1. If a robin is fed during the winter, it will carry on returning to the area for the whole winter.
  2. Around 3 quarters of all robins in Britain, either through being unable to fend or becoming prey, die before their first birthday.
  3. A robin’s singing is often mistaken for that of a nightingales. This is supposedly due to street lights confusing the birds and making them believe it’s still daylight.
  4. Robins actually have quite the sweet tooth, being known to steal fruit cake and uncooked sweetened pastries.
  5. The Latin name for the robin is Erithacus rubecula.
  6. The robin’s famous red breast is actually an orange coloring. This is due to the birds being named before English had developed the word orange.
  7. It’s believed that robins are able to view the earth’s magnetic field via a special visual system known as magnetoreception.
  8. A strange feature for the bird world is that the female and male species of robins are virtually identical. Some claim there is a slight difference in breast shape.
  9. The robin that lands on Mary Poppins’ finger isn’t actually a European Red Robin, but actually an American variant.
  10. Baby robins hatch after about 2 weeks, and in 3 they become independent.