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20 Interesting Facts About Narcissists To Quickly Spot One

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Everyone has a peculiar personality that makes them unique. However, when a personality leads someone to hurt or want to hurt others, they’re said to have a personality disorder.

Narcissism is a personality disorder where someone is very entitled, thinks very highly of themselves, and has an extreme desire to be liked and admired. For severe cases that affect quality of life (less than 1%), narcissistic personality disorder is classified as a mental illness.  

According to Barend’s Psychology, Narcissism is more common among men than women. There’s nothing innately wrong with wanting to be admired; how, then, can you tell someone is a narcissist and not just in need of some love and appreciation?

1. Charming First Impressions

A woman and two boys in good mood, Both Man handshaking warmly
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Narcissists have a disarming charm and charisma, especially when you first meet them. They are exceptionally polite, drawing people in with their confidence. While it’s appropriate to be polite and endearing, their polite demeanor seems exaggerated and too good to be true.

2. Unrealistic Self-Image

An Overconfident Man Standing on the rooftop of his office holding a tablet in his hand
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We all must have some self-confidence and a positive outlook about ourselves. However, a narcissistic individual will have a bloated and often unrealistic view of their abilities, achievements, or importance.  

In their eyes, no one comes close, and those who do become enemies.

3. Lack of Empathy

Girl sitting another girl seeking attention
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Narcissists struggle to empathize with the feelings and needs of others, and their concerns and feelings are the priority. If an individual constantly belittles your experiences and thinks their attention is direr and in need of more attention, you may be dealing with a narcissist.

4. Constant Need for Admiration

Three Boys admiring a girl who is admiration seeker and she is becoming happy
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Have you met a person who thrives on [and often demands] extreme admiration? Such people take offense when they’re not put on a pedestal and demand almost deistic praise from others. This is a common trait for narcissists, WebMD notes. They are always fishing for compliments.

5. Manipulative Tactics

A man controlling Others like puppets and using them for his benefits
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Narcissists will manipulate their victims to near insanity and use their influence over others to meet their own needs.

Most narcissists are master planners of guilt trips to control-land.

6. Frequent Lies and Exaggerations

A man and a Woman holding a tablet and telling his achievements
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People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder will often exaggerate their achievements or fabricate stories to enhance their image. Every achievement has to be outstanding, and they are self-proclaimed champions of everything they put their hands to.

7. Grandiosity

A Proud man Looking at the tall buildings from office window
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While we’re all special in our ways, narcissists have a sense of grandiosity where they believe they are exceptional and should only associate with high-status individuals.

You will often see them belittle others who they deem below their social class and elevate the ones they regard highly.

8. Envy and Jealousy

Jealous girl looking at her successful Colleague
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This is one of the most reported traits among narcissists, where they feel envy towards others and believe that others are envious of them.

Most narcissists see every person better than them as competition and may make life miserable for their loved ones because of it. If you see a spouse unwilling to celebrate their better half’s achievement, they may be narcissistic.

9. Boundary Violations

A girl looking into a man's Phone and breaking his Privacy
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Personal boundary lines are blurry or non-existent to narcissists. They find it difficult to respect others and often intrude on others’ privacy without hesitation.

10. Difficulty Handling Criticism

Couple fighting, A man telling mistakes of his wife and she is defensive
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While they’re quick to criticize and put others down, narcissists react strongly to criticism, often becoming defensive, dismissive, or even hostile when criticized.

They may adopt a “you’re jealous of me” attitude when criticized, or think someone is out to get them, hence the hostility.

11. Attention-Seeking

Attention Seeker
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When it comes to seeking attention, narcissists are like children, if not worse. They have a constant need for attention and may engage in attention-seeking behaviors to fulfill this desire.

They may often throw mini-tantrums to get attention, such as the silent treatment or attempting to hurt themselves.

12. Shallow Relationships

Bad girl happy as her friend is sad
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Because they’re generally self-centered, it’s challenging for them to maintain deep and meaningful relationships. Most of their relationships end quickly and over flimsy reasons, many of them circling back to how bad the other person was.

13. Superficial Charm

Boy is upset because her girl is angry at him
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Although they use their charm to make friendships in the initial stages, this charm eventually is revealed for what it is—superficial and insincere. This may result in them unraveling the charm when it no longer serves their interests.

A person who was once always available and generous may suddenly become elusive or even abusive.

14. Exploitative Behavior

A colleague is angry on other and two are sitting and Sad
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Most narcissists will exploit others without hesitation to achieve their goals. Everyone is a means to an end for them, and your presence in their lives must be because of what they can get from you.

When they can no longer exploit you, most will leave or become hostile.

15. Lack of Accountability

A man Explaining girl's mistake and she is arguing
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Taking responsibility for their mistakes is difficult for narcissists; they often deflect blame onto others. A narcissist will be caught red-handed doing the wrong thing, and it will still not be their fault—you erred by catching them.

16. Impulsivity

A man beating other man with a Stick
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While most adults can control their impulses and hold themselves back, some narcissists cannot. They are driven by a desire for immediate gratification and will do anything to fulfill it, even if it means hurting others physically, emotionally, or even financially.

17. Illusions of Infinite Success

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Daydreaming about unlimited success, power, or beauty is a common trait. They’re always on their way to achieving the next big thing, even if the reality on the ground says otherwise.

18. Fragmented Self-Esteem

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Underneath the outward over-confidence, some narcissists have fragile self-esteem and can be easily wounded. You can barely hold an honest conversation on issues because they often feel like it’s a personal attack.  

19. Arrogance

Boss shouting at his Employees during a meeting
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Narcissists will display arrogance and a haughty demeanor and create a sense of superiority over others. They will insist on having the best of everything at the expense of others and won’t care who they hurt to get it.

20. Bad at Conversations

Two girls are sitting, A girl is talking and another girl is getting bored
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You can’t have a meaningful conversation with someone suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They will always want to have a monopoly over the conversation and not allow the other party to contribute or air concerns.

Narcissistic behavior makes relationships difficult and is one of the most common causes of breakups. Psycom recommends using a calm tone, insisting on your boundaries, and not indulging a narcissistic person by ignoring them as a way to communicate with them.


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