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13 Interesting Facts about Depression You Might Not Know

What is Depression, what is its cause, and what are some unknown interesting facts about depression?

interesting facts about depression

Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a common mental disorder characterized by “sadness, loss of interest in pleasure, feelings of guilt, disturbed sleep, feelings of tiredness and poor concentration“.

People who are more likely to suffer from depression are people from 45 to 64 years of age, women, blacks, Hispanics, divorced people, the unemployed and people with less than high school education. People with a high rate of depression also have a high rate of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder is one of the major issues in the U.S. Anxiety has affected more than 40 million people in the U.S. It also costs the country about 45 billion dollars a year. The number of people diagnosed with depression is increasing at the rate of 20% each year.

13 Interesting Facts about Depression

  1. More than 350 Million people of all ages in this world are suffering from depression.

2. Women are considered to suffer from depression approximately 2 times more than men.

3. Depression facts indicate that the aging process in cells is more likely to increase when you are depressed. This causes your body to become older faster than normal.

4. Every 8th person in the U.S is suffering from depression.

5. A very strange fact about depression shows that funny people and comedians are usually more depressed than others.

6. Research shows that people are suffering from depression 10 times more now than in 1945.

7. When you are depressed you dream 3 to 4 times more than normal.

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8. States with higher rates of depression also have higher rates of obesity, stroke, heart disease, sleep disorders, lack of education, and less access to medical insurance.

9. Studies and depression facts revealed a very strange myth that people who spent more of their time on laptops/internet/computer are more likely to be lonely, mentally unstable, and depressed.

10. Iceland is known as a place of depression because it is the only place where the highest rate of antidepressants is used.

11. France is known as the most depressed country in the whole world. It is observed that 1 in every 5th person in France has suffered depression.

12. Sigmund Freud said cocaine is the only treatment for depression.

13. Moderate exercise is the natural way to prevent this issue, it will make your mind stronger and relax.

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