1. Nikola would walk to the park every day to feed the pigeons. At one point, he continued to be visited by an injured pigeon every day, so he spent over $2,000 to build a device that would fix her broken wing and leg.
  2. Every day, Tesla worked from 9 in the morning until at least 6 at night, and he always had dinner at exactly 8:10 P.M. at the same restaurant. He would phone in his dinner order to the same waiter who was also the only one to serve him the food. He usually ate alone, except on rare occasions. Afterwards, he would continue working usually until 3 in the morning.
  3. Tesla has about 300 patents worldwide, although many of his inventions were never patented.
  4. Among his inventions was the remote control, wireless telegraphy, neon lamps, and the Tesla coil, which is what modern wireless technology is based on!
  5. Every night, Nikola curled his toes 100 times every night because he claimed that it stimulated his brain cells.
  6. Towards his later years, he became a vegetarian and only lived off of milk, bread, honey, and vegetable juice.
  7. Tesla says he never slept more than 2 hours a night, but he did doze off now and then in order to recharge. On one occasion, he worked for 84 hours without resting.
  8. Tesla and Mark Twain were good friends. Tesla took a photo of Twain which was one of the first photos ever lit by phosphorescent light.
  9. Nikola never had any relationships because he didn’t want to distract from his work. He also believed that women were superior to men.
  10. He had an obsession with the number 3. Tesla only lived in hotel rooms that were divisible by 3, and he did everything in sets of 3.
  11. Tesla had a good sense of style, was often very clean cut and polished, possibly due to the fact that he was a hygiene freak and germaphobic.
  12. Coming from a family of heavy drinkers with long lives, he thought that drinking whiskey every day would help him live to 150.
  13. Once, Tesla paid a hotel bill with a box that he claimed had a death ray inside, so they couldn’t open it or else it would detonate. After his death, they found out there was just a spare electrical part.
  14. Even with all of his contributions to science and technology, Tesla died broke and alone.
  15. Because of his discoveries with wireless technology, it provided the basis for the invention of smartphones later on.

interesting Facts About nikola Tesla