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10 US States of 2024 That Are in a State of Misery

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Emotional turmoil is caused by many things, with one of the top reasons being where you choose to live. Our geographical location impacts our well-being and whether we live a life that’s primarily happy (or miserable). Factors like crime rates, cost of living, and job security play a role in this.

If too many of these factors lean toward the negative side, this can lead to a life of dissatisfaction, stress, and misery. According to a personal finance site, these are the most stressful states in which to live in the United States of America.

1. Mississippi

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The people in Mississippi may be experiencing more stress than most of the other states in the USA due to low job security and credit scores. Lack of a consistent paycheck and an inability to qualify for a home loan can make life feel unbearable at times,

The high poverty rates also make it more difficult.

2. Louisiana

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Louisiana exhibited the lowest psychologist-to-population ratio and high crime rate. It takes the runner-up position for the poverty levels compared with other states. That’s a 3-way recipe for disaster.

3. New Mexico

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Unpleasant family dynamics make for a stressful life, which is one reason New Mexico landed on the naughty list. It records the highest divorce rate making it one of the most stressful states to live in due to broken families.

Insecurity also contributes to stress, and New Mexico ranked second in crime.

4. West Virginia

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Good rest and sleep make happy people, and the people in West Virginia may be getting the least amount of sleep, which is contributing to the state’s stress levels.

West Virginians are also fourth in poverty and third in ill-health (chronic disease), which poor sleep isn’t helping any.

5. Nevada

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Having professionals to help in times of crisis helps people navigate stress and anxiety. Nevada ranks second in divorce rate and yet has some of the fewest psychologists to help its people navigate family challenges.

It also ranks high on workplace and health stress.

6. Arkansas

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Healthy people are happy people, and compared to the rest of the country, the people of Arkansas aren’t a very happy lot where their health is concerned. Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, make it hard to enjoy life to its fullest.

The health-related stress levels in Arkansas are among the highest in the USA, and the high crime rate also contributes to the stress levels.

7. Alabama

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Money, or rather the lack of it, is one of the leading causes of stress. Alabama takes the runner-up position for finance-induced stress- making it hard to afford basics like healthcare, groceries, and a safe, warm home.

There are also fewer hours of rest and sleep, causing more stress for the residents.

8. Kentucky

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It’s not just babies who are unhappy when they don’t have enough sleep. According to the financial report, Kentucky residents are also unhappy due to a collective lack of sleep and rest. Exhaustion makes it hard to live stress free.

9. Texas

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Unfortunately, the land of the Cowboys is among the most stressful states. Texas employees seem to work more hours than most in other states. Too much work and not enough time to relax is a recipe for poor work-life balance and mounting stress levels.

10. Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is among the most stressful states, largely because of family and work issues. Working long hours and coming home to a drama-filled personal life is a recipe for poor mental health.


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