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Rainbow Facts for Kids: Mystery of Seven Colors

Written by Thomas

Here is a collection of most interesting rainbow facts for kids showing, how does a rainbow is formed and why does we see seven colors of the rainbow?

How Rainbow Is Formed?

rainbow facts

We can’t see rainbow every day, you only see it when it rains, why is that and how rainbow is formed?

Let me tell you rainbow is formed by the ordinary white light, like sunlight is made up of many different colors, but we can’t see all the different colors as sunlight appear colorless but if we pass the white light through a prism or a piece of glass, the white light splits into band of colors and this band of colors is called a spectrum and it contains all the colors of rainbow.

When it rains, the rain drops act like prisms of glass and when sunlight passes through the raindrops, it breaks up into spectrum and we see all the seven different colors of the rainbow.

Seven Different Colors of the Rainbow

The colors of the rainbow are:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Indigo
  7. Violet

Interesting Rainbow Facts

  • Do you know that when Rainbow is formed it’s circular but you can’t see complete circle while you are on the ground, but you can see a full circle Rainbow from the airplane.
  • To create a rainbow, light should be spotted on the drops of water at exactly 42 degrees, that is the reason you cannot see rainbow at noon.
  • Isaac Newton was the first person to describe the formation of rainbow.

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Do Rainbow Ends Have Treasures?

Rainbow facts

According to the old Europe mythology, A place known Silesia it was said that, There is a huge valuable treasure at the both ends of the rainbow, but this treasure can be only seen by a nude man. Eastern Europe said that this treasure was placed at the rainbow ends by angels.

According to science it seems impossible because you can never find the end of rainbow, as you move toward it, it will move away from you.

  • Rainbows cannot be touched by human hands.
  • According to the old mythology it was said that you must not point toward a rainbow, because Rainbow is known as the symbol of Bad Luck by some cultures, so they believe that “ It can bring bad luck”.
  • The most weird rainbow facts Many old cultures believe that this beautiful arc of light brings trouble and it is associated with devils and demons, they say that rainbow can change the gender of a person.
  • But on the other hand there are few good myths about rainbow, actually its Western Culture, which respects the beauty of rainbow, they consider rainbow as a symbol of love and good luck, they do believe that rainbow is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.
  • Siberian tribes consider the rainbows as the voice of Sun.
  • You can see a double rainbow in the sky too; this kind of rainbow is only formed when sunlight reflects twice inside the water drops.
  • Earth is the only planet is this Solar System where the possibility of forming rainbow is 100%. Other than earth the probability of forming rainbow on any other planet is 1%.
  • One of the amazing scientific rainbow facts you probably aren’t aware of is that, Rainbow can be formed on the moon of Planet Saturn. The name of this moon is Titan and this theory is considered almost true because the moist atmosphere of Saturn’s moon is ideal for the formation of rainbow, and it is also known that the dispersion of this moon is 40 to 49 degrees, which makes it more possible to form Rainbow on it.
  • Each and every rain drop can create a rainbow, but for the human eye it needs thousands of raindrops to combine their rainbows and create a big one for us to see it.

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How to Create a Rainbow at Home?

Some other Amazing rainbow facts for kids indicates that rainbows can be created at home when it is not raining, and guess what you can make the rainbow by yourself. Let me tell you the procedure:

Stand straight with your back to the SUN, and take a water hose or garden hose which is used to spray water, Use the water hose to spray in front of you without turning toward the sun, and within few minutes you will see that a small rainbow will be formed.

Remember that you must keep the sun behind your back.



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