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14 Signs You Are Dealing With a Vile Person

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Have you ever met someone who gives off a chilling vibe and makes your instincts scream ‘warning’? While most of the time, evil often hides behind the masks of charm, charisma, and deceit; research suggests that there are genuine markers to identify evil in individuals. 

Thousands of years ago, an evil person was assumed to be someone who disobeyed God’s Commands (aka unholy). But nowadays, an evil, vile person is seen more as someone who lacks kindness, has narcissistic traits, and continues to do wrong to others for their selfish needs. 

Identifying such individuals in your life and getting away from them is important to protect your mental and emotional health. So, how can you tell if you’re dealing with a genuinely evil person? Let’s explore the telltale signs.

1. They Are Manipulative


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They often use fake kindness to make you trust them and do whatever they want. But behind it all, they are thinking only about themselves. This could mean trouble if they lie, guilt-trip, and play mind games to turn the attention away from you and towards them. They just want to pull strings and make you dance like a puppet without caring about your well-being. 

2. They Love to Boss People Around

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Evil people have big egos that need to be fed by controlling everyone and everything around them. They make rules for everyone except themselves to ensure things go their way, even if it’s unfair and harmful to others. It makes them feel powerful and important. If you are dealing with someone who dictates to you, it’s important to take a stand for yourself and set boundaries. 

3. Joy from Other’s Sufferings

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When someone is going through a tough time, a bad person will feel happier. No one should look down on someone’s pain. But for evil people, it’s their entertainment. Sometimes, they go to such lengths that cause problems for others to get pleasure and satisfaction. 

4. They Are Irresponsible

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They never take responsibility for their actions because they don’t care about the consequences or the pain they’ve caused others. They will never apologize for what they’ve done unless it benefits them. They might say, “I’ll never do it again,” but they’ll do it repeatedly. They are so manipulative that they can shift the blame to you and make you apologize for their mistakes. Avoiding such people is better than dealing with the mess they create.

5. They Are Chronic Liars 

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Lying comes naturally to them without them realizing it because it’s their constant version of reality. Whether they are stretching the truth or lying about someone, it’s usually done at the expense of others—and they’ll lie about you too. When you catch someone lying to you, you shouldn’t hesitate to call them out on their lies. 

6. They Insult You for Fun

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It’s not okay when someone tries to make fun of you and insults you while they’re trying to be funny. Everyone feels awkward in that situation, and it gets even worse if someone tries to put you down by using humor. 

Toxic people don’t know how to use humor properly, and it’s a big warning sign that you should stay away from them. You should never give anyone the right to insult you just for fun, so it’s important to watch out for these signs before you get close to someone and save yourself a lot of trouble.

7. They Never Regret

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As we have already discussed, evil people lie, manipulate, and hurt their loved ones, but what’s even worse? They don’t feel guilty about it. Evil people believe that whatever pain they’ve caused to others is justified and they deserve it. Saying sorry or feeling guilty isn’t a part of their personality

8. They Have a Reputation

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People might talk about them negatively or warn others to be careful around them. This is like a red flag that signals that something’s wrong with them. Evil people might have hurt their friends and family in the past, so their reputation reflects their actions. It’s important to listen to what others say about them and be cautious when dealing with them.

9. They Are Malevolent 

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Malevolent is someone who hides their true selves. Saying they lead double lives isn’t enough to describe it; they lead many lives. They change their personality depending on who they’re with and what they want from them. The only thing real about them is that they are two-faced. So, whenever you see them behaving differently with different people, take it as a sign a maintain your distance from them.  

10. They Appear Only for Their Gain

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They use you for their own needs without caring about your feelings. They act nice and friendly when they need something from you; they might vanish or start treating you badly once they get it. 

11. They Don’t Respect Your Boundaries

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Even if you try setting boundaries, they will just stomp all over you like they don’t know what boundaries are. You may never feel comfortable around them; there’s this strange feeling that they might say or do something. Sometimes, you’ll sense this feeling strongly, making it hard to be around them without knowing why. Listen to your gut—your body can sense bad vibes from others and wants to show you who they truly are.

12. They Belittle You

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Whenever you share your feelings or dreams with them, they will try to make you believe that these feelings and dreams are stupid. They make you feel this way about yourself because they are insecure about themselves and want to feel like a bigger person by belittling you. This will not only shatter your confidence but also make you doubt your abilities. You need to understand that they don’t care about your emotions and pull them out of your life as soon as possible. 

13. They Are Aggressive 

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They might get angry quickly and use emotional or physical force to hurt you. They can hit or threaten other people to exert their frustration. This behavior is so exhausting for other people who feel scared around them. Don’t give them the chance to show their true colors.

14. They Even Hurt Animals 

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It’s hard to believe that some people have no affection for other living things around them. Well, it’s true. Some people don’t care about other living things, even not for their pets. They might kick, hit, or neglect animals, causing them pain. When someone is mean to animals, it’s a warning sign that they might also hurt people. It’s important to speak up and protect animals from harm and to be cautious around people who are unkind to animals.

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