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14 Stupid Things We Waste Money On Daily

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There are countless opportunities to part with your hard-earned money; some are smarter choices than others, and some are just plain dumb and wasteful.

Whether it’s an impulse buy or something we’ve been conditioned to think we need, there are tons of products and activities out there to waste our cash on. Is it worth it? Your bank account and potentially growing debt say no way.

Regardless of why someone might add one more item to their cart or card, potentially contributing to their already cluttered home (and budget), certain things just aren’t worth the money.

1. Dietary Supplements

hands holding prescription medications
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There’s a frenzy to market dietary supplements, and individuals are consuming these capsules and pills at a concerning rate. Regrettably, most of these supplements lack regulation, leaving consumers uncertain about the dosage they’re ingesting or whether they actually benefit their health.

Most people would be better off spending that extra money on better-quality food or coaching on sustainable eating habits.

2. Detox Drinks

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The campaign to live healthily is wonderful, but some of the methods advertised to attain a toxin-free body are misguided. Companies are selling detox water that’s supposed to flush all the toxins from your body. This may be the “cleanest scam” in the health sector today.

The best detox is good old water- then let the liver do its job.

3. Top Fashion Items

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Some people chase labels and price tags when making purchases, even when they can’t afford it. Buying things that make us financially incapacitated is not wise and will drive you deeper into a financial mess.

People often share stories of friends or family they know who constantly complain about having no money, yet they’ll spend money on designer handbags or on non-essentials, leaving them scratching their heads.

4. TV Subscriptions

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Some TVs come with cable subscriptions now, and not everyone is happy. Do you really need access to 200 channels? What one or two smaller services could replace it? Cable TV costs are like throwing money down the toilet these days with all the options on the market.

5. Huge Weddings

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Weddings are now more showbiz than plain nuptials, and many people are falling into the trap of grand weddings that cost more than most people can pay comfortably. Many agree that money could be much better spent on the couple’s future.

6. Feng Shui

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Decorating your personal space is encouraged, and Feng Shui is one of the common house decoration “techniques.” It makes your space look good but should also align your energies and improve your moods. Is it necessary, though?

Some people wonder if constantly changing pain colors or buying little Chinese zodiac statues seems necessary when there are more important things to spend money on, like utilities, for example.

7. Acrylic Toe Nails

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Some consider a Pedicure essential, but why do we need fake nails on our toes? The feet may be hidden mainly in shoes half the day anyway.

8. Expensive Wines

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Getting a good wine is excellent, but it doesn’t have to cost the same as a house or apartment- or even a month’s rent. Perhaps the cheapest bottom-shelf wine isn’t worth buying- but most people on a budget agree that spending more than $10 to $20 on a bottle of wine is pointless.

Some people do love their wines, rich and exquisite. If they can afford it, more power to them. But it shouldn’t bring a wine enthusiast to the brink of bankruptcy.

9. Pyramid Schemes

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These and multi-level marketing are some of the worst financial mistakes people make, and much money gets wasted in these “investments.” Yes, the people at the top are making decent money (and are the ones that are shown as examples of success. However, all the people under them are losing money or making a laughable amount. Such a scam.

10. The Newest Phone Model

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Phone companies ‘upgrade’ models and sell them at a premium when they only changed a few things on the older models, and people still clamor for it. People are lining up for the latest phone that is practically the same phone; they are basically throwing hard-earned money away.

11. Enlargement Pills

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Many quacks prey on men, promising to provide pills to make their “members” a few inches longer. It’s unfortunate that some people believe them and get scammed. People point out that if these promises were real, the product would likely cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

12. Lottery Tickets

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Gambling became sanitized and renamed the lottery, and an unbelievably high number of people are falling prey to it. Some people call it a “poor tax”- others simply see it for what it is: a total waste of money.

13. Modifications To Make Cars and Motorcycles Noisier

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Everyone has their idiosyncracies and preferences regarding their vehicles. However, making expensive modifications that reduce the machine’s efficiency and possibly increase environmental pollution is not the smartest move.

Plus, they wake up every sleeping baby in a 1-mile radius.

14. Name Brand Items

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Whether at a clothing store or grocery store, name brands aren’t all they’re chalked up to be. They often have a higher marketing budget, not a better product.

When grocery shopping, you might be surprised to see that the cheaper store-brand options on your list are exactly the same as the popular brands—but for far less. Don’t get duped by marketing schemes and pretty packaging.


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