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26 Amazing Facts about Panthers You Might Not Know (2022)

The panther has strength, speed, power, courage, attitude, and a cute name. The panther is one of the most powerful, active, and deadliest mammals from the Big Cats family. They are also known as the Black Leopard, Black Jaguar, and Black Panther. Here are 26 facts about panthers you might not know.

facts about panthers

26 Facts about Panthers

  1. Panthers belong to the family of cats, leopards, and lions.

2. Panthers are sometimes called jaguars and there are different types of panthers.

3. The two main types of panthers are white and black.

4. The other types of panthers are classified with respect to their colors: yellow panthers, tawny panthers, and spotted panthers.

5. In the wild panther can live only 12 years, but in captivity, they can live a longer life of 20 years.

6. Panthers can be of different sizes depending on their body weight. The maximum weight it can achieve is 160 kg, and normally their weight varies with their age from “36 Kg – 160 Kg”.

7. A healthy and young panther can sprint up to 114 Kilometers per hour.

8. They are one of the most strong and great climbers in the Big Cats Family.

9. The Black Panther is a stealth attacker and is also known as the ghost of the forest.

10. Panther facts show that White panthers are known to be one of the rarest animals breed in the world, there are only a few hundred white panthers in the world.

11. Panthers love swimming and they often swim to relax.

12. A panther can lift a hunted animal 50 times heavier than himself.

13. The Yellow Panther can have both black and yellow cubs.

14. The Florida panther is not a pure breed, although some researchers say that it’s not a panther.

15. It is believed that Lorenz Oken was the first person to describe this breed in 1816.

16. When panthers are babies their eyes are closed and covered with gray fur.

17. Panthers don’t leave their mother until they are one and half years old.

18. Panthers can easily hunt down their prey at night because of their black color.

19. They are solitary by breed and only meet during the mating season.

20. Panthers are carnivores.

21. Black panthers are beautiful but rare. They can be found in the jungles of the US, US, and Australia.

22. They can leap up to 25 feet.

23. Panthers can become pets, but only if they are raised with care from childhood.

24. Panthers are taught by their mothers how to hunt from 3 months of age

25. The largest panther is 10 feet long.

26. Panthers can roar like lions.

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