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20 Interesting Disney Facts You Might Not Know

Visit here for a collection of epic and interesting disney facts you never knew and your curiosity demands to learn more about Walt Disney.

20 Interesting Disney Facts

1. Mickey Mouse’s Ears Never Rotate

Did you know? That no matter from what angle you look at Mickey Mouse. His ears will always appear round. Well, how often how have you seen mickey’s ears changed in his side pose?

interesting disney facts

This means that when Mickey appears in 3D format, his ears don’t rotate with his head but simply stay in the same position facing the viewer.

2. Goofy Had a Human Wife

In most of the cartoons in the early ’50s Goofy had a wife and a child. What’s interesting is that the face of the goofy’s wife is never shown. She appears to have five human-style fingers instead of four as goofy and most of Disney’s animal‘s characters do.

In the 1995 animated film “A Goofy Movie” it was shown that she died, which could explain her sudden disappearance in later cartoons.

3. Walt Disney studio was first named as Disney brothers cartoon studio by Roy and Walt Disney in 1923.

4. Mickey Mouse was first known as Mortimer Mouse. But Walt Disney’s wife forced him to change the name of Mortimer mouse to Mickey Mouse.

5. The very first animated movie was Mickey Mouse, launched in the Colony theater in 1928 in New york.

6. The first Disney Land ticket was sold for 1 dollar only in 1995.

Disney Facts

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7. Walt Disney World Resort is bigger than San Francisco.

8. In 1983, the first Disney park outside of the United States was opened in Tokyo.

9. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs was a mind-blowing sound film and an interesting fact shows that Walt Disney borrowed 1.5 Million US dollars to make this film.

10. There is a community in Disneyland known as Lost and Found. Each year it collects 6000 cell phones, more than 4000 cameras and 20000 hats.

11. ESPN is also the property of Disney.

12. Disney Land workers were not allowed to grow facial hair until the year 2000.

13. Pluto was named after the 9th planet in the solar system.

14. The film Tangled (Disney Production) was more expensive to produce than the Hollywood movie Avatar.

15. After the release of the movie “Princess and the Frog”. more than 50 children were hospitalized by catching bacteria from kissing frogs.

16. Der Fuhrer’s Face was awarded as the first best animated short film in the same year it was released.

17. Disneyland was originally designed as a structure including The Land of OZ, but later on, architects thought that was not a good idea, so they never built these designs.

18. Park employees are instructed to point with two fingers or either with a whole hand. This is because some of the cultures see disrespect by pointing with one finger.

19. The skull located on the headboard in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean is known to be a real skull.

20. An artificial vanilla scent is sprayed into the air in Disneyland, creating a very fresh environment.

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