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Most Interesting Apple IPhone Facts

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Apple is not just a Smartphone’s manufacturing company, it’s a brand and let me tell some interesting Apple Iphone facts that you probably may not know.

Apple is famous for its cool products such as iPad, MacBooks etc, and the trend of buying this brand is increased with high rate. Apple is a reliable name, and there are also few Apple iphone facts that will definitely convince you to have this device.

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Interesting Apple IPhone Facts

Here is a series of collection of some interesting Apple Iphone facts, hope you will enjoy reading this article.

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  • The Retina display of your this phone is actually build by Samsung.
  • About 50 % people sale their old iphone for purchasing the new version, this is one of the cool facts because only iphone users sale their previous version for the new one because they love the modified version each year.
  • Iphone has always introduced the most awesome modifications than any other smart phone, like instagram, multi gestured touch and a quality camera.
  • It is virus free, which makes it one of the best smart phones of the world ever.
  • Iphone FactsYour IPHONE charges faster in airplane mode.
  • You can also control iphone by moving your head left or right, which is the most unique factor in Apple Iphone.
  • Samsung manufactures almost 30 to 40 % of A8 Chips, that are used in Apple iphone 6.
  • In the beginning of 2014 Apple has earned more than Facebook, Amazon and Google.
  • Apple’s iphone Cost 0.25 US dollars electricity per year if you daily charge it.
  • The battery of an Apple Laptop (Macbook) is bulletproof, it can save you from a gunshot.
  • In 2012, 340,000 IPHONES were sold every day. This means 10200000 IPHONES a month. This proves to be the most astonishing apple iphone facts.
  • There are almost 60% of Applications in the APP Store, that are never been downloaded even for a single time.
  • Apple has the record of maximum employees around the world, Apple has 115,000 Employees.
  • Another interesting Iphone facts indicates that iphone is much expensive in other countries than US, it was found that it’s twice more expensive in
  • Before the release of iphone 6, one of the iphone fan’s start waiting in the line 7 months before.
  • Apple Earn more than 300,000 US dollars a minute.
  • unbelievable factsSiri is an awesome application, introduced only in iphone gives a great edge to iphone over other Smartphone’s.
  • You can talk to your iphone and you can ask it anything to do for you, just using Siri.
  • You can teach your IPHONE ( Siri ) to pronounce the words, it’s more than a personal assistant.
  • You can ask iphone to remember your relationships like mom dad, and just by naming your dad, siri will call your dad for you.
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