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17 Facts about Monkeys You Might Not Know

Monkeys are simply curious animals and are also considered popular exotic pets. Here are some facts about monkeys.

facts about monkeys

17 Facts about Monkeys

  1. The smallest monkey in the world can hide behind your coffee cup; it is about 6 inches tall.

2. Albert II was the first monkey to land on the moon.

3. The largest monkey can be up to 3 feet tall and can weigh an average of 77 pounds.

4. Monkeys spend a long time grooming; one of the most amazing facts about monkeys for kids is that they help each other in removing items from their fur.

5. Arboreal is the only type of monkey who lives their entire life on trees.

6. Only Tails differentiate monkeys from APES.

9. The Monkey is a key part of Buddhism and Hinduism religion.

10. Monkeys live in groups.

11. Some types of monkeys can also howl, yet their howl is very loud and can be heard up to 10 miles away.

12. The Howler Monkey is the only type that spends 80% of its life sleeping or resting.

13. One of the interesting monkey facts indicates that they are easy to train and are extremely intelligent and social.

14. Monkeys have a great ability to grasp anything with both their toes and fingers.

15. Monkeys communicate with each other using facial expressions and hand gestures.

16. Monkeys are the only civilized animals living on this planet after humans.

17. Spider monkeys can walk on with two legs on a thin branch of a tree.

As we all know they love bananas.

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10 Unique Types of Monkeys

Here is a list of the 10 most unique types of monkeys:

  1. Spider Monkey
  2. Baboon
  3. Blue Monkey
  4. Squirrel Monkey
  5. Howler Monkey
  6. Gibbon
  7. Mandrill
  8. Vervet Monkey
  9. Capuchin Monkey
  10. Japanese Macaque
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