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12 Popular American Companies That You Might Not Realize Are Now Foreign-Owned

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Do you proudly buy American products? These days, this is easier said than done. In fact, many well-known American companies are no longer owned by Americans. Foreign corporations have acquired them, leaving many people wondering if the products they buy are still truly made in America.

Constant changes in company ownership and management are common these days in a global trade market. Yet, it can come as a surprise to anyone trying to support more “local” businesses.

1. Budweiser

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Budweiser is a popular American beer brand that has been available to the public since 1876. It became the most popular brand and largest brewer for several decades.

In 2008, Budweiser was acquired by Belgian company InBev, making it no longer an American-owned company.

2. Firestone

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This household name brand for tires in the 1900s was acquired by Bridgestone Tire Company in Japan in 1931. The company has had its ups and downs over the years due to recalls and accusations of deliberate distribution of faulty tires. Yet, the brand continues to be a popular tire brand even today.

3. Frigid Aire

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Popular for offering some of the first refrigerators and freezers on the market, Frigid Aire was acquired by Electrolux, a Swedish company, in 1986.

4. GE Appliances

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Founded in 1989 by Thomas Edison and partners, it is popular for a range of household products, including the first electric fan, fridges, irons, sewing machines, and many cooking appliances.

In 2016, GE Appliances was acquired by Chinese company Haier for $5.6 billion. This acquisition made Haier the largest manufacturer of appliances in the world. Despite being a foreign-owned company, GE Appliances still maintains its headquarters in Kentucky and continues to produce high-quality appliances for American consumers.

5. Chrysler

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This iconic car brand was founded in 1925. However, due to financial struggles, Chrysler needed bailouts and was sold several times throughout the years. It was eventually bought by Italian automaker Fiat, which was then merged with a company based in the Netherlands.

6. Burger King

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Burger King was once an American multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants that was founded in 1954. Since then, Burger King has been sold and absorbed by several different companies. It is currently owned by a Brazilian Investment firm, 3G, since 2014.

7. Trader Joes

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Trader Joe’s is another well-known American company with a cult-like following that has now become foreign-owned. Originally founded in 1967 by Joe Coulombe. Trader Joe’s started off as a small chain of stores in California made popular for offering unique health foods and cheap wine. It was bought in 1979 by the German family that owns Europe-based Aldi stores.

8. 7-Eleven

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This chain of convenience stores was founded in the United States in 1927 to offer items like eggs, milk, and bread between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm. 7-Eleven now has over 80,000 stores across 18 countries. It was bought by a Japanese company in 1991, a country where these stores are particularly popular.

9. US Steel

10. Alka-Seltzer

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Alka-Seltzer was invented in 1931 by the American company Miles Laboratories. Miles Laboratory was also well known for creating popular lines like One-a-Day and Flinstones vitamins (who can forget these from the 90s?).

Bayer, a German brand, bought all these products in 1979 in a multi-million deal.

11. Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Building
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This popular hotel chain was founded in 1952 by a dad frustrated with the high hotel fees for his kids to stay with him while on the road. He designed a chain of hotels that would allow kids under 12 to stay for free with their parents. The chain spread quickly across the US and the world. The company was acquired by a UK-based company, Bass PLC, in 1989.

12. Gerber

Gerber baby food Board
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Gerber Baby Food was founded as a trusted all-American brand in 1927. Since 1994, it has become European-owned, eventually setting into an acquisition by Nestle in 2007.

If you’re looking to buy All-American, best to check the label first! But fear not; these brands are still widely available and continue to provide quality products for consumers. Overall, it’s interesting to see how many popular American brands have been acquired by foreign companies over the years. This trend is likely to continue as businesses become more globalized and seek partnerships and investments from around the world.

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