1. Even with the destruction of their habitat, the biggest threat these birds face is the pet trade, the colorful nature make them very appealing but it threatens their numbers.

2. The bird actually has a serrated edge to their beak designed to act as a way of handling food, very much like a knife.

3. The inside of a beak is made of bone whereas the outer beak itself is actually made of Keratin.

4. A combination of colors is possible for the color of a toucan’s beak, not the conventional orange we all know. They can be brown, red, green, yellow or even black.

5. Unlike almost every other bird, these actually become noisier as the day progresses with the late afternoon being their preferred period for calling.

6. When Europeans first arrived in the Americas, it is said that the toucan was actually one of the first birds they would have seen.

7. Belize has the rainbow-billed toucan as its national bird.

8. One close relative to the toucan is actually the woodpecker not the hornbill as they’re often mistakenly linked to.

9. A baby toucan is actually called a chick.

10. In 2015 a social media storm was caused when a toucan was viciously attacked by Costa Rican teens. The bird had its beak badly damaged and caused Costa Rican animal law to be put under scrutiny.

11. Humans, snakes and jaguars are supposedly the biggest predators to the toucan.

12. The toucan doesn’t actually use its wings to fly very far. Due to their tiny size, the wings act more as a glider to take them short distances, preferring to hop tree to tree rather than fly.

13. Guinness, the black stout, has the toucan as one of their logos after an advertising hunt in 1935 for a logo was ended when S.H. Benson visited the zoo and created the famous toucan.

14. There is a constellation named after the wonderful bird, the Tucana has most of the small magellanic cloud inside it.

15. Dora the Explorer would often get advice from her Spanish friend Senior Toucan.

So there we have, if a body regulating and air cooled beak isn’t impressive enough, the fact it has its own constellation surely is. Whatever you think about the humble toucan, even with its disproportionate physique you can’t deny that it is a magnificent bird.