makes them look like little old men, which makes them even cuter.

13. Gerenuk

The Gazelle Gerenuk in the savannah of Kenya
Photo Credit:

You would get a Gerenuk if you crossed a giraffe and an antelope, although that is scientifically impossible. Derived from the Somali word for “giraffe-necked,” Gerenuks are gazelles found in East Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Their longer-than-normal necks set them apart from most gazelles, and the big ears and eyes on a relatively small head only make them cuter. Other similarly “shaped” animal that people love include llama and alpacas.

14. Clownfish

Clown fish
Photo Credit:

Most humans find Nemo adorable, and it’s totally understandable. Their unmistakable white and orange make them easily identifiable. They’re some of the most popular fish to keep as pets and have a great personality, too!

Did you know that all clownfish are born male? However, they cannot become male again once they turn female.

15. Blue-footed Booby

Blue footed booby mating dance
Photo Credit:

A bird with baby-blue feet has to make the list of the cutest animals ever. According to All About Birds, boobies are quite tame and interact well with humans without fear.

16. Binturong

Portrait of binturong
Photo Credit:

Many animals have repulsive scents, but not the binturong—it smells like buttered popcorn. Binturongs purr like cats, and also groom themselves by licking just like cats do.

17. Axolotl

Underwater Axolotl portrait close up in an aquarium
Photo Credit:

Imagine a smiling salamander with colorful feathery gills and the ability never to grow old! Most salamanders undergo metamorphosis to become adults and live on land, but the axolotl stunts in its larva stage and grows to adulthood in that state.  

The axolotl can also regrow their broken limbs, which makes it a cute smiling creature that is also amazingly resourceful.

18. Quokka

animal quokka is smiling and greeting
Photo Credit:

These cute little fuzzies hop like bunnies, look like kangaroos, and sleep like bats! Most humans find them extremely cute since they can smile, too!

“What’s your favorite animal?”


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