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22 Things Older Generations Got Right That Need to Make a Comeback

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Have you ever wished you could go back to a simpler time? The adage “old is gold” holds a particular significance for the baby boomer (and older) generation.

With age comes a steadfast companion in the form of wisdom, and there lies a wealth of knowledge waiting to be gleaned from the Baby Boomers and the older generations- who have traversed the entire spectrum of life’s experiences.

An online forum community discussed their most “I’m with the Boomers on this” opinions. Here are the top 22 things they got right, and we need to work on bringing them back.

1. No Touch Screens In Cars

Drive an old red car for two seniors man and woman
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Some cars today look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie with screens and voice command capabilities. While this makes for a “cool” experience, it’s also a major distraction. What happened to ordinary physical controls?

Touch screens require looking at the screen to make adjustments, which is dangerous when driving. Can we please bring back button controls?

2. Not Subscribing to Everything

man giving present to happy girlfriend
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These days, everything is a subscription-based payment model: music, movies, TV shows, operating special features on a car, grocery shopping, and so on and on. It’s a bit excessive.

3. Where are the Humans?

old woman on the phone with coffee happy
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We must have a lengthy conversation with whoever discovered bots, especially those representing customer service.

Talking to an automated bot is enough to make anyone’s blood boil, and dialing “0” for an operator just doesn’t seem to work these days. It is so frustrating when only a human touch can get the job done, which is almost always.

4. Digital vs Analogue

tired man at this computer exhausted
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There’s so much movement of everything from analog to digital; we’re surprised the Wildebeests in the Serengeti (an African national park) aren’t having an E-migration. Many people prefer physical media, such as books, DVDs, and CDs or records.

There is something about a hard copy that can’t be controlled by the cloud or a subscription service.

5. No Wi-Fi Powered Everything

Man and woman using Gadgets
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A long time ago, gadgets only needed to connect to a power socket, and we were good to go. Today, it seems we need to connect to the internet for anything to operate. People are frustrated with everyday appliances, like fridges, thermostats, and washers/dryers, that need a WiFi-connected app to change settings.

Even vacuum cleaners have joined this tech conversation.

6. Clothes That Lasted

Wife helping husband to get dressed up
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The Boomer fashion gurus knew how to make clothes that lasted generations. Nowadays, clothes evaporate faster than the surgical spirit on a counter. Fast fashion is not only frustrating for consumers, but it’s terrible for the Earth.

7. Life Away from Screens

Woman lying down in nature and sleeping grass reading a book
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There’s a strong, urgent need for today’s generations to share every little detail of their lives with the world. We even have people recording themselves crying, and you wonder, how many takes did that take? Sometimes, it’s better to live in the moment and stop trying to portray a certain lifestyle on social media.

We need to learn to enjoy life Boomer style (aka tech-free).

8. Respect

two girls riding the bus phone headphones
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Technology gave us gadgets that fit in our pockets, and we seem to have paid for them with our respect for others and decorum. For example, playing music or videos loudly without headphones is disruptive to those around a person- yet it’s a common sight these days.

Unfortunately, respect is generally becoming extinct.

9. Kids and Screens

cccccf 2023 10 25T220305.451
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The Boomers parented well, with lots of outdoor play and creativity (although kids snuck in plenty of Nintendo and MTV). Some parents today are co-parenting with screens, and it’s sad– especially for young kids who are under 2 years old and already glued to screens everywhere they go.

10. Less Texting, More Talking

old man on the phone
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Communication gets complicated and easy to misunderstand with all the texting happening. Emojis aren’t making the situation any better because who really understands them? Sometimes, picking up the phone is much easier (and clearer) than all the back and forth to ensure everyone is on the same page.

11. Good Social Skills

Friend Sharing Food in Restaurant
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The amount of time today’s generation spends buried in their screens has bred people with extremely poor social skills. What happened to smiles and small talk when out in public?

Most boomers recommend getting outside and interacting with the world, which is great for social skills, mental health, and more.

12. Plastic and More Plastic

Water Bottle made of glass
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How did we reach this point when almost all beverages are in plastic bottles? Many people aren’t impressed.

Some old-schoolers think drinks taste better from glass, and we can’t disagree- plus it’s better for the environment.

13. Learning by Experience

A sad boy sitting IN front of a house, Boy sitting at the Entrance stairs
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Kids today get a certificate of participation, even if they didn’t achieve much. This was not the way of the Boomers; we could borrow a leaf (or the whole tree) from them.

Many people agree that failure and disappointment are important parts of life that help us grow; young kids expecting anything different is setting them up for disaster and entitlement.

14. Cook Books

woman cooking with her pressure cooker
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Recipes are easier to flow now with the click of a button, right? Or are they?

Boomers, in particular, are sick of trying to find a recipe only to have to scroll through a five-page manifesto about the author’s life. This is why a good old cookbook is still a go-to for most cooking enthusiasts.

15. Enjoying the Moment

old couple tongues out selfie happy
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Before phones had cameras, people used to enjoy things with more presence. Recording every last moment makes it hard to be aware of what’s happening.

In particular, Boomers are perplexed by the younger generations that pay exorbitant amounts for concert tickets only to spend the whole time recording it with their cell phones.

16. Better Times, Generally

retired couple golfing
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There seems to be a general consensus that the Boomers had a better time growing up than most generations after them.

They could live their lives free of social media recording and infecting their every move. Plus, they spend hours outside (as kids and adults), enjoying the company of others and not fearing the state of the world.

17. An App for Everything

A thoughtful Senior woman wearing knit cardigan and top, Confused Old Woman Looking at the Phone, A clock Behind her
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Some daily tasks don’t need to be complicated with unnecessary tech. For example, certain tasks shouldn’t require downloading an app or online account, such as ordering food in a restaurant, paying for parking, buying something online, or sending a package.

18. Loud Music

Crazy brunette woman listening music
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While older generations tend to get a reputation for complaining about “loud” music, many agree that loud music is a problem.

Clothing stores, bars, coffee shops, etc… why do people have to yell at each other (and go hoarse) just to be heard?

19. Life Without Alexa

old man thinking
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Does Alexa or any other similar advice really need to listen to our conversations and track our every move? Is it worth the convenience of playing music and asking what the weather is? Many agree not—across generations.

20. Simpler Times

retired old man happy working in his garden nature
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When did everything get so complicated? Everything is designed to be flashy and catch our attention, from software to cars.

21. Tipping for Literally Everything

Tips - Money left for a employee,Coffee business concept
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Remember the days when we weren’t constantly badgered for tips? What great times. Why are there options for tips at self-serve places or for common convenience goods?

Most boomers agree; these are strange times when tips are expected everywhere you go.

22. Headphone Jacks

Smiling businesswoman with headset using laptop
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People have spoken, and they are so over Bluetooth headphones that are supposed to be the way of the future. Can we please get our headphones jacks back?


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