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26 Interesting Facts about Mars You Might Not Know

It appears that there may be life on Mars – here are some interesting facts about Mars to help us understand the red planet better.

interesting facts about mars

26 Interesting Facts about Mars

  1. Mars is the closest planet to earth in terms of size and shape

2. Mars is the 4th closest planet to the sun at a distance of 227,936640 kilometers or 141,633,260 miles.

3. The distance from mars to earth or earth to mars is 56 million kilometers.

4. The length of one year on Mars is equal to 687 days on Earth.

5. The exact length of one day on Mars is 37 minutes more than earth’s eg 24 hours, 37 minutes.

6. The temperature on Mars ranges from a minimum of -87 degrees to -5 degrees.

7. Mars has a diameter of 6,795 kilometers which is equal to 4,222 miles; it also has a radius of 3,390 kilometer which is almost half of the earth’s size.

8. The gravity on Mars is 38 % that of the earth so you could probably jump up to 7 feet.

9. The atmospheric pressure of Mars is 1% of Earth’s sea level.

10. Mars is dusty, rusty and rocky which is why it is known as the red planet.

11. At its north and south side, it has many ice caps, which means there is a chance that it could have water.

12. The Dust storms on Mars are the considered by some to be the largest storms in the Universe, they travel throughout all of Mars and don’t end for months.

13. Mars is named after the Roman God of War.

14. The atmosphere of mars is so thick that it traps heat, meaning that it is a very cold planet.

15. During the winter season on Mars 30% of the air freezes.

16. Mars is the planet with the highest probability of life.

17. Most scientists think that there is water on the mars.

18. Mars has the largest Volcano in our solar system called “Olympus Mons”.

19. You would weigh 62 pounds less on Mars.

20. The actual date when Mars was discovered is unknown. Legend says that the discovery of Mars dates with the era of ancient Egypt. It is said that in the 2nd Millennium BCE ancient astronomers discovered the Planet Mars.

21. Planet mars is known to be currently uninhabitable.

22. It took about 8 months to reach Mars from Earth.

23. The core of planet Mars is made of Sulfur and Iron.

24. Mars has oxygen, but it has very low density.

25. Mars has 2 moons, known as Phobos and Deimos.

26. Mars is the 2nd smallest planet in the solar system after Pluto.


Wednesday 9th of March 2022

12. The Dust storms on Mars are the largest storms in the Universe…

How can we know this without checking every astronomical body in the universe that is, in some sense yet to be defined, “storm conducive?”

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