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10 Mentalities from Boomers That We Admittedly Still Love

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In an online discourse, a query emerged: “What’s something from the boomer culture that you truly appreciate?”

Some of life’s most valuable insights come from gleaning wisdom from previous generations. The Boomer generation has seen it all, been there, done that, and got it on VCR. While some may disagree on the need to wear a suit to work daily, there’s much to love about Boomer’s mentality- and we’re here to rediscover all those great bits of wisdom.

1. Buying Electronics For Life

A hand of children holding a TV remote, Watching Cartoons
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Today’s generation seems to change electronics at the same rate as their clothes. Granted, today’s electronics seem to be made from uncured clay; they don’t last as long as a mushroom. The Boomer generation knew how to make the best purchases and how to fix them when they broke.

Most people have no patience for electronics, and they can’t tell a switch from a socket.

2. Resilience

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The Boomer generation has a tenacity from which today’s generation can learn greatly. They were seemingly less sensitive and more resilient to the state of the world and current issues at hand.

3. Their Music

An Image from Old time's Music Festival, Musicians Playing Drums
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Who doesn’t love Rock’ n’ Roll and folk music from the 1950s to the early 1980s? While today’s music is not loud, it’s unbearably vulgar for some.

Many agree that the music of earlier years was richer, and most young people today love it too!

4. Their Attitude Towards Life

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There is a belief that the Baby Boomer generation held a more positive outlook on life, which is considered a valuable quality.

Maintaining a positive attitude is an excellent approach to navigating life’s challenges without feeling stuck.

5. Their Sense Of Fashion

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The boomers had a great sense of fashion, it’s no wonder, then, that most of their fashion found its way back to the newer generations.

With all the ripped clothes in the new section clothes section today, why wouldn’t we miss go-go boots, bell bottoms, and pleated skirts?

6. Their Patience and Kindness

A woman giving a personalized Greeting card showing happy mother's day and a present to her mother, Mother is Happy
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In this era of entitled youngins, dealing with Boomers who appreciate people and treat even the lowly with kindness is refreshing. Of course, there are mean bad apples in every generation, but there are plenty of sweet and kind Boomers that can make your day.

7. Their Growing Up Stories

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They may seem ridiculous and outrageous, but have you heard a Boomer narrate their growing-up escapades? They’re fodder for a thriller. Hearing the insane stories from their childhood is something many of us enjoy. Plus, it offers a different perspective on how life is expected to be these days.

8. Their Grasp Of Surviving Outdoors

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Most kids today wouldn’t know how to survive outdoors, while some Boomers could win the Amazing Race with a blindfold (all generalizations, of course).

If you want to have a great time, go outdoors with someone older to camp, hike, and explore. Pack your patience along with the mosquito spray, and have a great time.

9. The Movies

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he older generation movies were the ultimate classics, and most young people still immensely enjoy them today. Classic favorites include The Sound of Music, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, The Graduate, Jaws, and many more.

These films have significantly impacted the boomer generation and continue to resonate with audiences across different age groups even today.

10. The Sweets

cute old couple cozy with blankets and coffee tea
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For some people, what they love the most about the Boomer is their pantry snacks. Old-school favorites like Werther’s Originals, orange slices, Twizzlers, and chocolate cherries can often be found in the sweet drawer.


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