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The Statue of Liberty Facts and History

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Lady Liberty is a symbol for freedom and there are many interesting Statue of Liberty facts which is one of the most recognized figures in the United States.

Statue of Liberty History

Statue of Liberty facts

Located in New York, Statue of liberty history indicates that it is the picture of Roman Goddess of Freedom dedicated in a large ceremony on October 28, 1886. The Statue’s official name is “Liberty Enlightening The World”, originally a gift from the citizens of France. She was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, it was the idea of showing the freedom and democracy. However only her right hand and torch were finished by1876 and both were displayed at the American centennial exhibition.

On 1878 in France, The head of this Statue was displayed at World’s Fair.

About The Statue of Liberty

Here They Found Life Because Here There Was Freedom To Live

From the base to the top of its torch, the total length of the Statue is 151 feet, that height is doubled by the pedestal on which she stands. Built on an iron support structure!!! The statue of Liberty skin is made of copper.

The Statue’s armature was designed by the same man who designed the Eiffel Tower. By the efforts of both French and Americans, the Statue was to be built in France and shipped by boat to America.

In the very beginning the color of Statue of Liberty was Reddish Brown, but after 30 years it slowly turned into the Greenish Color, and let me tell you one of the most interesting Statue of Liberty Facts that this beautiful Statue weighs 200000 Kg, which is more than 50 adult Elephants.

Statue of Liberty Facts: The Soul of America

  • This statue was designed to build in Ancient Egypt.
  • Every year almost 4.2 million people visit this amazing Statue.
  • The universal concept of Liberty is based on the 7 Spikes present on the Crown of this statue, now you must be thinking why the crown has 7 spikes? Let me tell you that the 7 spikes represent the 7 Continents and 7 Oceans of the world.
  • Roman Goddess Libertas was the real inspiration for the architectures to design this statue.
  • On the Tablet of Lady Liberty the following words are inscribed:


Now you must be thinking what does it means, it is actually the Roman Numerical Date of the American Independence day, July 4, 1776.

  • The size of the Lady Liberty Shoe is 879.

statue of liberty facts

  • General William Tecumseh Sherman was the person to select the location for the Statue of Liberty.

The words that truly describe statue of liberty are:

Give me!!! Your Poor, Your Tired, Your Hungry Yearning for The Liberty and That’s the only reason why we are here.  

  • Lady Liberty’s Lobby Museum is the place where you can find the original torch of the Statue, because it was replaced in 1984 with copper torch covered in Gold Leaf.
  • It is estimated that every year this statue is struck by 600 bolts of lightning.
  • 500,000 dollars was estimated cost to build the Statue of Liberty.
  • Over 300 different types of instruments, hammers and construction materials were used to build the structure.
  • The most weird thing always happens with the visitors is that they can’t see the feet of Lady Liberty, the reason to this is the placement and height of the pedestal.
  • Another interesting fact about Statue of Liberty tells that, the underwater portion beneath it is actually the Part of New Jersey; it’s not actually the New York.
  • You would need about 2 Million US dollars, if you want to build Statue of Liberty Today.

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