Isaac Newton Facts: The Man Who Discovered Gravity

Isaac Newton was the person who shaped the new ways of living, there are many Isaac Newton facts to tell about the man who discovered gravity, and how he introduced new ways of observing the universe.

Sir Isaac Newton was a great physicist, mathematician and highly influential astronomer. He is widely recognized as a great philosopher and alchemist. He was the first person to invent calculus and discover the laws of gravity, also known as Newton Laws of Gravity.

Interesting Isaac Newton Facts : Legend who Discovered Gravity

Here are few interesting Isaac Newton facts that you may want to learn and study.

To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.

  • Newton was the person who believed that only he alone can study the world, universe and all the creation of GOD.
  • Isaac Newton was a great scientist but in his personal life he was jealous type, mean and ego type for his reputation.
  • He was only 26 years old when he became professor of mathematics.
  • Interesting Isaac Newton Facts : Ledgend Who Discovered GravityNewton always loved drawing.
  • He went temporarily blind by looking at the sun for a long time through a mirror.
  • Unbelievable Isaac Newton facts show that he tried to turn lead into gold but failed.

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Bermuda Triangle – Mystery Unsolved

  • He was born premature on January 4, 1643 and had very less chances of survival.
  • His father died before his birth.
  • Newton’s mother left him when he was only three years old.
  • His Mother wanted him to become a farmer.
  • Isaac failed his farming tests many times.
  • Isaac was standing under Apple tree when he first noticed gravity attraction by observing apple falling on the ground, Some people say apple is the reason to make the man who discovered gravity.
  • He was 23 when he first discovered the law of gravity.
  • Newton actually studied Law.
  • He had more historical subject books than science.
  • He once pinches a needle in his own eye, while performing experiments on optics.

I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.

Fun Facts About Isaac Newton For Kids

  • Isaac had many roles of leadership, He cared for royal money as a warden of Royal Mint.
  • He was very bad tempered and often argue with the work of other scientists.
  • He loved Maths from the beginning.
  • In His college life he usually cleaned the rooms of rich students.
  • Newton never married because he always preferred to work alone.
  • Isaac was very passionate discoverer, he once said: What we all know is just a drop but what we do not have any knowledge about is an ocean.

Is The Isaac Newton Apple Falling Story True or Not?

Who discovered gravity : Isaac Newton FactsHistory says that there was a great role of an apple behind the man who discovered gravity, but hang on!! Is this story really true or it’s just a myth?

According to the ROYAL SOCIETY and Newton himself the story is true.

During an Interview with His biographer, He said that; it was really an apple falling from tree that first got him wondering about the gravity and force of attraction from the earth.

So we can say that the story is true, but the apple didn’t actually fall on his head, he just noticed the gravitational pull from an apple falling from the tree.Isaac Newton Facts : Ledgend Who Discovered Gravity

Weird Monkey Facts For Kids

Monkeys are simply curious animals and are also considered as popular exotic pets, there are many interesting and weird monkey facts for kids that you may love learning.

Monkey Facts For Kids

  • The Smallest Monkey in the world can hide behind your coffee cup; it is about 6 inches tall.
  • Albert II was the first monkey to land on moon.
  • The largest monkey can be up to 3 feet tall and can weight average of 77 pounds.
  • Monkeys spend a long time in grooming; one of the most amazing facts about monkeys for kids is that they help each other in removing items from their fur.
  • Arboreal are the only type of monkeys who lives their entire life on trees.
  • Only Tails differentiate monkeys from APES.
  • monkey facts for kidsMonkey is also a part of Buddhism and Hinduism religion.
  • Monkeys live in groups.
  • Some type of monkeys can also howl, yet their howl is very loud and can be heard up to 10 miles away.
  • Howler Monkey is the only type that spends 80% of its life sleeping or resting.
  • One of the interesting monkey facts indicates that they are easy to train and are extremely intelligent and social.
  • Monkeys have a great ability to grasp anything with both their toes and fingers.
  • Monkeys communicate with each other using face expressions and hand gestures.
  • Monkeys are the only civilized animals living on this planet after humans.
  • Spider monkeys can walk on with two legs on a thin branch of tree.
  • As we all know They Love Bananas.
  • Owl Monkey is a type that sleeps all day.

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10 Unique Types of Monkeys

Here is a list of 10 most unique types of monkeys:

  1. Spider Monkey
  2. Baboon
  3. Blue Monkey
  4. Squirrel Monkey
  5. Howler Monkey
  6. Gibbon
  7. Mandrill
  8. Vervet Monkey
  9. Capuchin Monkey
  10. Japanese Macaque

List of Important Monkey Facts for Kids

In the image below, the most informative and interesting monkey facts for kids are given that you may be willing to learn.

monkey facts for kids

Bermuda Triangle Facts and Myths – An Unsolved Mystery

Bermuda triangle facts or we should say it an unsolved mystery, it has a legendary story from the ancient times and all the Bermuda triangle facts and myths are not doubt able.

A mad genius, crackle of lightning and a story of triangle, many tried to find the true mystery behind Bermuda triangle but no one has ever succeeded.

Have you ever though why? Why no one has ever found the true Bermuda triangle facts and myths? Yeah we all should have thought about these mysterious facts and myths, today I am going to tell you the reality of Bermuda triangle, history and the legendary myths.

Note: We have recently updated information in this article about Crystal Pyramid in Bermuda Triangle in the 2nd last paragraph, which proves some extraordinary legendary myths true, and scientists have verified the existence of this pyramid true.

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle Facts and Myths

bermuda triangle factsA large area covered in ocean between Puerto Rico, Florida and Bermuda which is shaped like triangle have few untold mysteries and facts.  No one exactly knows when “Bermuda triangle myths” came into existence but its existence truly includes some of the following shocking and mind-blowing tragedies.

  • Bermuda Triangle is also known as Devils Triangle because over last few centuries hundred of ships and planes have disappeared while crossing this triangle.
  • It is the area where no good luck lives, it’s also known as the place of bad luck.
  • The Only Person who knows the truth about Bermuda Triangle is the one who never come back from Devils triangle.
  • Many People think that there can be artificial Magnetic field created by aliens living on this planet before mankind.

There are mysteries in the world which people can only guess at, but with time they may only solve in part

  • Some people think that Bermuda triangle facts and myths are nothing more than a fraud; these are the people who never tried to cross Bermuda Triangle.
  • People who somehow survived the journey of Bermuda triangle have lost their memory forever.
  • Christopher Columbus on October 8, 1492 was the first person to experience the devil.
  • bermuda triangle factsNo Compass is able to give exact readings in Bermuda Triangle. It is the place where magnetic compass never points toward north; its variation is always zero.
  • More than 9000 people are still missing who tried to cross Bermuda triangle.
  • US Navy torpedo bomber was the biggest ship that disappeared.
  • This is a place where magnetic north and the true north eventually match. This means that this is the place vertical to earth’s bottom.
  • In this area, a strange unending light and a yellow fog is also present.
  • Planes and ships that disappeared were having no mechanical faults.
  • None of the explanation has ever satisfied the cause of disappearing people in the triangle.

Scientists Theories About Bermuda Triangle

  • Scientists believes that Gulf Stream is a current that flows through the oceans at a speed of 2.5 meters per seconds which is the cause of destroying ships.
  • They say that there are Hurricanes in the triangle that are always at their peak, which destroys planes.
  • Scientists say that there is a large number of Methane Hydrate gas. They believe that this gas kills people and causes the ships to sink quickly.
  • They do believe that every ship that disappeared was due human errors.

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Mystery of Bermuda Triangle Pyramid (Crystal Pyramid in Bermuda Triangle)

bermuda triangle facts

One of the mysterious facts shows that there is a Crystal like Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle and now scientists thinks they may have uncovered the significant clue as to lie 2000 meters below the ocean surface. In 2012 American and French research teams conducting surveys inside the triangle stumbled upon on an underground structure rising from the sea “A Crystal like Pyramid”.

Its origin, age and purpose is completely unknown, this structure is know been independently verified by both countries research teams. The partially translucent structure at 300 meters wide and 200 meters tall measures larger than well known pyramids of Egypt.

On top of the pyramid there are two very large holes moving sea water through at high speed. They can cause massive surge waves and mists on the sea surface.

Scientists think that this mysterious triangle could be the only reason to produce massive energy destroying ships and planes.

Some people thinks that this pyramid could be the part of “Atlantis”. The great city of ancient civilization, that was vanished in Bermuda Triangle.

Conclusion- Truly What I Believe

There can be another world behind Bermuda triangle and may be Bermuda triangle is the only gate to that world. May be all the 9000+ people are still alive in that world. May be that world is preparing to meet our world and may be one day this Triangle could be remembered as a Mysterious Gate of joining two worlds.

Yet all these are just observations. And still Bermuda triangle facts and myths remain one of the greatest mysteries on earth.


Most Interesting Apple IPhone Facts

Apple is not just a Smartphone’s manufacturing company, it’s a brand and let me tell some interesting Apple Iphone facts that you probably may not know.

Apple is famous for its cool products such as iPad, MacBooks etc, and the trend of buying this brand is increased with high rate. Apple is a reliable name, and there are also few Apple iphone facts that will definitely convince you to have this device.

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Interesting Apple IPhone Facts

Here is a series of collection of some interesting Apple Iphone facts, hope you will enjoy reading this article.

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  • The Retina display of your this phone is actually build by Samsung.
  • About 50 % people sale their old iphone for purchasing the new version, this is one of the cool facts because only iphone users sale their previous version for the new one because they love the modified version each year.
  • Iphone has always introduced the most awesome modifications than any other smart phone, like instagram, multi gestured touch and a quality camera.
  • It is virus free, which makes it one of the best smart phones of the world ever.
  • Iphone FactsYour IPHONE charges faster in airplane mode.
  • You can also control iphone by moving your head left or right, which is the most unique factor in Apple Iphone.
  • Samsung manufactures almost 30 to 40 % of A8 Chips, that are used in Apple iphone 6.
  • In the beginning of 2014 Apple has earned more than Facebook, Amazon and Google.
  • Apple’s iphone Cost 0.25 US dollars electricity per year if you daily charge it.
  • The battery of an Apple Laptop (Macbook) is bulletproof, it can save you from a gunshot.
  • In 2012, 340,000 IPHONES were sold every day. This means 10200000 IPHONES a month. This proves to be the most astonishing apple iphone facts.
  • There are almost 60% of Applications in the APP Store, that are never been downloaded even for a single time.
  • Apple has the record of maximum employees around the world, Apple has 115,000 Employees.
  • Another interesting Iphone facts indicates that iphone is much expensive in other countries than US, it was found that it’s twice more expensive in
  • Before the release of iphone 6, one of the iphone fan’s start waiting in the line 7 months before.
  • Apple Earn more than 300,000 US dollars a minute.
  • unbelievable factsSiri is an awesome application, introduced only in iphone gives a great edge to iphone over other Smartphone’s.
  • You can talk to your iphone and you can ask it anything to do for you, just using Siri.
  • You can teach your IPHONE ( Siri ) to pronounce the words, it’s more than a personal assistant.
  • You can ask iphone to remember your relationships like mom dad, and just by naming your dad, siri will call your dad for you.

Eiffel Tower Facts:10 Fun Facts about the Eiffel Tower

History is a witness that behind every great structure there are some unknown mysteries, I believe that all real Eiffel tower facts and history should be known by all.

A Wrought Iron made amazing worlds prettiest tower present in the city of lights Paris, is known as Eiffel Tower, There are some astonishing and interesting Eiffel Tower facts that will show you the real history behind this marvelous structure.

Interesting Eiffel Tower Facts and History

Here are most interesting Eiffel tower facts and complete facts about the history of Eiffel tower, you may love reading these Mind-blowing Facts.

  • Eiffel Tower took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days to complete. From 1887-1889.
  • There are 1,710 stairs in the Eiffel tower, but you can’t travel all of them. Visitors are meant to travel up to the first floor only, because your stamina will not allow you to travel all of them.
  • Eiffel tower was only meant to stay for 20 years, originally it was build for the World’s Fair of 1889 and was only supposed to stay for 20 years, it was saved because it served as an excellent radio tower.
  • Another interesting Eiffel Tower facts predicts that it was originally meant to be build in SPAIN, but fortunately for France the project was rejected and this great structure was built in Paris.
  • Eiffel Tower facts and historyThere is only one elevator in Eiffel Tower that travels over 64,000 miles each and every year. This is more than 2 times around earth.
  • One of the mind-blowing Eiffel tower facts shows that, its structure contains mostly iron and it has 20 thousand light bulbs to help it light up at night.
  • During World War 2, The French cut off the lift because they wanted Hitler to Climb all the Stairs if he want to reach the top of Eiffel Tower.
  • Over 250 Million people have paid to see the Eiffel tower.
  • Due To High quantity of Metal, Eiffel Tower expands up to 6 inches when sun comes up, while at the night when metal cools it shrinks. Engineers say that this tower is 15 cm taller in summer.
  • When you are at the top of Eiffel Tower you might notice that it moves with the wind, Yeah that’s true, that’s not your imagination because Eiffel Tower actually moves with the wind blowing.
  • Thankfully, Paris ignored over 300 protesters who claimed that Eiffel tower is ridiculous and it must not be built.
  • A Great Inventor or we can call him a scientist Died By Jumping the tower, his intentions were not to commit a suicide, he just wanted to test a Parachute that he made of his own architecture.
  • If you want to paint the whole Eiffel Tower, then you will need paint, which weights more than 27000 KG.
  • It is 300 m tall and bigger than pyramids and is the one of the tallest towers in the world, it was the world’s tallest building for 41 years.

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Eiffel Tower Facts – 10 Fun Facts about the Eiffel Tower

  1. The Eiffel Tower Was the World’s Tallest Structure for 41 Years
  2. Gustave Eiffel Did Not Design the Eiffel Tower – Maurice Koechlin Did
  3. It Took 3 Years of Lobbying to Approve the Eiffel Tower in 1887
  4. Public Funds Only Covered 1/4 of the Cost of the Eiffel Tower
  5. Eiffel’s Firm Produced 5,329 Drawings of the Eiffel Tower
  6. Gustave Eiffel Compared His Tower to the Pyramids of Egypt
  7. A Conman Named Victor Lustig Sold the Eiffel Tower… Twice!
  8. Only One Person Died in the Construction of the Eiffel Tower
  9. The Eiffel Tower Was Supposed to Be Torn Down in 1919
  10. Over 200,000,000 People Have Visited the Eiffel Tower

1. The Eiffel Tower Was the World’s Tallest Structure for 41 Years

Eiffel Tower FactsEiffel tower facts tell us about this iconic symbol of Paris, France and the world. While the tower is located in Paris, people all around the world know about this famous structure. In recognition, UNESCO has named the Eiffel Tower as one of its World Heritage Sites.

Before the Eiffel Tower was constructed, the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., capital of the United States, was the tallest man-made structure in the world. Eiffel Tower facts teach us that during its construction, which was completed in 1889, the Eiffel Tower became the tallest man-made structure, surpassing the height of the Washington Monument.

In 1930, the Chrysler Building was built in New York City, becoming the tallest structure in the world at the time. The Eiffel Tower had held the title for 41 years! Later Eiffel Tower facts show that in 1957, an antenna was attached which, depending on how you determine the height of a structure, made the Eiffel Tower taller than the Chrysler Building.

To this day, at 1,063 feet, or 324 meters, the Eiffel Tower is the second tallest structure in France. The tallest structure in France is actually the world’s tallest bridge, Millau Viaduct, which is 1,125 feet, or 343 meters, from the base to the top of one of its masts.

2. Gustave Eiffel Did Not Design the Eiffel Tower – Maurice Koechlin Did

This is perhaps the most shocking of Eiffel Tower facts: Gustave Eiffel, the famous architect for whom the structure was named, did not actually design the Eiffel Tower. The initial design was sketched by Maurice Koechlin in May of 1884, while he was working at home.

Eiffel Tower facts reveal that Koechlin was a senior engineer working for Eiffel’s architecture firm at the time. Koechlin was working with another architect in the firm, Emile Nouguier, to design a monument for the 1889 Exposition Universelle. The exposition was planned as a World’s Fair to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the French Revolution.

In the margin of the first drawing by Maurice Koechlin, you can see other monuments from around the world that he used for inspiration or comparison. Included in the monuments are the Statue of Liberty and the Arc de Triomphe. This is an amazing document for interesting Eiffel Tower facts and it shows that Koechlin was endeavoring to design something world class from the start.

3. It Took 3 Years of Lobbying to Approve the Eiffel Tower in 1887

Eiffel Tower facts surprise us again with the evidence that Gustave Eiffel did not immediately like Maurice Koechlin’s design. Nouguier and Koechlin asked Stephen Sauvestre, the head of the architectural department in Eiffel’s firm, to add some embellishments to the design.

Sauvestre contributed the decorated arches at the base, a glass pavilion on the first level, and other additions to polish the design. The three men took out a patent on the design and presented it to Eiffel once again, in the fall of 1884. This time, the design caught Eiffel’s eye, and he bought the patent and began exhibiting the design.

Eiffel Tower facts tell us there was a long road from this point to actually getting approval for the project. In 1885 Eiffel presented the design to the Société des Ingiénieurs Civils as a symbol of the dawning Industrial Age and the accomplishments of the previous century, as well as a monument to the French Revolution of 1789.

Two more years passed, and there were changes in government. Eiffel continued to lobby for the project and it was brought to review by a commission in 1886. Eiffel Tower facts show that the commission examined Eiffel’s proposal, along with competing proposals for the monument.

What happened next is one of the great Eiffel Tower facts for kids. Eiffel’s proposal was chosen because it was the most practical and most well planned. The other proposals seemed impossible or were not completely thought through. Perhaps all the time lobbying for the design paid off: when it came up for review, everything could be explained.

4. Public Funds Only Covered 1/4 of the Cost of the Eiffel Tower

When Eiffel signed the contract to build the Eiffel Tower, he did so personally, and not on behalf of his company. The public funds granted covered only 1/4 of the total needed to build the tower. As part of the agreement, Eiffel would receive all income from any commercial use of the tower during the exhibition and for the next 20 years.

Eiffel Tower facts show that Eiffel setup a separate company to manage the operations and income of the tower. He put up half the capital that was needed to establish the company. For Gustave Eiffel, the tower really did represent a monumental investment.

5. Eiffel’s Firm Produced 5,329 Drawings of the Eiffel Tower

Once the Eiffel Tower was approved, Eiffel Tower facts show that an intense planning phase began. During the course of the planning, Eiffel’s firm produced 1,700 general drawings, and 3,629 detailed drawings. The drawings captured the 18,038 pieces that make up the tower.

Bear in mind all of this was being done by hand, before the 1900s. The Eiffel Tower was a symbol of the Industrial Age as it was happening.

Eiffel Tower facts show that construction began in January of 1887 after a location had been determined. The massive concrete and limestone foundations of the Eiffel Tower were the first things to be put into place.

The tower would be assembled in a modular fashion. Sub-assemblies would be completed at one of Eiffel’s facilities in the suburbs of Paris, and then brought to the site by horse and cart for assembly into the finished structure. Eiffel’s tower was ahead of its time in more ways than one. Modular building has increased in popularity in recent years – it only took the world over 100 years to catch up!

6. Gustave Eiffel Compared His Tower to the Pyramids of Egypt

While it took Eiffel some time to warm to Koechlin’s design, Eiffel Tower facts show that he became an ardent supporter once he actually decided to build the tower. While it is considered by many to be a work of art today, at the time, many artists and writers protested against the building of the tower based on the drawings that were exhibited.

As the Industrial Age began there was tension between artists and engineers in the field of architecture. Eiffel Tower facts show that a group of artists launched a campaign claiming that the Eiffel Tower was too much engineering and not enough art to be considered good architecture.

Eiffel responded by defending the monumental nature of the work, comparing it to the Pyramids of Egypt. It was an apt description. At the time, the Pyramids were still some of the largest man-made structures on Earth.

Eiffel Tower facts reveal that Gustave Eiffel was not too concerned about the criticism, as the project had already been approved. Now, these objections seem like nothing more than a distant memory as many artists, engineers and everyday people look to the Eiffel Tower for inspiration.

7. A Conman Named Victor Lustig Sold the Eiffel Tower… Twice!

As the Eiffel Tower became a great symbol, it was well-known throughout the world. One conman, named Victor Lustig, would use this worldwide recognition to sell the Eiffel Tower, not once, but twice!

In 1925, after World War I, the Eiffel Tower was not in the best condition. Keeping it painted to prevent rusting proved to be a difficult task. Eiffel Tower facts show that Lustig developed his con based on this information. He held a secret meeting of scrap dealers and, using forged government stationary, offered to sell the Eiffel Tower for scrap!

The scrap dealer that Lustig targeted, Andre Poisson, believed he was a corrupt government official and gave him a bribe along with the money for the tower. Lustig and his accomplice fled to Vienna with a suitcase full of money.

Poisson was so embarrassed that he did not press charges. A month later, Lustig couldn’t help himself, and he returned to Paris to try the scheme again. This time, the person he tried to scam went to the police, but Lustig managed to get away without being arrested.

8. Only One Person Died in the Construction of the Eiffel Tower

Our Titanic Facts tell us that this massive ship, which was built many years later, led to the death of many people before the ship even hit the water. Deaths in large-scale construction projects were a sad reality at the beginning of the Industrial Age.

Eiffel Tower facts tell us that Gustave Eiffel was very serious when it came to the safety of the more than 300 people working on-site on the tallest structure man had ever built at the time.

After criticism of the wood scaffolding that was built to support the structure and the men working as they put the pieces in place, Eiffel’s firm installed creeper cranes that would actually move up the tower as construction progressed.

Other safety measures put in place included guards and screens. As a result, only one person died in the construction of the Eiffel Tower. This is one of the sad Eiffel Tower facts, but it could have been much sadder if the working conditions on the Tower were not as forward thinking as the design itself!

9. The Eiffel Tower Was Supposed to Be Torn Down in 1919

Eiffel Tower facts show that the original contract for the tower stipulated that it should be torn down after 20 years, in 1919. At this point, the ownership of the tower would pass from Eiffel to the City of Paris. Part of the original design requirements said that the tower had to be easily dismantled or demolished. This explains in part why the tower was built in a modular fashion.

Emerging wireless technology and the importance of the tower for making weather observations saved it from the scrap heap. From 1919 on, there were many instances until about the 1950s were it seemed the tower might be torn down. One example from historical Eiffel Tower facts teaches us that during World War II, as the Germans were being driven from Paris, Adolf Hitler ordered one of his generals to demolish the tower. Thankfully, the general refused, and the tower stands to this day.

10. Over 200,000,000 People Have Visited the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower facts reveal that elevators or lifts were installed in the tower shortly after its debut. This is a good thing! Walking to the top took early visitors hours. The lifts have been modified, upgraded and replaced many times over the years.

Communications equipment in the form of radio antennas and TV broadcast equipment were added to the Eiffel Tower as those technologies emerged in the 1900s. Additional lights and spotlights have been added to the tower, so it lights up the Paris skyline at night.

Visitors to the Eiffel Tower include daredevils who have staged stunts, such as bungee jumping from the tower. The Eiffel Tower has become a must-see destination in Paris and, at the last count, more than 200,000,000 people had visited the tower!

Interesting Facts about The Eiffel Tower Summary

The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of the world. When it was built, and for 41 years after,
it was the tallest manmade structure on Earth. Gustave Eiffel didn’t design the tower, but he put the passion, capital, and resources behind the project to make it a reality.

When it was being constructed, there was a protest from artists that said it elevated engineering above art in architecture. Gustave Eiffel met the criticism by asking: Do not the laws of natural forces always conform to the secret laws of harmony?

Eiffel Tower facts show that Eiffel was right. Today, the Eiffel Tower is seen as inspiration by artists, engineers, architects, and everyday people who are reaching for the same ideals of liberty and freedom that characterized the French Revolution to which the tower is dedicated.


Surprising Hurricane Katrina facts damage & aftermath

Hurricane Katrina facts indicates that Hurricane Katrina was the most strongest and deadliest Atlantic Hurricane, that has been ever recorded by the scientists on the Gulf.

What is a Hurricane?

Before moving toward the Hurricane Katrina facts let me tell you something about the nature’s most massive storm is known as Hurricane. A Hurricane which is also called a Typhoon or a Cyclone is a tropical rotating storm with winds that consistently blow 74 miles per hour or more.

How do They Form?

Hurricanes  forms when the oceans temperatures are high, warm moist air rises from the oceans surface to create a small rain storm, as cold rain falls from the storm, heat escapes into the air creating a strong updraft that pulls more moist air into the clouds which makes a bigger thunder storm, as the storm start spinning, the energy of the storm increases which leads to form a huge cyclone called “Hurricane“.


On august 23, 2005 the disaster of Hurricane Katrina started and ended on august 30,2005 which is a very long period for any Hurricane.

Hurricane Katrina was the third largest hurricane ever reported to make rain fall in the US, it has effected 14 million people in different ways varying from having to evacuate their home, rising gas prices and the economy suffering, it was the most costly hurricane ever reported,it flooded 80% of New Orleans and destroyed more than 1 million homes.

Hurricane Katrina winds to 175mph while the waves were 40 feet and its pressure was 902mb.

In Hurricane Katrina 1,836 people were killed and 705 were missing, may be they too are gone now, It cost 90.1 Billion Dollars damage and left a very painful memory for the world.

 Surprising Hurricane Katrina Facts

Here are the most surprising facts about hurricane that should be known by all.

  • The pain that was given to the world by hurricane Katrina will be remembered by the history forever, One of the amazing hurricane Katrina facts indicates that the storm provided sense of humanity, without Katrina people may not value the life as much as they do after the disaster.

Hurricane Katrina Facts

History says:

When Katrina struck the gulf and floodwaters rose and vanished New Orleans, it did not turn the region into a third world country…. It revealed one.

  • It was the strongest and longest hurricane that has been ever recorded; it has the magnificent speed of about 280 km/h.
  • The name of Katrina became Hurricane after 24 hours on august 25, because from the beginning no one knew that it was a Hurricane, yet NOAA classified this storm as a Hurricane.
  • After the destruction, engineers and government had made a new and perfect developed system for the next generation, so that in future no such harm can crush Lousiana.
  • One of the surprising Hurricane Katrina facts tells that New Orleans was damaged accidently, the storm was never meant to impact New Orleans. It was the fault of engineers that they made third quality flood system.
  • The storm was about 40 feet high which is approximately 12-meters.
  • 90,000 square miles was impacted by Katrina hurricane.
  • People who were missing that time haven’t been discovered yet.
  • Some People Believes that every destruction is a reason for the most developed country, if there was no such hurricane, then there would be no such development in America.
  • It was a category 3 hurricane which made a huge landfall on august 29, 2005 in Louisiana.

Effects of Hurricane Katrina

hurricane katrinaMajor effects of Hurricane were the health effects, High amount of water left in New Orleans and rise in endotoxin level was the major concern, flood water surrounded New Orleans with nothing, it came up with all new and dangerous type of bacteria,as the medical facility in New Orleans was also vanished because of the hurricane, so there left nothing for the people to seek help and contaminated food or water also effected the health of whole Orleans.

The other thing that shake the bases of US was the downfall in economy and development, it was a very hard task for the state to overcome the destruction.

The biggest lesson we earn from Hurricane Katrina that we should always think about unthinkable because sometimes unthinkable happens.

Within few years New Orleans rise with better plans to prevent the disasters like this and create a new and much developed state.

1. Katrina Was the Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded on the Gulf

The most simple of Hurricane Katrina facts is that by the time Hurricane Katrina made landfall, it had already been measured as the most the powerful hurricane ever on the Gulf Coast. This simple fact goes a long way towards describing the devastation that occurred. Hurricane Katrina had sustained winds of 175 miles per hour, or 280 kilometers per hour!

Katrina developed from a tropical storm into a hurricane and made landfall in late August, 2005. Hurricane Katrina started out as a tropical depression, which is a lower grade tropical storm. The tropical depression that became Hurricane Katrina was born from an earlier tropical depression. This earlier tropical depression was actually dissipating, but was then fed by a band of low pressure moving through the atmosphere.

2. Tropical Storm Katrina was Named on August 24, 2005

In 24 hours, from August 23 to August 24, 2005, the tropical depression that would become Hurricane Katrina gained strength and was upgraded to a tropical storm as a result of the band of low pressure that continued feed the storm.

When a tropical depression is upgraded to a tropical storm, it is given an official name. The National Hurricane Center, which is part of the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, is responsible for naming storms. On August 24, The National Hurricane Center gave the storm the name Tropical Storm Katrina.

3. Katrina Became a Hurricane on August 25, 2005

Within 24 hours of naming Katrina as a tropical storm, NOAA classified the storm as a hurricane. Hurricane Katrina was born on August 25, 2005. The first Hurricane Katrina facts began to emerge, and the storm made landfall shortly after being upgraded to hurricane status.

4. Hurricane Katrina Hit Florida Before New Orleans

The first state in the United States that Hurricane Katrina hit was not Louisiana or Mississippi. One of the most surprising Hurricane Katrina facts is that Hurricane Katrina first made landfall in the United States in Florida.

Within hours of being upgraded to hurricane status, Hurricane Katrina crossed over the southern tip of Florida from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico. While crossing over Florida, Hurricane Katrina lost power and was downgraded to a tropical storm.

This could have been the end of Hurricane Katrina facts, which would have been a good thing. When Katrina was born, it was a dying tropical depression brought back to life by the band of low pressure that was in the atmosphere. After crossing Florida, Katrina lost power. However, the storm was fed again, this time by a particularly warm current of water flowing through the Gulf of Mexico.

5. Hurricane Katrina Had Sustained Winds Over 175 Miles Per Hour

Nine hours after crossing over Florida, Katrina had reached Category 5 level Hurricane status. The unusually warm water current fed the storm, giving it incredible strength. From August 26 to August 27, the hurricane experts at NOAA watched Hurricane Katrina closely and recorded more Hurricane Katrina facts.

NOAA classified Hurricane Katrina as the third major hurricane of the year on August 27. There was some hope the storm would dissipate in the Gulf. Instead, the storm doubled in size, and by August 28 had reached Category 5 status once more. At this point, the incredible wind speeds and other astonishing Hurricane Katrina facts were recorded.

The minimum central pressure of the storm was over 900 millibars, or over 25 inches of mercury! Measuring the pressure in a hurricane is one way to measure its intensity. The measurements of Hurricane Katrina established another of the Hurricane Katrina facts, and placed the storm among the top 10 strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record.

6. Hurricane Katrina Made Landfall in Louisiana on August 29th, 2005

Hurricane Katrina made its second landfall in the United States on August 29, 2005, in the State of Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 hurricane when it made landfall in Louisiana.

While it was less than a Category 5, Katrina still had winds up to 125 miles per hour, or 200 kilometers per hour! Another of the incredible Hurricane Katrina facts is that there were hurricane force winds over a radius of 120 miles, or 190 kilometers, from the center of the storm. That’s how large Hurricane Katrina was!

Hurricane Katrina facts about the strength of the storm were now starting to be replaced by facts relating to the incredible damage this massive storm was causing to the lives of people on the Gulf Coast.

7. Over 1 Million People Were Told to Evacuate for Hurricane Katrina

While the hurricane experts at NOAA were gathering Hurricane Katrina facts, they continued to warn governments in the Gulf Coast of the progress of the storm. When it was clear the storm would make landfall, they recommended governments begin evacuation.

On August 27, President George W. Bush declared a state of emergency for areas that would be affected by the storm. On August 28, as the storm grew in size, people on the Gulf Coast were told to evacuate.

It’s one of the sad Hurricane Katrina facts that state and local governments did not have enough resources to evacuate everyone and handle the displacement of so many people. Over 1 million people were told to evacuate the Gulf Coast.

More sad Hurricane Katrina facts resulted from the lack of preparation. Many people were unable to be evacuated because there were not enough buses to transport them. Hospitals were also unable to evacuate their patients because there were not enough ambulances available.

8. Over 1,000 People Died From Hurricane Katrina

The saddest of all Hurricane Katrina facts is that over 1,800 people lost their lives as a result of the storm. Most of these deaths were in Louisiana, where over 1,500 people died because of the storm.

9. 80% of New Orleans Was Flooded by Hurricane Katrina

The force of Hurricane Katrina’s winds was responsible for a great deal of damage. One of the surprising Hurricane Katrina facts is that much of the damage from the storm was the result of the storm surge.

The storm surge from a storm, particularly a hurricane, is a large coastal wave or flood. The sea level rises with the hurricane and when the hurricane makes landfall, it brings a large volume of water with it.

The storm surge from Hurricane Katrina completely overwhelmed systems that had been built to control coastal flooding. The City of New Orleans flood management system was built by the Army Corps of Engineers, but failed so badly that nearly 80% of the city was flooded.

10. More than 700 People Died in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina

Due to the failure of the flood management system, and the poor preparations for evacuation, some of the worst Hurricane Katrina facts come from the City of New Orleans. New Orleans was devastated by the storm. In parts of the city, up to 80% of all housing was destroyed.

Some of the saddest Hurricane Katrina facts also emerged from New Orleans. More than 700 people died in the city. People also lost their lives in the chaos that followed the storm.

The flooding of New Orleans could have been prevented, and both the city and the State of Louisiana could have been better prepared. During the storm, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many ordinary citizens became heroes as they improvised shelter and rescued people. These acts of heroism are some of the few positive Hurricane Katrina facts.

Hurricane Katrina damaged an incredible amount of infrastructure. Airports, roads, power lines and more were destroyed by the storm. The Gulf Coast area and New Orleans would never be the same again. With over 80% property loss in some parts of New Orleans, the city lost a large part of its population. Some people who evacuated could never move back. Based on New Orleans’ lack of protection against flooding in a hurricane, some people who evacuated never would move back.

The support for people affected by Hurricane Katrina has also been one of the most disappointing Hurricane Katrina facts. The federal government in the United States has been accused of not doing enough to help the people who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. There was mismanagement of the response and relief efforts at all levels of government by the local, state, and federal governments. Officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency and in the City of New Orleans were removed, or resigned, from their positions as a direct result of their actions during and after Hurricane Katrina.

Facts about Hurricane Katrina Summary

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest natural disasters in living memory. This powerhouse storm caused extensive damage on the Gulf Coast in 2005, killing people, destroying property, and flooding much of New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina facts tell us about the power of the storm and the devastation it left in its wake. We also learn about some of the failures in the response to Hurricane Katrina, and these provide us with some of the saddest Hurricane Katrina facts.

In some ways, the damage that was done to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina was an accident waiting to happen. One of the most surprising Hurricane Katrina facts to emerge after the storm is that the Army Corps of Engineers was responsible for the dramatic failure of the New Orleans flood system.

These Hurricane Katrina facts will leave you in awe of the power of nature, and saddened by the incredible destruction that occurred. Although many of us saw images on television, the true scale of the damage becomes more apparent when we review Hurricane Katrina facts.

Hurricane Katrina changed many people’s lives forever. These Hurricane Katrina facts tell the story of a huge storm that impacted the lives of many people. The impact from Hurricane Katrina continues to be felt today.




Psychological Facts of Life to Understand People

Try to understand feelings of the people, according to psychological facts of life. People usually react opposite when they really get hurt. These psychological facts about human nature are 99% proved true to judge people and understand their inner feelings.

Amazing Psychological Facts of Life

Here is a list of most amazing psychological facts of life.

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  • Too much laughing, even at stupid things indicates that the person is very lonely deep inside.
  • When a person sleeps more than average and likes sleeping all the time, then he is very sad.
  • Whenever you eat something in a very abnormal manner, then you are in some sort of problem or tension.
  • If someone speaks less but he/she speaks faster, this means that he has a lot of secrets.
  • Fragrance remains in the hands of those who distribute roses, the happiest person on this earth will be the one who keep other happy.
  • If a person cannot cry, then it means he/she is too weak.
  • psychological facts of lifeOne of the interesting psychological facts of life: The one start crying on little things is soft-heart and innocent.
  • Red is a color of danger but it’s also the symbol of love, People who become angry on small things; it simply means they need love and care.

Facts of Life

  • If a person expects so much from you, it simply means he has too much faith in you.
  • Your eyes blink faster whenever you are lying.
  • If a person keep looking in your eyes and says nothing, means he want you to ask him to share something he has in his mind.
  • A person is stubborn. It simply means he had lost someone special.
  • If someone is crying and the first tear came from left eye, this means he’s happy, while the tear from right eye indicate that the person is sad.
  •  When you resist on telling something, then you are hurt badly.
  • If a person keep his hands in his pocket while talking then it means that he is nervous.
  • Your favorite song always associates with the most emotional event of your life.


Incredibly Weird Facts That Will Blow Your Mind | Interesting Facts

All these facts might looks weird to read but let me tell you that all these facts are true and these weird facts are astonishing to listen because all the things i am going to tell you had happen in the past or still happening in the present.

List Of Most Weird Facts Ever

Fact #1

awesome weird facts

In old times black peeper that we use today was much valuable for the people, that they use it as their currency and even rob those who had it.

Fact #2

interesting weird facts

well well well!!!! You think you are clean and if cockroach touches you, then you should wash your hands twice, this means you are wrong, because someone already had done this, its the cockroach that runs to safety and cleans itself if it touches human body, weird to listen right?? But its totally true.

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Fact #3

weird facts ever

Scientifically it has been proved that the dead cells in human body keeps on growing even if a person dies, because dead cells are dead and they don’t need any nutrition or blood to grow, so they keep on growing if a person dies, and our hairs and nails are dead cells, so they will never stop growing.

Fact #4

new weird facts

With reason unknown it was observed by the researchers that human nose can smell stronger in the evening, but in the morning the smelling power is much weaker. Few of the reasons are given for this weird fact but no authentic has been yet provided.

Fact #5

most weird facts

Creatures who don’t fart, neither vomit simply have better immune system, they have powerful barriers between the throat and the stomach, they have great muscular power and heavy digestive system, which doesn’t allow them to vomit.

Fact #6

best weird facts

One of the very weird facts indicates that when hippo’s feel warm a blood type liquid comes from their skin, firstly people were confused on it, but later on researchers found out that its the sweat of the hippo which is red in color.

Fact #7

few weird facts

Bread is made up of flour and flour is made by grinding the seeds, which we use to eat in breakfast and lunch, but let me tell you that ancient people use, bread to remove pencil work, that was the time before the invention of eraser.

Fact #8

weird facts in the world

Cutest fish of all is dolphin, which is also known as the most friendly sea creature. The most weird thing about this cute creature is that it sleeps with one eye open, some people say that dolphin keep alerted by doing so, and some say that its in their creation, they don’t have control on their one eye.

Fact #9

werid facts

A very true fact, we can’t commit suicide by holding our breath, because its simply impossible, no matter how hard we try, no matter what happens we cant kill our self by holding breath. Your mind will never allow you to do it.

Fact #10

some weird facts

Another one of the most interesting weird facts; If your eyes are open , then you are watching your nose, each and every second we see our nose, but the only thing we do is to ignore it, as long as our eyes are open. Well thanks to your brain, that chooses to ignore it, otherwise its very weird.


Collection Of Most Amazing Science Facts Ever

Planets where it rains diamond, galaxies where signs of life are infinite and logic’s which makes sense and science which proves them are called the amazing science facts.

Sometimes we all question on life, galaxies and their creation. Science is only strength which answers these theories, these facts are more logical but still we wonder because sometime science itself don’t know the answers.

List Of Most Amazing Science Facts Ever

Here is a list of most amazing science facts that will hold your breath for sure and you may question on universe and laws of nature, because these Few Interesting Facts are much logical and authentic.

  • Do you know that pickle can glow in the darkness when you apply electric current to it? Let me tell you the answer. Its Yes, because the salt water in the pickle can act as a conductor which allows the current to flow and complete circuit will make the pickle to glow in the darkness.
  • Our solar system rotates around the galaxy just like earth rotates around the sun, It takes 225-million years for our solar system to go come back at the same location where it started. That means that the last time we were in our current position, dinosaurs were babies.
  • Wind on Neptune can break The Sound Barrier, because the speed of wind on Neptune is fast enough to reach the speed of sound.
  • Sun is 3 million times greater than the earth.
  • One of the most amazing science facts informs that it rains Sulphuric Acid and snow Metal on VENUS.
  • most amazing science factsScientists discover 42 new species every upcoming day.
  • Whenever you awake from a long sleep your brain have the ability to generate electricity that can glow a 40 Watt bulb for 24 hours.
  • Egg behaves like a bouncy ball when you put it in vinegar for a while, by doing so egg shell dissolves and the egg becomes clear.
  • 1600 light-years away there exist the only nearest Black hole to the earth.
  • You should know that it rains diamonds on Uranus and diamonds is something very costly, which is extremely awesome and the coolest science fact.
  • The amount of DNA in human body is very large, even though if you stretch it from the sun to Pluto and do this process for the 7 times.
  • Human brain contains 80% of water.
  • Our universe is made of 50,000 Million galaxies and there are between 100,00 Million and 1,000,00 Million stars in a single galaxy. In the Milky Way there can be 10 Million planets like earth and you must not think that you are alone in this universe.
  • Single lightning bolt has the energy to glow 100,000 light bulbs.
  • Bees have 5 eyes, two we usually see on the front and other 3 eyes are on the top of bee’s head.
  • The acid in human stomach is very strong, it can even dissolve steel blades.
  • The second largest planet in the solar system has the surface that can float on water, if you put the stones of Saturn in Water, it would float.
  • Your brain is 50% more active in night.
  • The Great Wall of China is the only thing that can be seen from the space.
  • 32 light years away from our solar system, there is an exoplanet that is completely covered in burning ice.
  • Beer is radioactive.


Psychological Facts About Love And Dreams

The most real psychological facts about love indicates that love is that condition in which the happiness of other person is essential to your own.

Psychological facts about love tells us that “When you love someone then your lover’s happiness is more important then your happiness”. In case you are in love or been in love, you’ll realize that love is one of the most profitable, important, and many times confusing feelings that may give different experience as humans.

Psychology of a person defines the real of him. Because the way he act or pretend is quiet opposite to what he really is. Sometimes these interesting facts about psychology of life help you judge the feelings of other person. I must say it is necessary for you to understand others before you judge them.

When You Are In Love With Someone? (Signs of Love)

psychological facts about love

When you are in love ? Is it one of the Love facts or  it’s just a question?

Everyone needs answer to that question “Am I in Love?” but let me tell you that no one has ever known the reason to love someone, its something natural that can’t be described.

Many Philosophers Says :

You are in Love when you start thinking about someone from morning till night,every second and every minute of the day.  Whenever you walk very slow with the person you like, your heartbeats faster than normal when you are with him/her. You usually start smiling without any reason when you are with him/her.

Something What I Believe:

If the thought of loosing your significant scares you, than you are in Love with that individual, but if loosing him doesn’t matters to you then you are not in Love.

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Psychological Facts About Love

The real state of person is defined by his/her psychology and there are few amazing Psychological facts about love that will show you the reality behind love and the psychological effect of love on the person.

  • People who spend more of their time in the sun are proved more likely to be happier than the people who hate sun. These happy people are more likely to fall in love too because their presence make other people happy.
  • The pupil of your eyes expands up to 45% when you are in love, if you want to judge if someone loves you are not just look in to his/her eyes.
  • Whenever a man is in love, his voice will deepen, where as a woman voice will behave totally opposite to man.
  • One of the best psychological facts that has been proven true is that it only takes 4 minutes to fall in love with someone.
  • You can maintain 150 stable friendships or relationships at a time, this fact shows that you can love 150 times or you can trust 150 times only. This psychological fact is proved by science.

Crazy Love Facts

  • The person next to you when tells you that he/she is single or not in any kind of relationship, indicates that he/she is interested in you.

Another most interesting love facts says:

When you can not sleep at night, it means you are awake in someones else’s dream. 

  • Psychological facts about loveWhen you truly love someone, then you want them to be happy no matter they are with you or not.
  • Whenever you awake from a long sleep, the first person who’s on your mind on that moment is either the reason of your happiness or pain.
  • Another psychological fact about love shows that it’s very easy to yell in a loud speaker in front of thousand people instead of saying a single word to your lover for the first time.
  • Another interesting love fact indicates that the more you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall in love with that person.
  • When a guy talks to a girl standing with his legs apart, is a sign that he likes her.
  • When someone start appearing in your dreams, it clarifies that person misses you. And this sentence really deserves its place in one of the best psychological facts about love.
  • A psychological research says whenever you pretend not to miss someone leads the mind to miss that person even more.
  • People who are sensitive and can easily blush is a sign that they have a pure heart and are good lovers.
  • Too much possessiveness for someone shows that you are truly in love with that individual.

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Fun Facts About Love

  • The heartbeat of women is 25 % faster than men.
  • According to 50 % singles, the best day to date for the first time is Wednesday.
  • If you interact with someone in a very dangerous or serious situation, you are more likely to fall in love.
  • Psychology proves that cuddling actually increases your strength in love.
  • No Psychological facts about love can prove that “what is our need to kiss?
  • For a man’s mental health a 5 minute conversation with a beautiful girl is more beneficial than a 2 hour yoga.
  •  In the US, after every 15 seconds there occurs a new divorce.

Why You Should Love Someone?

Love is something you can’t create, its something built-in inside heart. Love provides something you can’t even imagine. The most amazing facts about love indicates that when you start loving someone your brain works 24 hours a day. And you become much more responsible than before. Another reason to start loving someone is that ” Love provides care and strength to feel the pain for others“.  Whenever you are in love you can understand matters and feelings of others 50% more deeply than when you are single.

Psychologist says that when you are in love you become more courageous and your self esteem increases. Also when you are in love your life means something for you. You are more likely to achieve your destiny more desperately than before.

The Buddhists say:

When you meet some one and your hands shakes, heart pounds and your knees go weak. That must not be the one because soul mate is the one with whom you will feel calm without any agitation or anxiety.

Some Bonus Psychological Facts

  • It takes about 2 months to adopt a new habit.
  • A normal human being is probably 50 times more creative in night than afternoon.
  • Blue is the only color that causes the brain to release relaxing hormones.
  • The maximum number of close friends a person can maintain is 140.
  • On average you burn more calories while sleeping than you do watching TV.
  • When you are under 3 years old, you cannot dream about yourself. You can not appear in your dream unless you are 4 year old.
  • The average dream lasts between 15 to 20 minutes.

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