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14 Iconic Fashion Trends That We Got from the 60s

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The 1960s were a decade of cultural and social revolution, influencing everything from music and fashion to politics and technology.

It was a time of major change and experimentation, with many iconic fashion trends still relevant today. Some even making a full comeback in their own right.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the most iconic trends from the 1960s.

1. Mini Skirts and Dresses

Street style, attractive woman wearing a mini skirt, check plaid blazer and A Shoulder Bag
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It may seem like dresses and skirts have become shorter in recent years, but have you looked at your grandma’s teenage dresses? Designers like Mary Quant popularized the mini clothes trend, which became a symbol of the 1960s youth revolution. Short skirts remain a staple in modern fashion, with various adaptations and styles.

2. Bold Patterns and Color Blocking

Old Tie Dye Cloth pattern used in old times
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You may have seen a millennial wearing a green skirt and a red coat, but that fashion was invented in the 60s. The use of bold patterns and color blocking in clothing, popularized during the mod movement, has persisted in fashion. Vibrant and contrasting colors, as well as geometric patterns, are frequently seen in today’s designs.

3. Bell-Bottom Pants

Girl sitting on vintage suitcase, Wearing bell shaped Bottoms and with a Bouquet of Flowers and a Wearing beautiful Shoes
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Bell-bottom pants, characterized by flared bottoms, gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They resurfaced in the 1990s before being replaced by skinny jeans in the 2000s. Flared and wide-leg pants have returned in modern fashion, and we are here for it.

4. Bohemian Style

Smiling woman in bohemian style, Guitar and Bouquets behind
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The free-spirited and bohemian fashion of the 1960s, influenced by the hippie movement, introduced flowing dresses, fringes, and eclectic patterns. Elements of boho-chic style are still prevalent in today’s fashion landscape, and boho is also a common interior décor style.

5. Military and Utility Influence

Attractive guy with military jacket, Plants and Greenery in the background
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British Army coats were a popular sight for pop stars and mods (modern movement) in the 1960s. Military-inspired jackets and cargo pants are the fashion of some young people today, and military utility details are becoming more common in modern wardrobes.

6. Turtleneck Sweaters

Young blonde woman wearing turtleneck sweater over isolated Background
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Turtleneck sweaters were a staple of 1960s fashion and have remained a classic and versatile item, especially in cold-weather wardrobes. Their minimalist design has made them timeless and enduring.

7. Bold Eyewear Styles

rich woman dressed well on a private jet plane sunglasses
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Oversized sunglasses and bold prescription glasses were popular in the ’60s, and they continue to be popular today. Retro-inspired eyewear in many modern designs draws inspiration from the iconic styles of the ’60s.

8. Go-go Boots

GoGo boot for girls, Old fashion Boot for girls
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Knee-high go-go boots have had a lasting impact. The heel height, material length, and material type vary today. But from the common person to celebrities, boots remain a fashionable and versatile footwear option.

9. Shift Dresses

shift dress pattern
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If you check any woman’s closet today, you’re very likely going to find a shift dress or two. The loose and versatile silhouette of shift dresses makes it a timeless choice for various occasions. The simple and comfortable shift dress was popularized in the 1960s, and it remains a go-to style in contemporary fashion.

10. Bold Hairstyles

Carey Mulligan, wearing a Christopher Kane dress and with a pixie cut hair Style, At an Event
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The hairstyles of the ’60s were iconic—some were bold, others high, big, and loud. The pixie cut, beehive, and mod bob have inspired modern hairstyling.

11. Headscarves and Turbans

fashionista head scarf with retro glasses red lips
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Scarves were a common accessory among women in the 1960s, and today’s women have embraced them as stylish accessories. Headscarves have an added flair today, with some having pre-stitched bows or flowers.

12. Twiggy’s Style

A girl from 60s with cropped hair cut
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Model Twiggy popularized a slender, androgynous look with heavy use of eyeliner and short hair. The heavy eyeliner has made a strong comeback in the beauty industry of this century, and it now extends beyond the corners of the eyes.

13. Sequins and More Sequins

Happy couple hugging at party, Girl Wearing a Sequins Fashion Dress
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If you love a little [or a lot] of sparkle, sequins are your go-to fashion accessory. Sequins are not a new trend (they can be traced back to as early as the 16th century) but were popularised by The Supremes in the 1960s.

14. Mary Jane Shoes

White mary jane shoes with wingtip pattern and rubber sole on a white background
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The classic Mary Jane shoe style, characterized by a strap across the instep, was a favorite for many women and is still a fashion trend today. The chunky heel offers great support, and the strap keeps the shoe in place.


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