Earthquake Facts: 50 Interesting Facts about Earthquake

Shaking of earth is known as earthquake and its myths turns into the reality by these series of scary and interesting earthquake facts.

Every day the earth is shaken by hundreds of small earthquakes, most go unnoticed. These earthquakes usually occur along the boundaries of thin plate’s covering the earth like an eggshell..

The surface of the earth is made up of 20 plates that can move constantly , driven by the heat within the earth’s core the plates lined against each other on long lines called faults and when these plates find their motion blocked, stress builds up and the released energy rises through the earth in the form of waves and movement of plates creates a force shaking the earth called Earthquake.

Interesting Facts about Earthquake – Earthquake Facts

Here is a list of most terrifying and interesting Earthquake facts. Learn this interesting information about earthquakes while enjoying a range of interesting facts.

  • The magnitude of world’s largest earthquake ever recorded was 9.5, this terrifying moment occurred in Chile in 1960.
  • California is moving toward northwest along the fault of San Andreas with a rate of 0.8 inches per year.
  • It is observed by the scientists that within next 85 million years Los Angeles could be located in Alaska.
  • Earthquake can turn water into gold.
  • Standing under the doorway when the earth is shaking is a very false advice.
  • There is no accurate instrument or way to predict the earthquakes.
  • The disaster of San Francisco ruined more than 500 blocks of the town.
  • Due to the Nepal earthquake in 2015, Mount Everest shrank 1 Inch 2.5 Cm.
  • One of the most interesting facts about earthquake shows that in Alaska there occur ICEQUAKES and these quakes are produced by shaking of ice below.
  • It is also said that Quakes can occur on the moon which are known as MOONQUAKES.
  • Earthquake facts also show that each year there occur more than 500,000 quakes all around the world, though most of them are so small that they are never felt.

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Unbelievable Earthquake Facts

  • The world’s most terrifying and deadliest shake ever recorded has occurred in China in 1556 vanishing more than 830,000
  • unbelievable factsCalifornia experiences more than 10,000 quakes per year.
  • The Great Alaskan Earthquake is known as the largest earthquake ever occurred in the U.S which had a magnitude of 9.2.
  • Tsunami is caused by the earthquake occurring under the sea.
  • Earthquake facts and studies show that around 80% of all the earthquakes are originated in Pacific Rim.
  • Japan experiences more than 1500 earthquakes every year.
  • An Earthquake on DEC 1811 made the Mississippi River to flow backward.
  • 8000 people die every year due to earthquake.
  • One of the very interesting facts about Earthquake tells us that the ratio of these quakes is equally distributed to all the weathers.
  • The destructive earthquake of Chile with a magnitude of 8.8 has shortened earth days by slightly changing the rotation of the earth.
  • The aftershocks of the HAWAII’s earthquake are still being observed.
  • Another study shows that the increase in sea levels and melting of the glaciers disturbs the balance of earth plates increasing the intensity of the earthquakes.

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Fun Facts About Earthquake

There is also a verity of fun facts about earthquake on google. But we have choose the most unique content to improve your knowledge.

  • Cats are extremely sensitive to earthquakes and vibrations. Scientists believe that they can detect earthquake tremors 15 minutes before human.
  • Fun facts about earthquake also point out the Japan Mythology, according to which most of the people believe that there is giant fish in the ocean called “NAMAZU”, and they believe that it is responsible for all the earthquakes.
  • Extraction of oil from the soil can also cause minor earthquakes.
  • Earthquake Weather” is a false myth. There is no such thing in reality.

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China Facts: Amazing and Interesting Facts about China

Today I have got crazy, cool, epic, awesome, funny, weird, wild, unexpected, true, interesting facts about china and I expect you to love these china facts.

China is officially known as the People’s Republic of China and is one of the oldest civilizations of the world.

Interesting Facts about China

Here is a list of some interesting facts about china you probably aren’t aware of.

  • China is the country with largest population of 1.3 billion people.
  • It is said that one in every five people in the world is probably the Chinese.
  • China is the fourth largest country.
  • For over 40 years all the Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald duck were banned in China.
  • China is only the third nation to launch a manned spaceflight after U.S and Russia in 2003.
  • Over the past few years china has now become the world best seller of Beer.
  • Red is the color of happiness for Chinese and is used at parties and weddings.
  • For Apricot china is the only native country.
  • One of the most interesting facts about china tells us that, 50% of Donkeys of the world lives in china.
  • Soccer is also the invention of Chinese.
  • Thousands years ago the world’s first paper money was created in China.
  • One in every three socks you have were made in the district of the Tung in Suji China, which is also known as socks city.
  • More than 30 million people in China live in “Cave homes” because they are warm in winter and cold in the summer.
  • In 2008 china classified internet addiction as a disease.
  • Dyeing Pets to look like other wild animals has been a trend in china since the 2000.
  • The Great Wall of China is the largest structure made by man in the world.
  • Early in 700 A.D, Finger printing was first practiced in china.
  • About 200 years ago, Tea was invented by the Chinese.
  • Chinese also invented Compass, Paper and Gunpowder.
  • Suspension Bridges were also invented in China early in as 25 B.C.
  • For the backup communication system, the Chinese army has also trained more than 10,000 pigeons.

The Great Inventors of All the Time

Let me tell you other most interesting facts about china that: Ancient china has invented series of inventions from the ancient world to the modern world including the four great inventions.

  1. Paper
  2. Printing
  3. Gun Powder
  4. Compass

But that’s just the basics:

Crossbow, soccer, paper money, the tooth brush, cast iron, domino’s, nail polish, fishing wheels, the horse collar, kite, paper cup, playing cards, movie theater, restaurant’s menu cards, toilet paper, wrapping paper, mechanical clocks, even the ice cream were all invented by the Chinese.

Country with a 2 Year Old Emperor

interesting facts about chinaThe Chinese emperor PUYI became the ruler when he was only 2 years old. He was the 12th ruler of the Ching Dynasty and the very last emperor of china after having one for over 5000 years. PUYI was carried to the throne by his father; in fact he got scared by the loud ceremonial drums and started crying.

 Fun Fact about China – Weird Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is separate from the traditional January 1st New Year celebrated around the world, and this has been observed for over 4 thousand years. The festival begins on the 2nd new moon on the shortest day of the year. Night before the new year in china, a family reunion dinner is held, windows and doors are often decorated with red paper.

Some people like fire crackers or give money in red paper envelops because red is  a color traditionally associated with luck in Chinese culture. On each New Year people travel in Buses and Planes all around the china to meet their loved ones, which makes it the world’s largest annual human migration.

In Chinese culture it is traditionally believed that every person turns one year old on the New Year, which means it’s considered to be everyone’s birthday which makes it one of the weirdest facts about china.

China Facts – SILK

The Chinese have been making silk for over 5000 years and furiously guarded the secret of making it for most of the time. In fact if any one tries to smuggle the secret of making silk out of the country was put to death.

According to Chinese legends, Silk was discovered in 3000 B.C by the wife of “Yellow Emperor –Leizu” and it is also said that she accidentally made silk by dropping ingredients in the pot of tea..

The Demand for this comfortable fabric eventually created over 6000 miles long trade root known as the SILK ROAD, that stretch all the way from eastern china to the Mediterranean sea. This also helps create some of the first real cultural connections between china and the other civilizations in India, Persia and Arabia.

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JFK Facts: Legacy of American’s 35th President

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of America, and is also known as JFK. There are many facts about JFK that you may probably aren’t aware of.

JFK Biography


(From 1917 to 1963)

  • JFK was born on 29th May, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • He was assassinated and died on 22nd November, 1963 in Texas.

He was raised by his wealthy parents. His father, Joseph Kennedy was a prominent political figure in the history of United States, He always wanted his son to become the president of America and worked tirelessly for his success. His elder son was killed during World War 2 and it was JFK who become the president. Many tragedies happen for the family and JFK died an untimely death on November 22nd.

His parents were Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Fitzgerald Kennedy, He had 8 siblings including 5 sisters and 3 brothers. JFK married Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953 and they also had four children but only two of them survived.


His career included the roles of politician and statesman, he received an excellent education and graduated from Harvard college. In 1961 he became the president of America and serve for only two years until 1963.

JFK FACTS – 10 Interesting Facts about JFK

During his time as a president and as a statesman, JFK donated all of his salary to the poor and to charity.

He was 43 years old when he was inaugurated as the 35th president.

He had great concerns about the space programs of high cost, that he also proposed partnering with Soviet Union.

A weird JFK fact shows that he wrote only 5 sentences in his application to Harvard.

JFK was the fourth president to be assassinated and is one of the 8 presidents to die in office.

John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic President.

He also installed a taping system secretly in the white house in 1962.

JFK, C.S Lewis and Aldous Huxley died on the same day.

16 Million US dollars were paid by the US government to the Zapruder Family for the film of John F. Kennedy assassination.

He also brought 1200 cigars from the Cuba few hours before singing Embargo against the Cuba.

Interesting Bunny Rabbit Facts for Kids

If you want to add a bunny rabbit in your home then you should read these interesting rabbit facts before taking any decision.

Irresistibly soft and fluffy with their floppy bunny years and twitching bunny nose many people can’t resist their lovable look. Throughout years, the cute creature named rabbit who loves to live in woods, grasslands, forests, wetlands and deserts is a symbol of fertility. Some people hunt them down for food and some kept them as a pet in home and today we are going to discuss these interesting rabbit facts for kids that will surely groom your knowledge about the rabbits.

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Fun Facts about Rabbits

Here are some of the most interesting fun facts about rabbit you will love to read.

  • Rabbit is a mammal, which can sleep with open eyes.
  • In general when rabbit has no name, then male rabbit is buck, while a female is doe.
  • When they are asleep their nose stops twitching.
  • rabbit facts for kidsRabbit is also the animal in Chinese Zodiac who represents kindness, compassion, sensitivity and elegance.
  • The longest year of the rabbit is measured 31 inches.
  • When you keep a rabbit as a pet, you should never touch him unless or until he’s ready for it, because a rabbit has a very weak heart and you might scare him to death.
  • They Love vegetables. Their health depends on the amount of hay and grass present in their food.
  • They don’t even want to smell meat.
  • Darius” is the largest Rabbit in the world, Darius weights up to 50 pounds and is approximately 4 feet and 3 inches in size.
  • An interesting fact about rabbit tells us that when they are babies, they are called kittens.
  • The favorite food of a rabbit is carrot.
  • Aztecs worshiped 400 rabbit gods.
  • You may not believe on this weird rabbit fact, but let me tell you that a rabbit can see in all direction in an angle of 360 degree, the only blind spot for them is in front of their nose.
  • After cats and dogs, rabbits are 3rd abandoned pet kept in shelters.
  • In wild they have their own herds or groups where they survive as a group.
  • The cute ears of bunny rabbits are mostly 4 inches long.
  • Hares and rabbits are totally different from each other.
  • On average a rabbit sleeps for up to 8 hours a day.
  • In North America you can find half of the rabbit’s population.
  • When a rabbit is born, it has no fur but when it grew its fur increases.
  • A rabbit has 28 teeth and let me tell you one of the most interesting rabbit facts that their tooth never stops growing throughout their life.
  • There is a type of rabbit that can be trained like dogs.
  • Domestic (pet) rabbit dies within 2 to 3 days if it is left in wild.
  • In 600 BC a concept was brought forward that rabbit feet can bring good luck.
  • The maximum age of rabbit is around 16 years.
  • There is a type of rabbit known as “Cotton tail Rabbit”, which lives in nests above the ground level.
  • For those who hunt rabbit it is proved that the meat of rabbit is lower in calories, fats and cholesterol than beef, chicken and pork.

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Stonehenge Facts, Secrets and Mysteries

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument with great mysteries and secrets, there are many Stonehenge facts to show that this great and amazing monument was not built without any reason.

Imagine a time before mobile phones, before email and the internet, before books, before writing; yeah!!!  I am taking about the Stone Age, this was the most ancient era you probably can think. Let me tell you that Stonehenge is as old and is as important in the story of people on this planet as the Pyramids in Egypt and Temples in Mexico.  What was Stonehenge for? Who built it? How? Why? These are some questions you should and you must know as a human or I must say as a creature of planet earth.

Stonehenge Location: Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, United Kingdom (England).

Area of Stonehenge: Stonehenge is 13km north of Salisbury and 3km west of Amesbury.

Amazing Stonehenge Facts and History

Let’s start with some of the Stonehenge facts what we know. Something’s have not changed much in thousands of years, a sun rises and sets in more or less the same place, the stars in the night and the shakes of the land look much the same to us as they did to people long ago, but so much has changed.  One of the most amazing Stonehenge facts tells us that no one wrote down who built Stonehenge or how, it comes from a time long before people kept written records.

Stonehenge is not the oldest man made structure but this monument has captured the imagination of millions, over the centuries numerous people have attempted to learn more about Stonehenge. How was it made? Why? Everyone wants to know the truth behind this mysterious and remarkable structure.

After thousands of years, we still aren’t sure exactly what Stonehenge is. The sophisticated new technologies give the new insights on the monument and the answers often only lead to more questions.  But archaeologists say that Stonehenge was built in stages, it is a part of much bigger site linked together by river “Avonand there are other historical monuments nearby.

Stonehenge was built before anything written down but the archaeologists have found lots of evidence like traces of buildings, tools, weapons and human bones.

When Was Stonehenge Built?

stonehenge factsStonehenge began life 5000 years ago, as a circular choke bank and ditch and it was called as a Henge. It would have stood out clean n white across the landscape but today it has a soft shape in the grass. Within the bank were a circular wooden posts or stones, but now there remains only the marks and deep holes of the circular stones and wooden posts.

500 years later construction work began again, huge sarsen stones were stood up like 5 giant doorways in a U-shape and around these were built a circle of more like these stones which were bit small but high above the ground.  Finally!! The smaller few sarsen stones arrived and they were arranged to create another circle inside the massive outer circular shaped sarsen stones.

Archaeologists believe that the sarsen stones came from 19 miles away and these stones were dragged on a wooden fletches and it is observed that dragging these stones would have taken a team of 200 people and at least 12 days to shift one stone.

How Did They Get Those Heavy Stones In Perfect Shape Without Machinery?

There are the stones that were brought about 100 miles away and some of these stones are heavier than sarsen stones, now the most interesting fact is how do they fit those stones up without cranes and heavy machinery.

Tools used for creating Stonehenge were only made of wood, stone and bones, Archaeologists think that the stones were angled perfectly by using big stones, and the stones raised up on the top could have been raised up on a platform of wood. For this purpose serious organization and expert knowledge was needed, and now you should be thinking that who were the people who had this extraordinary knowledge and vision?

Who Built Stonehenge?

4500 years ago people in the area lived in scattered communities, they were farmers and they lived in houses and grew crops. As the seasons changed they would have moved with their herds and many evidences shows that at this place people usually gather there to share foods and celebrate their special events.

Mystery of Stonehenge

What was Stonehenge’s purpose?  To justify the answer to this question over the years people have proposed dozen of theories and facts ranging from a healing site to an ancestral shrine, a calendar even the ancient roman camp or it was built to see something in the sky.

Stonehenge facts

Researchers have also argued that Stonehenge was meant to be a kind of echo chamber, and many Studies have proven that the structure has extraordinary Acoustics. However some of pure promising if not conclusive, such as the idea that Stonehenge is part of ancient funereal site, where for the first 500 years people buried their dead and this theory represents death and nothing else.

Some people think that may be the secret of Stonehenge is in the blue stones, they must have been very important so that’s why they have moved them all the way, perhaps the stones had healing power.

There are many interesting facts about Stonehenge but one of the most amazing Stonehenge facts shows that the stones were arranged to frame the sun in special days in the year, so we can say that Stonehenge was meant to observe the weather and time.

And there is one more Stonehenge fact, what if Stonehenge is a map, according to French researchers this is an ancient star map with encoded messages with position of star system identifying human origins, well all these theories are acceptable to some but also these theories are neglected by many.

However from ancient alien enthusiasm to the mysterious map, Stonehenge facts indicates that it is incredibly important to humanity as a whole and it isn’t mysterious at all, instead it represent the signs of development and extraordinary architecture of the ancient world. It shows that the designers were highly advance in mathematics and geometry.

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Stephen Hawking Facts, Biography and Theories

Stephen Hawking facts, biography and theories reveals some interesting truths of the great legend, these are the facts you probably didn’t heard before.

Stephen William Hawking was born in oxford England on the 300 anniversary of the death of Galileo on January 8, 1942. At seventeen years old he entered Oxford University, It is told that Stephen Hawking was not a very ambitions student, one day he calculated that he spent about hour a day on the school work.

In 1962, Stephen hawking moved to Cambridge university for a PhD in  cosmology and one year later was diagnosed with ALS lou Gehrig’s disease. It is a type of disease over which a person loses control of his muscles, Hawking lost the control of his muscles but his mind was functioning correctly. Although his diagnoses only gave him 2.5 years to live but Hawking survived and it was his will power and courage to defeat death and let him live and become the extraordinary scientist of all the time.

Hawking married in 1965 and stung the science world in 1974 with his PBS on black holes. He was the person who taught the world how to define a black hole. He made a brilliant discovery that black holes can radiate. He showed a great connection between black hole, physics and thermodynamics.

He became the distinguished scholar at Caltech in 1974 and five years later hawking was named Cambridge university Lucasian professor of mathematics. He is a theoretical physicists of a very specific kind, he studies cosmology, particle physics and gravity, that’s trying to understand the very basic laws of physics as well as where the universe itself came from.

The only thing that makes us very special is that we can understand the universe no matter we are the ants on small planet. “Stephen Hawking”

Popularity with Passion

Hawking sees things that other people didn’t see; he is the person who thinks more deeply than most of the rest of us. Even though Hawking can’t speak by his own, he continued his work with a computerized speech sympathizer to speak. He wrote a brief history of time in 1988 selling more than 10 million copies which is something very great, this achievement made hawking the most courageous person in the history of Science.

Stephen Hawking book “A Brief History of Time” was a great achievement and a great selling book for months. “A Brief History of Time” is about where we come from and where we headed from a physicists point of view. After expanding upon his work, he wrote several more books. He also received a “presidential medal of freedom” in 2009, although he retired from teaching same year.

Hawking increased his popularity by starring in TV shows like Sim Sim, Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory. Hawking is the most remarkable physicists probably since Einstein, there are many other physicists working very deeply at nature secrets but hawking has celebrity status that very few scientists reached. He continues to be held as one of the greatest scientific minds of all time.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Amazing Stephen Hawking Facts

Here are some amazing Stephen hawking facts you might not know:

  • Both television special and Newsweek magazine cover described him as a great “Master of Universe”.
  • The Stephen Hawking action figure in Simpson’s is worthier than Superman and Batman action figures.
  • He believed that matter can escape from a black hole, and this concept gave birth to Hawking Radiation.

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  • If you calculate the net worth of Stephen William Hawking, then it will be about 20 Million Dollars.
  • He also believed that time can travel into the future, his theory clarifies that there is no valid reason for time travel into the past, the only possibility is the future not past.
  • Hawking believed that:

We are very small. But we are profoundly capable of very big things.

  • The family car of Stephen hawking in his childhood was an old TAXI car.
  • His parents usually kept bees in the household basement and in the green house they made fireworks.
  • In his young age he attended the Girls school named Albans High School.
  • One of the most amazing stephen hawking facts shows that he usually took apart radios and clocks, but he never succeeded to put them back together in working condition.
  • Stephen Hawking believes that humans must leave earth and they must colonize other planets if they want to save human race.
  • He loves to dance and row. He also had 3 children, a girl and two boys.

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 Stephen Hawking Doesn’t Believe in God

stephen hawking facts

Now you must be thinking, “Does Stephen Hawking believe in god?” well the question is quite valid and let me tell you one of the most surprising Stephen Hawking facts that he does not believe in the existence of God.

Stephen hawking says that even the question “Do God exist?” itself makes no sense. He believe that there is no time before the Big bang and the existence of time makes no sense before the big bang, when there’s no time, then there is no valid point that proves that God make the universe. According to Hawking everyone is free to believe but there is no God according to his believes.

No one created the Universe and no one directs our fate, there’s probably no afterlife and no heaven either. We had only one life to be grateful for this universe and there is no other life to appreciate the design of Universe. “Stephen William Hawking “

After learning all the theories and interesting stephen hawking facts, you should probably believe that Stephen is a person who truly deserves the title of “Master of Universe”. It is really very difficult for a person with this type of physical conditions to become the greatest scientist of all the time. Stephen hawking is a inspiration for all the people who want to do big things and who want to achieve something that seems impossible.

Interesting Facts about William Shakespeare

There are hundreds of interesting facts about William Shakespeare, the greatest writer world has ever known, let me tell you some of the most amazing and interesting William Shakespeare facts that turned him from an actor to a legend.

William Shakespeare’s Biography

William Shakespeare was an English poet and one of the greatest authors of all time, he was born in Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom, his actual birthday is unanswered but most of the authors believe that he was born on 15 April 23rd, 1564. He was the son of John and Marry Shakespeare; he would have been provided an extraordinary education in Latin grammar and the classics.

Some Rise by sin…. and some by virtual fall

William is widely regarded as a greatest writer in the English language ever existed. And there are many amazing facts behind William Shakespeare’s success.

Key To His Success

William shakespeare sucess

He started his career as an actor in play write as a member of the actors group in “The Kings Company”, after few years this company achieved many success until they eventually built the famous Globe Theater, their very first own stage. As there were only male members in the company, every role had to be played by men but that was not the reason why Shakespeare’s plays like Othello or Hamlet were very popular.

To match the various tastes of the audience, Shakespeare created text of high complexity containing relatively simple plots as well as complex turns. Being the key to his success, his stories also contained multiple characters, twists and lots of confusions containing something for everyone in the audience.  So, it wasn’t

Famous Plays of William Shakespeare

Here is a list of 10 most famous play writes of William Shakespeare’s”

  1. Hamlet
  2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  3. As You Like It
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. King Lear
  6. Henry V
  7. Richard II
  8. Love’s Labour’s Lost
  9. Timon of Athens
  10. Sir John Oldcastle

Interesting William Shakespeare Facts

Here is a list of most interesting facts about William Shakespeare that you probably don’t know.

Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive…. “William Shakespeare”

  • In 1592 his work was criticized by another play write which documented his career, although it is unknown when he began writing.
  • Around 1859 to 1860 Shakespeare wrote his first play named:”Henry VI”.
  • To many people he was a keen businessman.
  • He was probably educated in the local grammar school and then there is no record of him until he married “­­­Anne Hathaway” in 1582.

facts about William shakespeare

  • The years 1599 to 1601 were the most important part in Shakespeare’s life, because during this time he wrote one of his famous compositions, The Play Hamlet, it would be the most popular plays ever known to the world.
  • All the while there is a more sensitive side of William, not as a play write or author but as a poet, His first poem was published in 1609 and the words touched the hearts of the world making William one of the best poets ever.
  • One of the most interesting facts about William Shakespeare explains that he also created many of the new words that never existed before. He has been credited by the oxford English dictionary as introducing more than 3000 words in to the English language.
  • William Shakespeare is the inventor of the word “Assassination”.
  • Globe was the name of the theater which makes William Shakespeare a wealthy man.
  • His works consists of some 38 plays, 154 sonnets and many other poems, his plays have been translated into many of the modern languages and his plays are been performed more than any other play write in history.
  • The most famous poem of Shakespeare was the “Fairy Song”.
  • Words “Fashionable” and “Eyeball” are also the creation of William Shakespeare.

Suicide in Literature

A very astonishing and unknown cause behind mysterious facts about William Shakespeare indicates that in his plays there are 13 suicides recorded. He ended many love stories with a suicide in his very famous plays.

The number suicides recorded in William Shakespeare’s plays are:

2 in Romeo and Juliet

3 in Julius Caesar

1 in Hamlet

1 in Macbeth

5 in Antony and Cleopatra

Weird facts About William Shakespeare: William Shakespeare Facts

Here are some weird facts about William Shakespeare:

  • William Shakespeare had seven siblings, two of whom were named JOHN and they were born a year apart. Two baby girls with same name really make this fact weird for Shakespeare.
  • Shakespeare never spelled his name Shakespeare in the documents, the spellings were totally different.
  • In 1613 the Globe Theater burned during the performance of Shakespeare’s play, it seems weird because it was a play managed to burn down his own theater.
  • William Shakespeare works have been translated in to over 80 languages, and the weirdest of all was that Shakespeare was also translated into Klingon.
  • At first Shakespeare never actually published any of his plays, two of his friends published 36 of his plays in an edition called “First Folio”. His plays began to be published in 1594 and by 1598 his name starts appearing on the title pages of the works.

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William Shakespeare died in 1616 at the age of 52, but his plays are still performed today and amaze audiences. His stories have found their way in to many of today’s movies, books and even music.   


Uranus Facts: 40 Interesting Facts about Uranus | WTF Facts

Uranus facts!! The seventh planet from the sun is the 3rd largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter and Saturn, this planet was discovered centuries ago but only few in the world knows the true myths of Uranus.

About The Planet Uranus

With a diameter about four times the earth, like the other large planets, Uranus is made largely of hydrogen and Helium but it also has many more icy compounds made of water, ammonia and many more, and because of this Uranus is sometimes referred to as an “ICE giant”.

  • 68 x 1025 kg
  • -357 degrees Fahrenheit

The radius of the planet Uranus is about 25,362 kilometers.

Uranus has the coldest atmosphere than any other planet in the solar system, even though its not the farthest planet from the sun.

Unlike Neptune does not generate much internal heat, as the result the weather of the Uranus is mostly cold with compare to the feverish activity of the other gas giants. Uranus facts prove that at one time this planet was called “The most boring planet in the Solar System”. The exception is the weather produced during seasonal changes.

Distance From The Sun

Uranus is more than 1.7 billion miles or about 3 billion kilometers from the Sun.

Rotation and Seasons

It traces a huge path around the sun that it takes 84 earth years for Uranus to travel once around it, that means each season lasts for about 21 years.

In addition Uranus is tilted much more than the earth is and this Uranus fact indicates that Uranus is the only planet in the Solar System to be tilted so far, that it is rotating nearly sideways in its orbits. It is also only one of two planets in the solar system (Venus is the other) to rotate in a direction opposite to the rotational direction of the other planets. This tilt makes the seasonal changes on Uranus extreme during the winter and the summer even though the planet continues to rotate at a regular 17 hour intervals.

The summer side faces constantly towards the sun and winter side completely stays in darkness. In fact there are parts of the planet that haven’t seen life for 21 years.

uranus facts

Of all the Uranus facts the most horrible fact indicates that the weather on the Uranus began to change over the last few years causing an increase in storms and cloud formations with winds of up to 560 miles (900 km/hr).

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Strange and Interesting Uranus Facts

There are many Uranus facts but the most interesting and awesome facts about this boring planet are listed below:

  • It is possible to see Uranus with the naked eye in a good viewing conditions, it was never recognized by ancient people as a planet because it so damp and moved slowly.
  • Ancient people never thought about this planet to exist, they always consider it as a star but it was Sir William Herschel who first recognized that it was not a star in 1781.
  • Uranus is the first planet to be discovered with a telescope.
  • At first Uranus was named as George’s Star, in honor of King George (the third) but other astronomers felt that the planet name should stay in line with the mythological origins of the other planets.
  • Uranus was named after the Greek God of the Sky.Uranus facts
  • Uranus has a system of 13 Rings and 27 Moons circling around it.
  • Of the most interesting Uranus facts, the most amazing thing about its moons is: Each Moon of the Uranus was named after a character from William Shakespeare’s “a midsummer night’s dream”.
  • The largest Moon of the Uranus was named after the “queen of the fairies “from the William Shakespeare’s “a midsummer night’s dream”.
  • In 1789 the Rings around Uranus was first observed, but these rings were not confirmed for about nearly 200 years.
  • There is no knowing what future discoveries are related for this mysterious planet but Scientists continues to study and observe in an attempt to understand it.

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Uranus

All throughout history people have looked up at the sky and wondered about distant worlds. In modern times, astrology has been replaced by astronomy, as scientists seek to learn facts about the Universe. The planets that orbit the Sun in our solar system have been the subjects of many scientific studies.

Along with the other planets, scientists have sought to learn about Uranus. Uranus facts teach us more about our solar system. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, with only Neptune being farther away from the Sun than Uranus.

Learning Uranus facts is a great way for kids to get excited about astronomy. When we point a telescope to the sky, we are looking for new discoveries that can tell us about life here on the ground. Discovering Uranus facts can help us discover more facts about life on Earth.

  1. The Name Uranus is Over 2,500 Years Old
  2. The Name Uranus Comes from the Same Root Word as Urine
  3. Uranus Was One of the Last Planets to Be Found in the 1700’s
  4. William Herschel Discovered Uranus in 1781
  5. William Herschel First Named the Planet Uranus as Georgium Sidus
  6. The Planet Uranus Was Almost Named Neptune
  7. Uranus Receives 1/400th the Energy that Earth Receives from the Sun
  8. Scientists Speculate Uranus May Have an Ocean of Liquid Diamond
  9. Brrrr … Uranus is over 350 Degrees Below Zero
  10. Uranus Has 27 Moons and 11 Rings

1. The Name Uranus is Over 2,500 Years Old

Uranus facts
Nearly all the planets in the solar system get their names from Roman Mythology. The names we use for the planets are the names that the Romans used for the Gods they worshipped. The Romans had adopted their Gods from Greek Mythology. For instance, the Greek god Zeus was called Jupiter by the Romans. Also, the planet Mars was named after the Roman god of war, who the Romans renamed from the Greek god Ares.

The first of our surprising Uranus facts is that the planet is the only one that kept its name from Greek mythology. Uranus comes from Ouranos, the Greek God of the sky. When the Romans adopted Uranus as the God of the sky, his name was Caelus. The spelling of Uranus was changed to reflect Latin spelling conventions, but the first of our Uranus facts is that the name of the planet comes from Greek Mythology.

In Greek Mythology, Uranus was Father Sky and was married to Gaia, Mother Earth. Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Gods, the Titans. The Olympians, including Zeus, Apollo, and other Gods, replaced the Titans. The Roman names of these Olympian Gods were used to name most of the planets, including Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Venus. The second of our surprising Uranus facts is that although Uranus was discovered later, the name Uranus is from an earlier God than the Gods whose names were used for most of the other planets.

2. The Name Uranus Comes from the Same Root Word as Urine

Uranus facts

People often joke about the pronunciation of Uranus because it sounds like a part of the body. There are actually two ways to pronounce the word. Scientists prefer to put the stress on the first syllable. The pronunciation that sounds like a part of the body puts the stress on the second syllable. Both are accepted pronunciations.

Another surprising fact, and one of our first funny Uranus facts, is that the word urine actually comes from the same root word as Uranus. As long as we don’t take ourselves too seriously, this is one of the fun Uranus facts for kids because it can help children learn about the origins of words. The origin of Uranus and urine is a very old root word which was used in Proto-Indo-European.


Proto-Indo-European is an ancient language that predated Sanskrit, Greek and Latin. Many words that form the basis of words we use today were used in Proto-Indo-European. These words are called root words. The root word of Uranus and urine in Proto-Indo-European was pronounced something like ouers and meant to moisten or to drip. The word evolved to mean to rain in Sanskrit and Greek.

It makes sense that the name of the God of the sky would be connected with a word meaning to rain. It also makes sense that the word urine would be connected to a word meaning to drip. The meanings are closely related today, as kids who are potty-training may joke that they are making it rain. It’s certainly one of the funny and surprising Uranus facts that the word Uranus and the word urine are related by their root words. This is one of the more educational Uranus facts, especially when compared to the fact about the pronunciation of the word, which doesn’t teach us much about history or language.

3. Uranus Was One of the Last Planets to Be Found in the 1700’s

Uranus facts

As people looked up at the sky throughout history, many people saw the pale blue dot of Uranus. There was speculation as to what the blue dot actually was. Early Greek astronomers labeled it as a star, and this belief was carried through history for over a thousand years.

When telescopes were invented, and the ability to see objects in the night sky improved, more Uranus facts began to emerge. In the late 1700s, European astronomers in France and England observed Uranus and began to record their observations and establish the first fun facts about Uranus for kids.

4. William Herschel Discovered Uranus in 1781

Uranus facts

It was only in 1781 that Uranus fun facts began to receive widespread recognition. Sir William Herschel was watching Uranus through a telescope when he speculated that it was a comet and not a star.

Herschel presented his findings to the Royal Society. The Royal Society was a preeminent group of scientists from England and other parts of the world. In the meetings of the Royal Society, scientists would present their findings and conclusions from their experiments and observations.

Herschel presented the first Uranus facts to the Royal Society. He noted that the size of Uranus changed when he adjusted his telescope, whereas the stars did not change size because they are much farther away. Herschel also noted that Uranus did not have the same type of light as stars, instead appearing hazy in his telescope.

5. William Herschel First Named the Planet Uranus as Georgium Sidus

Uranus facts

Other astronomers across Europe, including Johann Elert Bode in Germany, observed Uranus and suggested that it was a planet and not a star. Bode took measurements and established some of the first Uranus planet facts about the orbit of Uranus. Seeing that there was a stable orbit and no tail, such as those found on a comet, most concluded that it was a planet.

In 1783, Herschel acknowledged to the Royal Society that it was a planet and was given the privilege of naming the new planet. Herschel chose the odd name Georgium Sidus in honor of England’s King George III who had given Herschel a salary for discovering the planet.

6. The Planet Uranus Was Almost Named Neptune

Uranus facts

It’s another of the surprising and fun Uranus facts that the planet was almost named Neptune. People outside of Britain did not like the name Georgium Sidus and a Swedish astronomer proposed the name Neptune.

Bode suggested that the name of the planet should be Uranus. Saturn was the Roman name of the Titan God who was the father of Jupiter. Bode suggested the name based on one of the Uranus fun facts from Greek mythology. Uranus was the father of Saturn, or Cronus in Greek Mythology, and using this name would keep the same naming convention used to name Saturn. In other words, Saturn was the father of Jupiter, and Uranus was his grandfather. Why Bode didn’t suggest Caelus as the name of the planet, is unknown.

Bode’s name caught on, and even inspired the naming of a newly discovered element, uranium. The last of our planet facts relating to the name of Uranus is that it wasn’t until 1850 that the name Georgium Sidus was removed from reference books in Britain.

7. Uranus Receives 1/400th the Energy that Earth Receives from the Sun

Uranus facts

The first of our astronomical facts is that Uranus is almost 3 billion kilometers, or more than 1.8 billion miles, from the Sun. This is roughly 20 times the distance that the Earth is from the Sun. One of the cold fun facts about Uranus is that Uranus receives less intense heat and light from the Sun because it is so far away. Uranus receives roughly 1/400th of the intensity of energy from the Sun that the Earth does.

Because Uranus is farther away from the Sun than Earth, it takes much longer for it to complete an orbit around the Sun. On Earth we count a year every time we orbit the Sun. One of the timely Uranus facts is that it takes Uranus 84 years to complete its orbit around the Sun. Wow, that’s far out!

8. Scientists Speculate Uranus May Have an Ocean of Liquid Diamond

Uranus facts

When we think about planets, we often assume that they are like the Earth, with a mass of land and an atmosphere. Some planets are indeed like this, and are considered rocky planets. It’s one of the light facts that Uranus is one the Gas Giants, a group of planets that includes Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Uranus is made mostly of gas and ice. Because they have a lot of ice – and to further distinguish the planets based on composition – Uranus and Neptune are also called the Ice Giants, while Jupiter and Saturn are only ever referred to as the Gas Giants.

It’s one of the surprisingly cold Uranus facts that the ice on Uranus is not mostly made up of water, like it is here on Earth. The ice on Uranus is frozen water, ammonia and methane. There is a small rocky core at the heart of Uranus. However, the largest part of the planet is a large layer of liquid and ice with an atmosphere of gas surrounding it.


When you consider the pronunciation of Uranus that people joke about, it might seem rather an apt Uranus fact that there is a lot of methane on Uranus. This is another of the Uranus fun facts for kids, and an opportunity to not take ourselves too seriously. We can teach kids about the composition of the atmosphere of different planets, and explain that there is methane here on Earth. Learning is fun when there is laughter involved. While jokes about the common pronunciation of Uranus by kids can be disruptive, it’s far better than other words they could use for that part of the body.

Uranus is big! The circumference of Uranus is 99,786 miles or 160,590 kilometers! That’s over four times the size of Earth! One of the impressive Uranus facts is that Uranus is the third largest planet in the solar system. Uranus also has a large mass, though its mass is less than the other Gas Giants.

Some recent studies have revealed one of the most interesting facts about Uranus : because of the size of Uranus and the molecular composition of methane, it’s speculated that the very bottom of the layer of ice on Uranus is not actually ice, but diamonds! The methane molecules break down under the extreme pressure of the liquid and ice, releasing carbon atoms that form diamonds. There may even be a sea of liquid diamond with diamond icebergs at the base of the liquid and ice layer on Uranus.

9. Brrrr … Uranus is over 350 Degrees Below Zero

Uranus facts

We’ve established the Uranus facts that the planet is a large collection of gas and ice and has a small rocky core. Even though it is mostly ice, and Uranus is far away from the Sun, Uranus is a lot colder than we might expect it to be. In fact, it’s colder than Neptune, which is similar in composition and further away from the Sun.

One of the surprising facts is that Uranus is the coldest planet, with the lowest recorded temperature in the solar system. The temperature of Uranus is over 350 degrees Fahrenheit below zero or over 220 degrees Celsius below zero!

The most elusive of Uranus interesting facts is just why the temperature of the planet is so low. Some theories have suggested there was an impact with another object in our solar system that knocked away some material, and that caused a lot of the stored heat energy escaped from the planet. Other scientists have proposed that there is something in the composition of the layers of Uranus that prevents heat energy from escaping.

10. Uranus Has 27 Moons and 11 Rings

Uranus facts

It may be cold, and very far from the Sun, but it’s not alone! Uranus has 27 moons orbiting it. Voyager 2 was a spacecraft that revealed many of the Uranus fun facts that we know today. Voyager 2 flew by Uranus, performed measurements, and took photographs of the planet in 1986.

It’s surprising that many Interesting facts about Uranus for kids were only discovered so recently. It reminds us that while modern telescopes are amazing, Uranus is very far away. Voyager 2 discovered 10 new moons of Uranus that astronomers had not previously known about.

Astronomers knew that Uranus had rings of material circling the planet, similarly to Saturn. As early as 1789 Herschel had documented what he thought might be a ring around Uranus. Astronomers discovered more rings over time. In 1986, Voyager 2 discovered two new rings in its exploration of Uranus, bringing the total number of known rings to 11. Based on their age, it’s likely that the rings were formed from collisions between Uranus’ many moons.

Telescopes have continued to play a role in discovering new Planet facts, despite the success of the Voyager 2 mission. The Hubble Space Telescope discovered two more rings in 2005. The total number of rings around Uranus is currently thought to be 13.

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Jackie Robinson Facts: 30 Interesting Facts About Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson facts tells us the story of best baseball player ever existed in the history, Jackie made history in 1947 when he started playing his professional carrier with Brooklyn Dodgers.

There are many interesting facts about jackie robinson to prove him the best baseball player ever. Before knowing some interesting facts about Jackie Robinson, we must know his career and his complete life story.

Jackie Robinson Facts and Biography

jackie robinson facts

His Life began on January 31st 1919 in Cairo Georgia; Jackie Robinson was the youngest of 5 siblings and was raised by his mother after his father left his mother with the children. About the year after Jackie was born the family moved to California, there Jackie followed his older brother Mac into the athletics, his brother was a shining star and for Jackie it was also the same. He loved playing football, baseball, tennis and basket ball.

But remember at this time in history, African Americans were treated unfairly and even though he played well on his team, other American team mates still treated him poorly.

When it came to getting an education, Jackie went to a famous school on the west coast called UCLA. There he was a star player in: Track and Field, Basketball, Football and Baseball, and was a first ever to earn a NCAA national championship in the long jump, while he was in college.

Some interesting words of Jackie Robinson:

I never cared about acceptance as much as i cared about RESPECT 

What Happened After The Graduation?  

After graduating the college, Jackie Robinson went on to play professional football but he did not play long because WORLD WAR 2 started and he went to the army.

After spending time in the army, Jackie returned but did not go back to football. He actually went back to play Baseball and started playing for the Negro League team called the “Kansas City Monarchs”. 

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How Jackie Robinson Played in Major League?

Jackie Robinson facts shows that he was the first African American to play in major league baseball at that time African Americans were not allowed to play with Americans. Now you must be thinking, how Jackie Robinson played in Major League, when he was not allowed to play.

The general manager of the Brooklyn dodgers, Branch Rickey approached Jackie Robinson to play in the major league. On April 15, 1947, he became a first African American to play baseball in the major leagues.

During his 10 years in the major leagues, he was named to the all star team 6 times. Over the next 10 years Jackie was one of the best baseball players in the major leagues.

Interesting Jackie Robinson Facts

  • Interesting jackie robinson facts50 years after Jackie Robinson, in 1997 his number “42” was permanently unavailable by each and every team in Major League.
  • Every year April 15th is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Major league of baseball as Jackie Robinson day.
  • Jackie Robinson middle name was a nod; he was named after the president Theodore Roosevelt.
  • He was included inducted into the hall of fame in 1962.
  • One of the interesting Jackie Robinson facts shows that: He was a great athlete in all the four games but it is said that he never intended to become a great baseball player; in fact baseball was his least favorite game.
  • Robinson also started a Hollywood story which was based on his own life.
  • In 1992 he was elected to the baseball hall of fame.
  • He was the first African-American, who became a great TV sports analyst.
  • In Olympics His elder brother had a great name in earning silver medals.
  • On March 26, 1984, he was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • Due to diabetes, Jackie left the baseball.
  • He was arrested 2 times.
  • He had conservative views on war of Vietnam.
  • Robinson died on a heart attack on October 24th

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Although Jackie Robinson is gone but his legacy will never be forgotten. And he will always be the best baseball player ever.


Here is a list of top 10 little-known facts about Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson facts tell us the story behind the man who faced an uphill struggle while breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Robinson had to face threats and insults, yet still perform on the field at the highest level. His resolve in the face of pressure is an inspiration to all people.

  1. Jackie Robinson Was Named After Theodore Roosevelt
  2. His Brother Raced with Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics
  3. Jackie Robinson Was Arrested in 1938
  4. He Was Arrested Again in 1944
  5. Jackie Robinson Was Good at Baseball…Basketball, Football, and Track
  6. Jackie Robinson Earned His First MVP Award in 1938
  7. He Won the Long Jump at the NCAA Championships in 1940
  8. Jackie Robinson Was Friends with Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis
  9. The Second Black Player in Baseball Started Only 6 Weeks after Robinson
  10. Jackie Robinson Played in the Negro Baseball League before the Dodgers

1. Jackie Robinson Was Named After Theodore Roosevelt

jackie robinson facts

Jackie Robinson was born Jack Roosevelt Robinson, the youngest of five children in a lower-middle class family in Georgia in 1919. Robinson got his middle name from President Theodore Roosevelt, who died shortly before Robinson was born.

One year after Jackie Robinson was born, his father left the family and his mother moved the Jackie and his siblings to California. This is one of the first Jackie Robinson facts that tells us about the challenges he overcame growing up.

Jackie Robinson’s mother, Mallie Robinson, was a hard-working single mom. She worked a number of jobs to support Jackie and his brothers and sisters. Jackie Robinson faced segregation growing up in Pasadena, California, and was banned from participating in many activities.

2.His Brother Raced with Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics

jackie robinson facts

Jackie Robinson and his brothers must have chased each other around a lot, because they were all fast! Jackie’s older brother, Matthew “Mack” Robinson, was a silver medalist in the 1936 Olympics for the 200-meter sprint.

Mack Robinson finished second at the 1936 Olympics to Jesse Owens! This is one of the surprising and interesting Jackie Robinson facts. Jesse Owens’ gold medal wins at the 1936 Olympics were an important message to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The Germans were practicing segregation, and the series of events that would lead to World War 2 and the Holocaust had already begun. Jesse Owens was aware of this and became a symbol to the world that people of all races are equal.

Jesse Owens’ victory was especially important to the Black community at a time when most Black people in the United States continued to face legal and cultural segregation. There is no doubt that this must have had an impact on Jackie Robinson’s character and on his decision to use sports as a way of spreading a message of equality.

3. Jackie Robinson Was Arrested in 1938

jackie robinson facts

In 1938, while Jackie Robinson was excelling as an athlete and displaying his character through community involvement, he began to come to terms with the racism that existed in the United States at the time.

It’s another one of the inspiring Jackie Robinson facts that he did not sit back and accept the racism he saw, but stood up for what he thought was right. Robinson was arrested for arguing with a police officer over the arrest of a Black friend.

Thankfully, his sentence was suspended and Robinson did not serve any significant prison time. However, he was beginning to be noticed for more than his athletic abilities. People saw Robinson as someone who was not afraid to speak out about racism when he witnessed it, and who was prepared to stand up for what he thought was right. This is one of the important Jackie Robinson facts for kids.

4. He Was Arrested Again in 1944

jackie robinson facts

What happened next in Robinson’s military career is another one of the Jackie Robinson facts that tells us about his struggle for equal treatment. In 1944, Jackie Robinson was getting on an Army bus when he was told to get to the back of the bus. The Army busses were not legally segregated like the busses in Montgomery, Alabama, where Rosa Parks would protest unequal treatment.

Jackie Robinson, like Rosa Parks, refused to move to the back of the bus. There was no legal requirement for him to do so. He was a soldier willing to give his life for his country, like any other soldier. Robinson wasn’t challenging any laws; he was challenging the culture of racism that existed in the United States in the 1940s. These are some of the most interesting facts about Jackie Robinson. They tell us that he was well aware of the importance of his actions later in life when he became the first Black Major League baseball player in the 1900s.

Continued facts # 4:

Robinson was arrested by military police. After being arrested, Robinson spoke to the arresting officer about unequal treatment and racism, much as he had done back in 1938. The officer tried to have Robinson court-martialed, but Robinson’s commander refused to court-martial him. Robinson was transferred to another unit under a racist commander, and was soon charged with multiple counts, including trumped up charges that he had been drinking.

When Robinson eventually stood trial at his court-martial a month later, the charges were reduced. Throughout this time, Robinson received racist comments and insults from White officers who wanted to keep the culture of racism. The law saw things differently, and Jackie Robinson was acquitted of all charges.

Despite the threats and the possibility of going to jail, Robinson stood up for what he thought was right. This is another one of the inspiring Jackie Robinson facts. It’s also inspiring that Paul L. Bates, who was Robinson’s first colonel, and was White, refused to charge Robinson and be a part of the widespread racist culture. All of the enlisted men in the 761st Tank Battalion that Bates commanded were Black. The unit, known as the Black Panthers, would go on to achieve much success in World War 2, and eventually received a long overdue Presidential Citation from Jimmy Carter.

After the trial, Robinson was transferred again, and became a coach of army athletics until he received his honorable discharge in November, 1944. Due to the transfers and legal proceedings, Robinson never rejoined the 761st Battalion or participated in any combat missions during World War 2.

5. Jackie Robinson Was Good at Baseball…Basketball, Football, and Track

jackie robinson facts

It was difficult for Black people to gain access to education in the 1930s when Jackie Robinson attended and graduated from junior high school, and high school.

Robinson persevered, and excelled at sports. His brother, Mack, encouraged his athletic talents, as did his other brother, Frank. Jackie Robinson’s athletic talents had no limits! He was incredibly skilled at football, basketball, track, baseball, and even tennis!

During high school, Jackie Robinson played shortstop and catcher on the baseball team, and was the quarterback of the football team. One of the interesting facts about Jackie Robinson is that Mack, Jackie’s brother, had attended the University of Oregon. Mack knew that sports were the way for Jackie to continue his education.

By excelling at sports, Jackie Robinson would have better access to secondary education. This is one of the sad Jackie Robinson facts that continues to hold importance today. All people, regardless of race or income level, should have access to secondary education. Even today, secondary education is limited for many lower-class people in the United States. Sports scholarships provide an opportunity some students wouldn’t otherwise have.

6. Jackie Robinson Earned His First MVP Award in 1938

facts about jackie robinson


After high school, Jackie Robinson attended junior college at the Pasadena Junior College. Robinson continued to be a quarterback in football, shortstop in baseball, and also participated in basketball and track.

As a track star at Pasadena Junior College, Robinson beat his brother Mack’s record in the broad jump. These Jackie Robinson facts tell us that Robinson’s athletic talent was truly world-class. In 1938, Jackie Robinson received the Most Valuable Player award for baseball in the regional junior college league.

In addition to his athletic activities, Robinson contributed to the community through student organizations. Robinson was recognized for his talents in sports and his responsible approach to civic participation and academics. This is another of the inspiring Jackie Robinson facts for kids. Jackie Robinson was both an incredible athlete and a well-rounded person.

7. He Won the Long Jump at the NCAA Championships in 1940

facts about jackie robinson

After his time at Pasadena Junior College, Jackie Robinson attended the University of California, Los Angeles. During this time, more Jackie Robinson facts were established. He continued to excel at sports, winning the 1940 NCAA Men’s Track and Field Championships in the long jump.

During his time at UCLA, Robinson met the woman he would marry, Rachel Isum. While continuing his studies, Robinson became the first athlete at UCLA to get a varsity letter in four sports. He continued to participate in baseball, football, track and basketball.

Robinson’s future-wife Rachel Isum and his mother wanted him to complete his degree at UCLA. One of the few mysterious Jackie Robinson facts is that he left UCLA before completing his degree and took a job as an athletic director in a federal youth athletics program.

Many reasons have been suggested to explain why Robinson left UCLA before graduation. Some people speculate that his decision was financial. Robinson himself has said that he did not see the value of a college degree for a Black man at the time. Others have guessed that he was behind with his schoolwork due to his focus on athletics.

The federal government pulled funding from the youth athletics program and in 1941, Robinson moved to Hawaii to play football in the semi-pro league on the Honolulu Bears. Later that year, Robinson returned to California and briefly played for the Los Angeles Bulldogs, which were part of the newly formed and short-lived Pacific Coast Football League.

8. Jackie Robinson Was Friends with Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis

facts about jackie robinson

In 1942, Jackie Robinson was drafted into the Army. At the time, the Armed Forces of the United States were not segregated by law. However, there was cultural segregation that continued to exist. Jackie Robinson would challenge this racism directly, and it would alter the course of his military career.

One of the amazing Jackie Robinson facts is that he was friends with the heavyweight-boxing champion Joe Louis. Robinson and Louis bonded through their experiences in the military, including the racist practices they both endured.

Louis, Robinson and other Black men applied for Officer Candidate School, or OCS, to be officers in the Army. They met the criteria, and there were no laws against Blacks being admitted to OCS. However, there was institutional racism in place that made admission difficult for Black people.

Joe Louis, Robinson and others protested, and were eventually admitted to OCS. Jackie Robinson graduated from OCS as a second lieutenant in 1943. This is one of the Jackie Robinson facts that teaches us that Robinson continued to stand up for what he thought was right.

9. The Second Black Player in Baseball Started Only 6 Weeks after Robinson

facts about jackie robinson

The most historic of the Jackie Robinson facts that would be established were predicated by a conversation with the Brooklyn Dodgers’ manager, Branch Rickey, in August of 1945. Rickey was concerned by Robinson’s history of being speaking out against injustice. Rickey said that whoever became the first Black baseball player would need to have the courage to take a non-violent approach.

This is one of the Jackie Robinson facts that demonstrates how his efforts were a part of what would become the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Robinson agreed to take the high road in confrontations, and was signed to the Montreal Royals in 1945. The Montreal Royals were part of the International League, a part of the system that fed players into Major League Baseball. Robinson was the first to play in the league since the 1880s!

By 1946, Robinson was still playing baseball for the Royals and other teams. He was touring with barnstorming teams and played across the United States – even in South America! These are some of the fun Jackie Robinson facts for kids. In February of 1946, Robinson married Rachel Isum, who became Rachel Robinson. Together, they would have three children, Jackie Robinson, Jr., Sharon Robinson and David Robinson.

Spring training of 1946 would be the first real test of Jackie Robinson’s resolve and would provide more interesting facts about Jackie Robinson. He endured racial threats and insults. Some teams and some players refused to play with him. Some areas of the country were still segregated, and Robinson often had to stay separately from other members of his team.

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Robinson had made it very far, and yet still faced an uphill struggle. When enduring racial insults and discrimination, Robinson “turned the other cheek”, as Rickey had advised. In 1947, Rickey moved Robinson up to the Brooklyn Dodgers and he played his first season of Major League baseball.

The pressures persisted, and Jackie Robinson continued to excel, despite racial insults and threats from players, owners and fans. He received the Rookie of the Year award for the 1947 season and would be an instrumental part of the Dodgers’ success over the coming years.

Later in 1947, Larry Doby, became the second Black player in the Major League, and the first in the American League. Doby and Robinson would support each other by talking on the phone throughout the season. By 1948, the Dodgers had hired three more Black players, and more Major League baseball teams were becoming more integrated.

Resistance continued, however, due to cultural racism. Major League baseball had to enforce rules stating that players would be suspended if they refused to play with Black players. All of this played out on the national stage, and Jackie Robinson became an American hero. Being a celebrity also brought more threats, and Jackie Robinson kept his cool amidst it all. Robinson was being a good citizen off the field, and an amazing player on it!

By the time the Dodgers won the World Series, in 1955, Robinson’s baseball career was going into decline. In 1956, rather than be traded, Robinson retired from baseball and took a position at Chock full o’Nuts as one of the first Black executives at a major United States corporation.

10. Jackie Robinson Played in the Negro Baseball League before the Dodgers

jackie robinson facts

From 1944 to 1945, Robinson returned to California and briefly played again for the Los Angeles Bulldogs. Following this, he took a job as a basketball coach at the Sam Huston College in Texas. The program was small, though Robinson received some recognition for being a very disciplined coach.

The next set of Jackie Robinson facts would change not just his life, but also the course of history. While working as a coach in army athletics, Robinson was told he should apply to be a player for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro American League. Robinson wrote a letter to the owner requesting a tryout. In 1945, while he was coaching at Sam Huston College, the Monarchs offered Jackie Robinson a contract to play professional baseball.

This is one of the ironic Jackie Robinson facts because he was talented in so many sports, although baseball may have been the sport he excelled at the least. It’s a testament to how great an athlete he was that he could play even the sport he was least good at, at a professional level!


The Negro American League was professional baseball. However, Robinson did not like that there wasn’t the same level of rigor that had defined his experiences as an athlete and a coach. Despite the somewhat loose structure of the league, there were incredibly talented players, many of whom were better than their White counterparts playing in Major League Baseball.

Some of the first Jackie Robinson facts regarding professional baseball emerge at this time. During his first season, Robinson batted .387 with five home runs and 13 stolen bases. This performance earned him a spot in the 1945 Negro League All-Star Game.

Perhaps motivated by economics, or by his desire for equal treatment, or simply because he wanted to be in a more rigorous professional setting, Robinson began to tryout for Major League Baseball.

Interesting Facts about Jackie Robinson Summary

Jackie Robinson was an incredible athlete who was the first Black person to play Major League Baseball since the 1880s. His role as a professional athlete was an important symbol of changing attitudes about race in the United States. Jackie Robinson facts tell us the story behind this remarkable man. Robinson was never afraid to stand up for what he believed was right. He was incredibly talented as an athlete, and became a symbol for equality in the United States.

Because baseball is the national pastime, it often reflects the attitudes of the United States. While laws still existed in many parts of the country that upheld segregation, Major League baseball ended segregation, showing that it could also be possible for society as a whole.

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about the importance of Jackie Robinson as a symbol. Robinson attended the March on Washington in 1963. Robinson was willing to go to jail for what he thought was right. However, it was his non-violent approach, an approach that would come to characterize the Civil Rights Movement, which was successful in helping to end segregation in baseball.

Teaching Jackie Robinson facts to kids is a great way to get them interested in the Civil Rights movement. Robinson’s role as a professional athlete made him an important national figure of the Civil Rights movement, like Martin Luther King, Jr. Jackie Robinson knew the importance of what he was doing and is a shining example of how one person can make a big difference.


Who Invented the PIANO and why? – Amazing Piano Facts

What is piano? Who invented the piano? Why piano was invented? What is the complete history of piano including amazing facts about piano? Here is something I must call “A” to “Z”, because I have decided to share some amazing facts about piano including the complete history, theories and details about the piano because there are very less people knowing the answer to the question“Who invented the piano?”.

The Piano [abbreviation ‘pianoforte’, is a musical instrument that is played using keyboard] which contains rows of keys (smaller levels and the upper levels) the performer presses the keys with his fingers and thumbs of his both hands. The time when the story of piano started was the early 18th century, perhaps in 1709 from Italy, Padua in a shop of a Harpsichord, maker named Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco who was Born on May 4th – 1655  and died on Jan 27th – 1731. He was an Italian by birth and is generally known as Bartolomeo Cristofori.

About Bartolomeo Cristofori : Man Who Invented  The Piano

Bartolomeo Cristofori

Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco was an Italian by birth as mentioned earlier he was born on May 4th – 1655 and died on Jan 27th – 1731. He is regarded as the Inventor of the Piano because he was the legend who invented the piano. The source materials that are available after the death of Cristofori are just his dates of Birth and Death and some bills that He submitted to his employees, two wills and one single interview that was carried out by Scipione Maffei.

Cristofori was born in Padua, Italy and was hired by Ferdinando de’Medici, the Grand Prince of Tuscany, as a keeper of the instruments. Cristofori was an expert in making of Harpsichord and was very familiar with the body knowledge of the string keyboard instruments, and was known exactly when Cristofori build the first Piano. The employees said that there existed a piano before the invention of the Cristofori’s and was from the early years of 1700, and another document indicates that it is doubted that another piano existed in the year of 1698. Up to today three Cristofori pianos survived and are dated from 1720’s.

The first name that Cristofori named for his instrument was un cimbalo di cipresso di piano e forte (a keyboard with soft and loud) abbreviated many times as fortepiano, pianoforte and simply piano. The Clavichord and the Harpsichord was used before the invention of Piano as a musical instrument for the high and low performances. The Clavichord had the better performance over the volume but could not be played over the large performance whereas the Harpsichord was a quite loud instrument and got no better quality of volume or we can say that had not better sound quality. For that purpose of the better sound quality and the loud music the Piano was invented that could produce the variety of dynamic levels from a same keyboard.  The piano offered the best features regarding both of the Clavichord and the Harpsichord, including the loud control of volume and the soft playing.

The Great Success

The great success of Cristofori (the man who invented the piano) was solving but there was one hurdle in that, and that was the designing of the stringed keyboard, in which the keys were struck by the hammer, the hammer when strike the keys/notes should return back to its rest position and may not remain in contact with the string because that may produce the damping of sound and the hammer should return to its place smoothly so that the key may be immediately played when depresses for the reputability of the same note again. Cristofori early instrument was made with very thin strings and was much quieter than the modern pianos but was much louder and sound sustaining, that was quite dynamic regarding nuance but was very heavy regarding the weight or the force that is to be applied on the keys when played.

For the first time the Piano was exhibited in Florence city in the year of 1709, Cristofori named his new instrument gravicembalo col piano e forte (instrument with roughly, loud and soft keyboard). Later on that was shortened to fortepiano, pianoforte and finally just piano. The early surviving instrument of Cristofori’s is displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and is there with the dates from 1720.

A family friend Sebastian Leblanc suggested the white and black keys to be switched on to the piano. While on the Cristofori’s Piano the accidental keys and the natural keys were white and black respectively whereas the modern pianos have the opposite color of keys to that of Cristofori’s Piano.

First Appearance of the Piano

Bartolomeo Cristofori first piano

It is considered that the very first time the piano was mentioned from the diary of Francesco Mannucci, was at that time a Medici court musician, points out that Cristofori was working on the piano by the year of 1698 already.  However, it is doubted that the very first piano came from 1700, the inventory of the Medici. In the Cristofori’s inventory, the entry of the Piano was like:

An Arpicembalo (harpharpsichord) by Bartolomeo Cristofori, a new creation that produces a soft and loud, with two groups of strings at accord pitch, with soundboard of cypress without rose.

“Che FA’ IL piano, e IL forte” the name that was suggested by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

People believed that the art of invention ends when the man who invented the piano died, but something else happens, more legends were born and more pianos were invented later on and there comes more people who learned to play the piano more frequently than Cristofori himself.

Life Later On

The person who hired Bortolomeo Cristofori, Prince Ferdinando died in 1713 at the age of 50. The evidences show that Cristofori still continued his work under the authority of the Prince’s Father Cosimo III. And in 1716 a musical instrument collection was signed indicating the title of custodian of collection for Cristofori with the name of “Bortolomeo Cristofori Custode”.

In early 18th century The King of Portugal bought one of the Cristofori’s instruments, because He started to sell out his work like others due to the reason of the prosperity of Medici prince declined and many other craft-men started selling their work, Cristofori too sold out his work to others.

In 1726 the only portrait of Cristofori was painted in which he was standing in front of his invention ‘The Piano’ and in that portrait in his left hand he was holding a piece of paper, on which it is believed that there was a diagram of the actions of his piano. The real portrait was destroyed in World War II and the only photographs of the portrait remain now.

Pianos Invented by Cristofori

Cristofori, the man who invented the piano has invented is more than many pianos with the figure “unknown”, but among from those only three survived and all of these are dated from the year 1720, showing that they were built at that time period.

  • A Piano from the year 1720 is now placed at New York’s Metropolitan Museum. Many different parts of this instrument were changed by different builders, in 1938 its sound-board was replaced, and almost 54 of its sound note ranges were changed about half an octave. This Piano is although playable but its original condition is almost lost and now it indicates that it is not the same as it would have sounded when it was built newly.
  • A 1722 Piano is placed at a Museum of Rome in Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali. It has almost a range of four octaves. The Piano is almost totally damaged by the worms and can be played.
  • A 1726 Piano is placed at the Leipzig University’s Museum known as Musikinstrumenten-Museum. In the past recordings were made by this Piano (instrument) but now it is not playable.

All the three surviving instruments (Piano’s) bears the same Latin inscription: BARTHOLOMAEVS DE CHRISTOPHORIS PATAVINUS INVENTOR FACIEBAT FLORENTIAE where the date is in Roman numbers, and the meaning of that inscription is that ” Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the piano in Florence City.

The Design of Piano

 The first piano that Cristofori invented was almost same regarding features as of the modern pianos, but the thing that was lacked in its features was that it could not produce a very loud sound (tone). It has quite lighter regarding its construction and there was lack of metal frame that could affect the sound quality. Up to 1820 the construction of the piano was same as on the basis of Cristofori’s piano and later on after 1820 iron bracing was introduced in the construction of the Piano.

Surviving Instruments

The number of instruments that survive today are 9 (NINE) and are attributed to Cristofori.

  • Three of them are described above, (that are in the section of Pianos of Cristofori’s)
  • From 1690 and 1693 2 (two) oval spinets piano’s. The one from the 1690 is now preserved at Florence in the Museo degli strumenti musicali, where as the one from the 1693 is kept at the University of Leipzig in the Musikinstrumenten-Museum.
  • 1722 dated a Harpsichord is kept at Leipzig Museum. And a Spinet tone piano is also placed in Leipzig Museum.
  • A 17th century Harpsichord is kept at Florence in the Museo degli strumwnti musicali.
  • An Italian Harpsichord with two foot stop Harpsichord of the 1726is kept in Leipzig Museum. This instrument clearly defines the Cristofori’s integrity in the large number of levers and extensions that allow the player a great flexibility in choosing which string will sound.

Later on the instruments were designed by his assistant over a wider range while using the basic and the same design of Cristofori’s piano. A Harpsichord , a soundboard, and a keyboard is currently under the property of a builder how acquired them at New York in an auction by Tony Chinnery, there is enough construction details in these instruments that can easily identify that it is the work of Cristofori.

Types of Pianos (New Technology in Piano’s)

who invented the piano

The person who invented the piano is gone but perhaps we are living in the most exciting time in the history to own, buy or to play the eternal instrument, THE PIANO. There had never been such choices for the consumers as we are having today, we can get whatever we want it is a newly designed piano or a digital instrument or a classical acoustic model.

  • Player Pianos

It is also known as the “reproducing piano”, the class of instrument show a modern update on the paper roll pianos that were used in the old movies, and they had got a lot much popularity in the last decade.

These are not the digital pianos, they are the real piano (acoustic pianos) with hammers and strings and are played normally as like the others, and can be self-played by using the sophisticated electronic technology.

  • Digital Pianos

                The unlimited digital pianos may appear in the form of toys for the kids; they can be purchased from the electronics stores. But it is like comparing a Fancy touring Sedan with a go-kart. The Digital pianos are manufactured by the well-known famous companies and the sampled piano sounds are taken form their own top and original models. The users can download different music’s and tone in that device as it contains Flash ROM and the user can learn a lot from it as it is made for the beginners.

There are many varieties of digital pianos that produce a lot much number of functions, such as providing you with lot of different combo sounds that can give you a layering effect to your playing.

  • Software Pianos 

The science fiction writers of the past may be impressed by today’s advancements, as the software converts music files into the music sheets. The advantage of this digital piano is that you can record the music when played and can be played later on in your computer or in you boom box. This is possible for the player pianos and also with a lot more with the CD-R technology or the one having the memory. The Recording can also be played on the instrument. The new software technology can take on all kind of new musical and also the recording functions.


Almost all the Pianos have 12,000 parts, and six functional parts or we can say that the functional features that are keyboard, dampers, hammers, soundboard, strings and the bridge. The most of parts of piano are selected by considering the strength and longevity especially for the outer rim. Most commonly it is made up of hardwood.  Harold A. Conklin said that “the vibrational energy must stay inside the soundboard instead of dissipating in the case, that is inefficient radiators of sound” and for that purpose the sturdy rim is used for the outer body.

who invented the piano

Hardwood rims are made by laminated thin, flexible, strips of hardwood, and bending the wood in the desired shape when the glue is applicate. In 1880 the bent plywood system was developed to save the cost and the time by C.F. Theodore Steinway. The thick wooden posts of the back (uprights) and the underside (grans) of the piano gives the support to the rim structure and for the stability purpose are made with the softwood.

Another area where toughness is required is the pin block that holds the tuning pins in place. It is made with hardwood for the safety and the stability purpose. The piano strings (wires) are made with high carbon steel for long life so that they must endure for years. The cast iron is used for the purpose of making the plate (frame) of the piano, and the it is best to select a massive plate. The strings of the piano when vibrate, they vibrate between both the plates, the insufficient vibration could go through bridge to the soundboard, For the precaution some manufactures use the cast steel in the plates but, cast iron is preferred more for the plating purpose.

Introducing or including a very large metal in a piano is too much handicap. SO the manufactures overcome this problem by polishing, decorating and painting the plates. To make the piano plates lighter the aluminum plates were used during 1940 but they were not acceptable for that, so that idea of using aluminum was rejected. Most of the parts of the piano are made of hardwood such as hornbeam, beech and the maple. Later in 1940’s and 1950’s the plastics were used in some of the pianos, but they proved disastrous effect when they lost the strength after a few years of use.

The soundboard of the poorest piano   is made of solid spruce; Spruce strengthened to weight minimizes acoustic impedance’s while that could withstand the strings downward force. The cheap pianos soundboard is mostly made by the plywood.

There are 3 (three) factors that effects (influence) the pitch of a vibrating string (wire).

  • Length (Shorter the wire (string), the higher will be the pitch)
  • Mass per unit length (Thinner the wire (string), the higher will be the pitch)
  • Tension (Tighter the wire (string), the higher will be the pitch)

For the repeating wave, the velocity v must be equals to the wavelength λ times (x) the frequency f‘:


The waves on the piano string, reflects from both ends. The frequency that is produced on a single string is f=nv/ (2L).

Maintenance of The Pianos

The pianos are delicate instruments but are quite heavy. It is necessary to tune the piano regularly for the purpose of keeping the pitch better. Hence the pianos are quite heavy so the manufacturers had developed a special technique to move the piano from one place to another without damaging the case. In Piano the string tensions is adjusted for the stings better performance, and for that purpose the player needs a piano tunest to tune his piano while the voilin or the guitar players tune  tune their instruments themselves.

Other Types of Pianos

  • Jazz Piano
  • Piano Extended Technique
  • Piano Transcription
  • Piano trio
  • Pianoforte Foundation
  • Street piano
  • String Piano
  • Agraffe
  • Aliquot stringing
  • Piano acoustic
Related Instruments
  • Digital Piano
  • Electric Piano
  • Electronic Keyboard
  • Electronic piano
  • Harmon chord
  • Keyboard instruments
  • Key tar
  • Melodia
  • Organ
  • Orphica
  • Piano accordion
  • Pipe organ
  • Player piano
  • Chiroplast
  • Pianist
  • Pianos

10 Greatest Pianists of all Time

From its the time we started knowing who invented to the piano, till now there are 10 greatest pianists of all the time:

Leif Ove Andsnes (1970)

He has made a name for himself as one of the greatest musicians and the pianist of all time. His recording had gained too much popularity and magazine critics had said that as “extra ordinary achievement”.

Martha Argerich (1941)

The world woke up on the talent of Argerich when she won the International Piano Competition in 1964 at the age of 24.  She is one of the greatest living pianists and can sell out the concerts within now time (within minutes).

Claudio Arrau (1903-1991)

It is said about Arrau that before he could read words, he can read music. He is perhaps the best pianist of all time. Colin Davis the Legendary Conductor had said about Arrau that “His sound is amazing and is entirely his own”. His devotion to music is extraordinary and he ennobles the music in such a way that no one else in the world can do so.

Vladimir Ashkenazy (1937)

He is one of the heavy weights of the classical music world. He is a Russian and holds the citizenship of both Iceland and the Swiss and is still performing as a pianist. He won the International Piano Competition in 1962 and left USSR in the same year to live in London. He has worked with all the 20th century biggest names like Zubin Mehta and Georg Solti etc.

Daniel Barenboim (1942)

Daniel Barenboim in 2012 carried the Olympic flag into the London stadium. Barenboim fame is now down to his work with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra., which he made for the musician from across the Middle East. He had also made the outstanding recordings and his name is still remembers in the book of history.

 Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

He was known as the composer of the music, He always played a new tone of music and always wrote his own music. And was always admired for the use of his legato and the singing tone he always produced.

Alfred Brendel (1931)

These are the words of Mr. Brendel: “If you think that I belong to a tradition, it is a tradition take makes the masterpiece, and tell the performer that what he should do a not the performer telling the piece what it should be like.” He could turn his hand to music any time and is respected for his contribution.

Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)

He was one of the most famous composers of all the time and was one of the great piano virtuosos of his period. At that time there were no recordings being made and his majority of the work for the Solo piano (because the early sound recording started form the year of 1860). It is said that Chopin is the creator of the school of piano and the school of composition, and is well true because nothing can equal the lightness, and the sweetness, and nothing can be compared to his work full of originality and grace and most important distinction.

Glenn Gould (1932-1982)

Gould is the only person and the pianist who divided the classical music fans. He is known best for his performances of the J.S. Bach music and also the Goldberg Variations. Glenn Gould is also known for his humming while he played his instrument. He always had a tiny chair which he always brought with himself to each and every concert he performed.

Myra Hess (1890-1965)

She is famous for her series of concerts that she gave during World War II at the National Gallery. She performed in that time period over 150 times and the session was for a time period of 61/2 (six and half) years. She also won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music when she was 12 years old and she had also performed with the legendary conductor Sir Thomas Beecham when she was 17 years old.

Beside these 10 famous pianists there are a few others that contributed in the musical side regarding the piano instrument, its tunes and sounds and also on composition side, in fact the man who invented piano had no idea in the very beginning, that people will play this instrument that well. There are many other best pianists listed as follow:

  • Vladimir Horowitz (1903-1989)
  • Stephen Hough (1961)
  • Lang Lang (1982)
  • Franz Liszt (1811-1886)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • John Ogdon (1937-1989)
  • Murray Perahia (1947)
  • Maria Joao Pires (1944)
  • Maurizio Pollini (1942)
  • Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943)
  • Sviatoslav Richter (1915-1997)
  • Arthur Rubinstein (1887-1982)
  • Clara Schumann (1819-1896)
  • Jean-Yves Thibaudet (1961)
  • Mitsuko Uchida (1948)

Best Piano makers in the world

(Who are the best piano makers in the world?)

who invented the piano

A hundred and thousands of pianos are moved all over the world each year are it is often asked that who the best among those makers are. there are thousands of Piano makers in the world but a few of them are the best regarding its quality and its history of outstanding performance of their instruments, so are claimed as the world’s best piano makers in the world.

There is no such scientific metric that can measure the true value or the quality of any of the instrument. The quality and the value of any of the instrument is based on its action, sound, tone, history and the passion that differentiate each instrument from one another. The piano makers make the instrument by having some important features in their mind to make the best quality such as unrivaled sound, power, tone or the range. After listening to the views of the tuners, players, pianists, sellers and other persons, we had made a list of world’s best piano makers; the names are not in a particular order but are among Top 10 best piano makers of the world:


They are one of the oldest luxury piano makers in the world; they started making the Piano in 1828 in Vienna, Austria. Bösendorfer himself founded the company and was honored with the title of “official piano maker”.

We are world famous for our quality, our outstanding richness of tone color and our typical pure and inspiring sound. Acquiring a Bِsendorfer is a lifetime dream for many people. For them, we build something very special, with devotion and professionalism: the Bِsendorfer among the grand’s.


The founder of Blüthner Company Julius Blüthner founded this company in 1853, this company is still in working condition and manufactures different instruments along with the Piano and is now run by the Blüthner family. After 47 (forty-seven) years of the foundation of the company, Blüthner became the largest Piano maker in Germany that produced over 5000 pianos a year.

Blüthner had started making the pianos for the airships and first time the airship Hindenburg crossed the Atlantic with the piano.  In World War II their company was heavily destroyed by the air raid in the year of 1943, but they rebuilt their company within the time period of 2 years (two) in 1945.

The Blüthner had made a reputation of the best piano makers in the world and is famous for its quality, and sound. Blüthner pianos had be purchased and played by the Great Queen Victoria. And Blüthner had be awarded with gold medals 5 time for their handcraft and stunning pianos.

 Steinway & Sons

They are possibly the most known Piano makers in the world, as the instrument they make have almost more or less than 12,000 parts, as their master craftsman’s takes over a year to build the best quality pianos. Steinweg first made his ‘kitchen’ piano at the age of 20 (twenty) years, and after 25 (twenty-five) years of building his ‘kitchen’ piano and other 482 instruments, he moved to America. In 1853 he founded the company for making piano with the name of Steinway and Sons in the New York City.

Each Steinway grand piano a unique masterpiece produced by the hands of craftsmen. We take our time in production – everything is done quietly and with care.


Bechstein are known for producing pianos withe best tone and the beauty. Bechstein was founded in 1953, and is also one of the best German piano makers all over the world. The first piano that Carl Bechstein built was for the energetic and vigorous players and the delicate pianist.

Bechstein opened a store in London in 1885 where he started manufacturing the pianos, and that was quite enhanced by the Queen Victoria, and she bought a gilded Beckstein grand piano. After that his store got the popularity and became the largest showroom in Europe and the company turned into Bechstein Hall (which is now known as the Wigmore Hall). Beside Queen Victoria many other stars and the artists were the fan of his artwork and were his supporters of the brand.

Claude Debussey said “One should only write piano music for Bechstein


Although the company was started in 1981 He had manufacture one of the best pianos in the world. Paulo Fazioli had created the unique pianos as he had the perfect background of concert pianist and was the son of a famous cabinet maker.

Fazioli had always build the concert pianos and the grand’s, beside that he never manufactured any other types of pianos, the cost of his manufacture pianos ranges from $100,00 to $300,00, it is a lot much price and that is the only reason they don’t compromise on the quality and build only pianos between the range of 120 and 130 over a year. Their pianos are quite heavy that they can be moved easily, they even make the gold leaf piano 24-carat. They largest piano ever made by Fazioli weighted 570kg and that beautiful instrument is titled with F308.

Shigeru Kawai

The company was established in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, and built the finest pianos, after him, his son took the company and built the world’s finest piano’s fulfilling his father’s dream. The finest quality pianos just came out of the premier Japanese piano maker.

Their moto was the passion, the honor, the soul. 

Mason and Hamlin

Mason and Hamlin were the two owners of this piano maker company, Henry Mason was a classical pianist and Emmons Hamlin was a great inventor, they founded this company to build a new type of instrument and they call that as Organ Harmonium. This thing got attention at once and the team won the first prize for the American Cabinet Organ in Paris in 1867 Exhibition but until 1881 they started making pianos and mason and Hamlin’s pianos were widely considered as the best in the world and were the most costly pianos at that time.

During the Second World War they lost their way in piano world but in 1996 they again got their glory as the leaders and started making the finest and the best pianos, their skilled 70 craftsmen now build almost  50 upright pianos and 300 grand pianos per year because their moto is to  focus on quality not quantity.

Stuart and Sons

They are the youngest piano makers on this list. They started making pianos from New South Wales, Australia in the year of 1990. According to their website they had built only 55 pianos but are the most popular in the Musical/Instrumental world. Stuart and Sons had produced only two Grand’s, among which one was a studio grand and the other, was a concert grand, and these 2 models were created with the most beautiful and the very rare timber.

A rare and beautiful instrument that respects tradition while embracing innovation.

The Stuart and Sons pianos beside of looking good also perform really great. Their instruments range is quite immense and each piano have at least 97 to 102 keys. Stuart and Sons claim about the pitch of their instrument that no other instrument or the piano maker can reach to this instant.


They started in 1885 and had completed its 130 years of piano production in the instrumental world. Wilhelm Schimmel was the founder of this Schimmel Piano Company, and was famous for the actions and the tone of their pianos. They had produced an upright piano through which that had tried to approach the tonal and performance qualities of the grand piano.

Schimmel had produces their pianos on the traditional basis and also on the Computer Assisted Piano Engineering. In 1927 the company moved from its original home place and is now owned by the 4th (fourth) generation. In 1951 their glass grand piano was unveiled and since then is a cult classic.

Grotrian Steinweg

Their roots can be traced form 1835 when they started making pianos. Their moto behind building the pianos was “Build the good pianos and rest of that will take care of itself”. They build the astonishing Gortian Duo that is a combination of two grand pianos so that they can be played as “one instrument”.  That produced a unique tone and love for music. These can be separated to move the pianos. They are famous for making pianos for over 157 years and the 6th (sixth) generation of the family now owns the company and the business is still running. The company now manufactures upright pianos of the quantity of 500 and the almost 100 grand pianos over a year.

 In the history it is read that Cristofori was the person who invented THE PIANO in the year of 1709,and according to the  sources, 4 (four) of his Pianos existed in the year of 1711 which are kept in different Museum around the world.

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