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10 Tasty Old-School Foods That We Still Love

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There is something nostalgic about a childhood meal, snack, or treat that we grew up eating. Boomers have platefuls of things they remember and still eat. Some of those dishes have transcended time and generations, while others survived but are only favorites with Boomers.

An online discussion delved into which old-school dishes and staples this generation loved most (and still do), and it’s a mouth-watering discussion.

1. Meatloaf

Homemade ground meatloaf
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Meatloaf is arguably one of the oldest recipes invented and is at the top of the list of the foods Boomers still love.

While the recipe makeup may have changed slightly, this meal is still a favorite across all pay grades and generations. Although, with each generation there’s plenty that also love to hate it because of it’s texture. To each their own.

2. Deli Salads

Salad with asparagus, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, red onion and green peas
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You can’t separate a Boomer from their Deli salads; they’re still a favorite among this generation. Younger generations also love salads but tend to like more unique, flavorful blends.

One user asks, “Why are they so obsessed?” We’ll guess the nutrient density and fiber content? A smart choice indeed.

3. Quiche

Cheese Quiche with chicken, arugula and mushrooms, Homemade, wood
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This French cuisine was also named as one of the best foods still loved by Boomers, and we will forgive you if you arent a Boomer and love it too!

A Boomer says, “I’m a Boomer. Fad foods during the era included things like quiche, fondue, crockpot anything …”

Someone adds, “Quiche is so good, though.”

4. Cottage Cheese

Homemade organic cottage cheese in a wooden bowl
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Cottage cheese may be a Boomer thing, but some millennials are boarding that train with enthusiasm.

An online user says, “Cottage cheese is hardcore boomer. My boomer mom would often have a little side bowl of cottage cheese with some pepper sprinkled on it or, alternatively, chopped pineapple.”

Someone adds, “… I’m a millennial, and I like cottage cheese with a serious amount of pepper on it, or pineapple is tasty too.”

5. Bologna Sandwiches

Children Eating simple sandwiches during lunch at the school
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Bologna sandwiches got a lot of votes as a Boomer food trend, and even the Boomers agreed. Bologna is still available at the store for those old-school cravings but definitely has fallen out of favor over less processed deli meats.

6. Twizzlers

A package of Twizzlers licorice in Strawberry flavor.
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Every generation had a candy they loved, and Boomers grew up with Twizzlers. [It was invented in 1929.]

Not everyone thinks great of them, though.

One online contributor says, “They like the worst stuff. Twizzlers are the worst candy. Never seen anybody besides a little kid of a boomer eating one.”

7. Liver and Onions

Sauteed liver with onions in pan, View from above.
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It’s yummy, healthy, and filling; what’s not to love?

Many Boomers still enjoy making this dish that has been passed down generations in many cookbooks. Liver is definitely a texture that many of us find hard to stomach, yet the Boomers cracked the code to the goldmine of nutrients.

8. Jell-O

Fresh made Watermelon Jello on wooden background
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We have to admit, Boomers still enjoy Jell-O a little too much.

A user contributes, “Jell-O, which younger generations do not consume.” Many Boomers also recall jello salads filled with cottage cheese, chopped fruit, or even grated carrots.

9. Casseroles

Au Gratin Potatoes in a Casserole Dish
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New neighbors were welcomed with a casserole, and whether it’s tuna, creamy noodles, or peas, casseroles are still popular with the older generation.

It’s even better with crushed potato chips on top. For their ease, casseroles will likely always be a hit.

10. Soups

Homemade Light minestrone soup with vegetables
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Apart from the almost compulsory starter soup in a restaurant, most younger generations don’t care so much for soup. The older ones, though, still love their bowl of soup as they did growing up.

The soups are great for winter as they keep you warm. Who can argue with that?


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