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10 WTF Fun Facts You Won’t Believe

We have got some amazing and weird wtf facts to blow your mind, you may not know that these facts are a major part of your life.

10 WTF Fun Facts

1. People of China Can Shake The World Out of Its Orbit

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China is the most populous country in the world with a population of 1.382 billion. If all the people in China stood and jump at once, then they could shake the world out of its orbit.

REASON: 1,382,323,332 people mean 60.382 billion KG if we consider a single person of weight 60 KG on average, so when all this weight at once dropped on the earth surface, it will move the earth slightly out of its orbit.

The movement of the earth will be very slight but it will happen for sure because the weight of the earth is 1014 times that of the weight of people of china and the movement of the earth will be around 1014 th of one meter.

 2. A New Born Kangaroo Is Small Enough To Fit in a Tea Spoon

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Have you ever imagined that an animal that big that has the ability to jump up to 30 feet is born the size of a bird?

The kangaroo is the one and the most interesting thing is the growth of kangaroo which is twice as fast as that of a human being.

3. Chewing Gum While Peeling Onion Will Stop You Crying

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An experiment was conducted on this statement that chewing gum can prevent you from crying while peeling onions, and guess what it proved true and the experiment concludes that chewing gum while peeling onion keep you from crying.

4. Half of The Bones in Human Body Are Present in Feet And Hands

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The human skeleton is made up of 206 bones and the skeleton is the most basic and most important part of our body. The most interesting wtf fact which makes the human skeleton weird is that more than 103 bones are present in feet and hands.

REASON: The whole human skeleton is standing on feet so feet need to be flexible and strong so are more complex. Hands are the only part of the body which allows you to perform all the work and any type of activity is very difficult without hands, so that is why your hands and feet consist of more than 50% bones of the human body.

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5. Giraffes Can Clean Their Ears with Their Tongue

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Giraffes are the tallest animals on this planet. Giraffes can grow up to 20 feet which is more than 5 meters. The most interesting thing is the Length of the Giraffes Tongue which is almost 20 inches long.

Yeah!! You heard it right, the length of the giraffe’s tongue is up to 20 inches long. This is what allows them to clean their own ears with their tongue.

REASON: From birth Giraffes are almost 6 feet long and their neck is the tallest part of their body, so it’s common sense that such a big neck will have a big tongue.

6. A Month That Begins on a Sunday Will Always Have A Friday On its 13th

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One of the interesting wtf facts proved that every month that begins with a Sunday will have a Friday on its 13th of that particular month. There are many other fun facts about Friday 13 but this is the most interesting one.

7. Gold Fish Can Eventually Turn White in the Darkness

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Goldfish are one of the most loved fish by all and are commonly kept in aquariums.

According to a study it was observed that goldfish can change their color when left in the dark. Goldfish will turn white for some time, so you can say that it’s a multi-color fish.

REASON: Pigments are produced by the cells present in the fish. These pigments reflect the light and turn goldfish much paler and white.

8. A Cat Sleeps 16 to 20 hours a day.

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Research on cats found that a cat only spends 4 hours of its day awake. A cat sleeps 20 hours a day, which shows that a cat only lives one-fourth of its whole life awaking.

Cat sleep also depends on their age; baby kittens sleep 24/7 while older cats sleep more than 18 hours.

9. Honey Is The Only Food That Doesn’t Rot.

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Sweet, yummy and awesome, these words usually came out of your tongue whenever you see honey. This is the only food that can be used by people of every age except children below one year. Honey never rots and it will never spoil.

REASON: Due to very low water activity or you can say that there is little free moisture that microbes use. Honey is the only substance that contains 70% of the sugar including (30% glucose and 40% fructose). This is the only factor that prevents honey to spoil.

10. More Than Thousand Birds a Year Die by Smashing into the Woods

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Birds can fly up to 29,000 feet and there are more than many types of birds in this world. The average population of birds on this planet is around 300 billion. According to a study it is observed that every year more than 1000 birds die smashing into the woods.

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