Marijuana Facts: 10 Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana facts leave us feeling bewildered and a little bit hazy. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of marijuana, particularly the use of medical marijuana. People for and against the use of marijuana quote a lot of interesting marijuana facts.

It’s good to get some basic marijuana facts established in order to make an objective judgment of marijuana use. Fun facts about marijuana are a good way to teach teens. By not using an overly authoritative tone, we can help teens and young adults learn about marijuana use and the effects it can have on both individuals and society as a whole.

Marijuana Facts: 10 Interesting Facts about Marijuana

  1. There Are 3 Main Varieties of Cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis
  2. There Are 100’s of Street Names for Marijuana
  3. Scientists Are Unable to Create a Pill that Replicates Marijuana
  4. Cannabis Can Be Used as Feed for Livestock
  5. France is Europe’s Biggest Producer of Hemp
  6. Marijuana Wasn’t Always Illegal in the United States
  7. Scientists Have Confirmed That Shakespeare Used Marijuana
  8. Marijuana is the Most Widely Used Drug in the World
  9. Marijuana Accounts for 48% of Drug Arrest in the United States
  10. 10% of People Who Smoke Marijuana Become Addicted

1. There Are 3 Main Varieties of Cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis

Marijuana facts
is the scientific name for marijuana. Marijuana is a street name, or slang name, used to describe the cannabis plant when it is dried for use as a psychoactive drug.

A psychoactive drug is a type of drug that causes changes in perception and sensation by altering the chemistry of the brain. The primary psychoactive component of the cannabis plant is tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC.

The cannabis plant grows naturally in Central and South Asia. There are three main varieties: cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, and cannabis ruderalis. Since its discovery, the cannabis plant has been grown all over the world, and different hybrids have been made from the three main varieties.

Some types of marijuana have stronger psychoactive effects than others. This difference in psychoactive strength is often due to the amount of THC in the variety of cannabis plant used to prepare the marijuana.

2. There Are 100’s of Street Names for Marijuana

Marijuana facts

Marijuana, or the preparation of the cannabis plant that is used as a drug, has many street – or slang – names. This is one of the longest marijuana facts! Some of the names for marijuana sound plant-based: weed, grass, pot, and ganja. Others sound like the name of a friend: Mary Jane, herb, bud, cheeba, and buddha.

The list doesn’t end there. Some names of marijuana sound like distinctly scientific: hydro, chronic, and Frankenstein. Other names for marijuana are based on the names of cannabis plant varieties: Northern Lights, Purple Haze, and Maui Wowie.

Knowing some of these funny marijuana facts can help teens be aware when drugs are being discussed. Marijuana is now used publicly to discuss the subject and may not be used when discussions of marijuana use occur between teens.

3. Scientists Are Unable to Create a Pill that Replicates Marijuana

Marijuana facts

Beyond its use as a recreational drug, marijuana is also used for medical purposes. Marijuana is used to provide comfort to, and aid the digestive process of, terminally and chronically ill patients. This includes people who have AIDs, cancer patients, and others who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Medical marijuana facts are a topic of controversy among people who are critics of marijuana use. One thing is clear: there are other cannabinoids, or compounds, in the cannabis plant that have additional psychological and physical effects. These additional compounds, some of which are unknown, provide part of the medicinal effect of marijuana that provides relief to sick people.

Because many marijuana facts are unknown, a pharmacological replacement for marijuana has not been found. There is no marijuana pill. Scientists need to conduct further research to understand which compounds in the cannabis plant cause specific isolated effects. When scientists have established more marijuana facts, marijuana may become available in pill form. This pill could offer comfort to terminally ill people and others who might benefit from marijuana use but don’t want the psychoactive effects.

4. Cannabis Can Be Used as Feed for Livestock

Marijuana facts

One name we didn’t mention in the list of marijuana facts above is hemp. Hemp is often referred to as the industrial form of marijuana. This is because hemp has long been used as a source material for products used in industry, such as paper, fabric and rope.

Hemp provides another area of controversy when discussing marijuana facts. As with medicinal marijuana, critics of marijuana use are often critical of hemp use. Hemp has been used throughout history as a fiber for clothing and rope-making due to its fibrous nature.

Hemp plants are cannabis plants that contain little or none of the psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plants used for producing marijuana. In addition to the fibers of the plant, hemp seeds are used for feedstock and are eaten directly as a good source of fat from vegetables. Hemp seeds contain a lot of oil and hemp oil is often used as a food product and a source of energy.

5. France is Europe’s Biggest Producer of Hemp

Marijuana facts

China produces more industrial hemp than any other country in the world. In Australia, individual states are licensing farmers to grow hemp for industrial purposes. Canada has permitted industrial hemp growing since 1998.

France is Europe’s biggest producer of hemp. The United Kingdom has also recently begun licensing farmers to grow hemp. In both countries hemp is used as a bedding for farm animals amongst other things.

In the United States, growing hemp is illegal. The ban on hemp growing in the United States is part of the set of marijuana facts because it is the Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, that enforces the ban. The DEA is involved due to the close relation between hemp cannabis plants and marijuana cannabis plants.

Individual states have passed laws allowing the farming of industrial hemp, but the federal government did not address the issue directly until recently. In 2014, Congress passed a law allowing farmers in some states to begin harvesting industrial hemp.

6. Marijuana Wasn’t Always Illegal in the United States

Marijuana facts

It’s one of the surprising marijuana facts that marijuana wasn’t always illegal in the United States. There were regulations and restrictions on marijuana, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that marijuana became an illegal drug in many places.

Marijuana was originally classified as a poison, before being classified as a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act in 1970. This effectively made marijuana illegal in the United States. However, individual states had their own laws and different approaches to marijuana use.

Despite many attempts to remove cannabis from the list of controlled substances, the Supreme Court has upheld the law even for cases of medical marijuana use. Currently, some states, such as Colorado and California, have more lenient laws regarding marijuana use.

7. Scientists Have Confirmed That Shakespeare Used Marijuana

Marijuana facts

One frequent claim by people who use marijuana is that it enhances their creativity. This doesn’t exactly qualify as one of our marijuana facts! However, many artists and musicians throughout history have spoken about their own marijuana use.

Shakespeare, considered by many to be one of the greatest writers of all time, mentioned a noted weed in one of his writings. A study of pipes dug up from the grounds of one of Shakespeare’s homes showed trace elements of cannabis.

One of the most popular songs by Jimi Hendrix is Purple Haze. Many rock and roll artists used marijuana during the 1960s and 70s. Using marijuana and other drugs was part of the hippy culture that characterized the lives of many teens and young adults at the time.

In more recent times, popular artists such as Snoop Dogg have blatantly used marijuana in videos and television shows. It’s one of the puzzling marijuana facts that popular culture in the United States seems to condone marijuana use, even though marijuana is illegal.

8. Marijuana is the Most Widely Used Drug in the World

Marijuana facts

According to the United Nations, or UN, marijuana is the most widely used drug in the world. The UN is the source of one of the most astonishing marijuana facts, namely that over 100 million adults worldwide use marijuana.

Almost one half (47%) of Americans have tried marijuana, including more than 10% who have tried it in the past year. A United States government survey showed that more than 18 million Americans who were 12 years or older had used marijuana in the previous month.

9. Marijuana Accounts for 48% of Drug Arrest in the United States

Marijuana facts

This is another of the more astonishing marijuana facts. The FBI reports that roughly 750,000 people were arrested for marijuana-related offenses in 2012. This accounted for nearly one half, or 48%, of the drug arrests in the United States that year. Of those arrests, the vast majority – more than 87% percent – were for possession and not for the selling or growing of marijuana.

There are more arrests for marijuana offenses each year than all the arrests for violent crime combined. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, Black people are almost four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana-related offenses than White people. Studies have shown the use of marijuana is comparable between White and Black Americans, so the rate of use does not explain the difference in arrests. This is another one of the puzzling marijuana facts and helps explain why marijuana facts are such a controversial subject.

10. 10% of People Who Smoke Marijuana Become Addicted

Marijuana facts

Recent studies have shown that marijuana is addictive and that there are long-term effects on the brain. About 10% of people who smoke marijuana become addicted.

The long-term effects from marijuana use include a lower IQ. This is one of the important marijuana facts it might be beneficial for teens to learn — starting marijuana use at a young age can permanently lower your IQ. A recent long-term study in New Zealand regarding this was the first of its kind and further studies are needed to learn more marijuana facts.

While our laws and our culture are changing, and despite Peter Tosh’s song Legalize It, marijuana is still illegal in most places in the United States and in most countries in the Western World.


Penguin Facts for Kids: 10 Interesting Facts about Penguins

Penguin facts teach us about these majestic birds, of which the emperor penguin is the largest of all. Penguins evolved over 60 million years ago from birds who flew through the air in to birds who swam through the water.

While giant penguins no longer roam the Earth, as they did up until 25 million years ago, penguins continue to hold a prime spot in our love of nature. While many penguin species are thriving, some are listed on the Endangered Species list. The best way we can ensure we continue to have fun penguin facts for kids now and in the future, is to protect their natural habitat in the Southern Hemisphere, including Antarctica.

Penguin Facts for Kids: 10 Interesting Facts about Penguins

  1. Penguins Lost the Ability to Fly 62 Million Years Ago
  2. 170 lb. Giant Penguins Lived in New Zealand 40 Million Years Ago
  3. Don’t Get Any Blood on That Tuxedo! Penguins Are Carnivores
  4. Penguins Can Withstand −40 °F by Working Together in Heat Packs
  5. Emperor Penguins Can Dive Up to 1,854 Ft. Deep
  6. Penguins Can Drink Salt Water and Not Get Sick
  7. Penguins Live in Colonies as Large as 200,000 Birds
  8. Emperor Penguins Lay Only 1 Egg Each Breeding Season
  9. There are No Penguins that Live in the Northern Hemisphere
  10. Penguins Can Swim Up to 17 Miles Per Hour

1. Penguins Lost the Ability to Fly 62 Million Years Ago

penguin facts
Penguin facts for kids tell an interesting story about a bird that once flew, and then evolved to become a better swimmer, but lost its ability to fly in the process. One of the most amazing penguin facts involves just how long ago penguins began evolving towards life in the water and lost their ability to fly.

The oldest fossil of a penguin species dates from over 60 million years ago! Penguin facts show that this penguin had already lost the ability to fly. While it was not as well adapted to marine life as today’s penguins, it is definitely a penguin ancestor.

Scientists speculate that these ancient penguins swam mostly on the top of the water. However, their wings had already evolved to be better used as flippers in the water and the bird could no longer fly.

2. 170 lb. Giant Penguins Lived in New Zealand 40 Million Years Ago

penguin facts

When we look at fossil records to reveal fun facts about penguin, we find some amazing ancestors of the penguins we are used to seeing today. Emperor penguins are the largest penguins alive today. Emperor penguins facts tell us that these birds can be up to 4 feet tall and can weigh 100 pounds.

Giant penguin fossils have been found in New Zealand. These penguins lived 40 million years ago and were nearly 6 feet tall and weighed over 170 pounds! Scientists don’t know whether this was a separate lineage of penguin or simply the result of environmental factors. It may have been that there was an abundance of food available with few competitors, so the penguins grew larger.

Competition from other marine animals, such as the whale species emerging at the time, eventually displaced the giant penguins and they became extinct approximately 25 million years ago.

3. Don’t Get Any Blood on That Tuxedo! Penguins Are Carnivores

penguin facts

Penguin facts can tell us a lot about these flightless birds. One thing we know without penguin facts is that these creatures are well loved by children and adults all around the world. There’s something about the well-dressed tuxedo look of some species of penguins that draws us to them. Many children’s movies and cartoons feature penguins as prominent characters.

Make no mistake, these cuddly-looking creatures are carnivores! This means that penguins eat only meat, and no vegetables. Penguins survive on a diet of mostly fish. They also consume other marine animals, including squid and octopus. This diet is partly a result of the region of the Earth they inhabit. Nearly all penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere, and many live in the Antarctic where there is little to no vegetation.

Penguin facts show that although penguins are predators, they are also prey. Penguin chicks can be eaten by other birds when they are smaller and more vulnerable. Adult penguins can be preyed on by leopard seals and killer whales, or orcas. We know from our dolphin facts that the orca is an apex predator. Given that the penguin is preyed on by the orca and few other animals, it is very near the top of the marine food chain.

4. Penguins Can Withstand −40 °F by Working Together in Heat Packs

penguin facts

Emperor penguin facts tell us about this species that endures the harsh climate of Antarctica. Penguins have many special adaptations for living in cold weather. They have a thick layer of feathers that acts as insulation, and they can also control the flow of blood to their extremities, maintaining just enough blood flow to keep those body parts from freezing.

Penguin facts reveal a unique behavior of penguins that demonstrates their ability to work together as a group to provide benefits to each individual. During the coldest months of winter, after the mother emperor penguin lays her egg, she goes hunting while the father stands over the egg to keep it warm.

Temperatures during this time in Antarctica can reach −40 °F, with winds near 90 miles per hour! To stay warm, the male penguins huddle in so-called heat packs that allow them to maintain their individual body temperatures by creating a shared thermal envelope that protects the group.

Penguin facts show that this behavior goes beyond simply huddling in groups to stay warm. The penguins rotate position so that each penguin gets a chance to be in the middle of the heat pack where it’s warmest, and no penguin has to stay in the coldest part of the heat pack, on the outside exposed to wind, for too long.

5. Emperor Penguins Can Dive Up to 1,854 Ft. Deep

penguin facts

Many interesting penguin facts are about emperor penguins because this species is the largest penguin that’s alive today. Their large body size allows them to go to extremes that other penguins cannot.

For instance, when it comes to diving, emperor penguins are capable of diving to depths of 1,854 ft. in search of fish and squid to eat.

To compensate for the extreme pressures at these depths – up to 40 times the pressure at the surface – emperor penguins have special adaptations. Their bones are solid instead of air-filled, like other birds, to reduce barotrauma.

During deep dives, penguin facts show that the emperor penguin’s heart rate drops to 15-20 beats per minute to conserve oxygen. The emperor penguin’s blood also has special properties that allow the bird to continue to function with very little oxygen.

6. Penguins Can Drink Salt Water and Not Get Sick

penguin facts

Penguin facts show us the unique ways in which these animals have developed to survive extreme cold and the extreme depths that some species are capable of diving. Let’s face it, these are some tough birds. They can dive over 1,000 feet deep and withstand temperatures 40 degrees below zero!

It seems that penguins are tough inside and out. Their digestive system has unique features that allow the bird to survive and thrive in its marine lifestyle. Penguins have a supraorbital gland, which is a gland that filters out sodium chloride from the blood stream. In other words, the gland filters salt out of the blood. This allows penguins to drink salt water when they are thirsty! Don’t try that if you get stranded on a desert island, however – it would kill you!

7. Penguins Live in Colonies as Large as 200,000 Birds

penguin facts

Emperor penguin facts have shown us the unique behavior of the male penguins who huddle in heat packs to stay warm in the frigid Antarctic winter. Penguins are social animals, and they like to hang out!

Emperor penguins live in colonies that number into the thousands, but interesting penguin facts shock us with the real party-animals of the penguin order: macaroni penguins. Macaroni penguins can group in colonies of several hundred thousand birds at once! That’s not a party – that’s a festival!

As a result of living in these large groups, penguins have adapted many unique vocalizations and displays to communicate with other birds. Hey, when you’ve got to make it to Stage 5 for your favorite band at the festival, it helps to know how to say “excuse me”!

Penguin facts don’t suggest that penguins have developed language of this complexity, but they do have a number of displays which accompany mating. These displays occur between male and female penguins and between male penguins that may be competing for the same female.

8. Emperor Penguins Lay Only 1 Egg Each Breeding Season

penguin facts

Emperor penguins breed during the cold winter months in Antarctica and penguin facts show that they only lay one egg each breeding season. This must put a lot of pressure on the father penguins that must bear the cold winter weather and protect the egg while the mother penguin fishes.

Emperor penguins are the fifth heaviest bird species on Earth. During the cold winter months while they protect their one egg, father penguins can lose 25% or more of their bodyweight. Penguin facts show that despite this effort to protect the egg, only 19% of emperor penguin chicks survive their first year of life.

Emperor penguins live on average to be 20 years old, with scientists speculating that some individuals may live as long as 50 years. As a result of a long life expectancy and the high infant mortality rate, 80% of the emperor penguin population is five years or older.

9. There are No Penguins that Live in the Northern Hemisphere

penguin facts

Penguin facts teach us that penguins only live in the wild in the Southern Hemisphere. The only penguins that ever enter the Northern Hemisphere are penguins living near the Galapagos Islands who may travel north to feed.

When penguins were first discovered, they were mistakenly thought to be auks. Auks are northern birds which share some similarities in appearance with penguins. However, they are completely separate animals. At one time, there were flightless auks that had similar traits as penguins. Modern auks are capable of flying, but they are not the most majestic birds in the sky.

When scientists examine penguin facts, they find that auks are actually a separate animal that shares traits with penguins due to convergent evolution. This means that auks and penguins evolved similar traits at the same time, but not through a process of breeding with each other. They developed the similar traits separately, in response to the similarities of the Arctic and Antarctic environments.

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10. Penguins Can Swim Up to 17 Miles Per Hour

penguin facts

What evolution took away from penguins in terms of flight, it gave back in swimming ability. Penguins facts tell us that their vestigal wings are now powerful flippers that can propel them through the water at incredible speeds.

Penguins typically idle around at 4-7 miles per hour. But, when an orca or leopard seal is stalking them, they step on the gas and can hit speeds as high as 17 miles per hour!

Another benefit of evolution is their streamlined body. This helps the penguin swim fast, and to expend less energy on swimming when it’s not being chased by a killer whale.


Cool Cat Facts – 10 Amazing Fun Facts about Cats | Interesting Facts

We’re crazy about cat facts. Something about cats, especially cute kittens, never fails to pique our interest. In light of this, we’ve found the perfect list of facts about cat — random facts that make learning cat facts fun for kids and adults alike! We’ve gathered a ferocious set of facts, from facts about to domestic cats to facts about big cats, like mountain lions and cheetahs. You won’t find a more incredibly interesting list of cat facts anywhere.

Cat Facts – Top 10 Amazing Fun Facts about Cats

  1. More than Meow! Cats Can Make Over 90 Different Sounds
  2. Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, and Leopards Purr Too
  3. Cats Can Move Their Ears 180 Degrees
  4. Milk Is Not Good For Cats! Most Cats Are Lactose Intolerant
  5. There Are Exactly 24 Whiskers On Every Cat
  6. All House Cats are Descended from One Species, Felis Sylvestris
  7. The First Brand of Commercial Cat Litter Was Invented in 1947
  8. Is It Time for a Catnap? Cat’s Spend 2/3rds of Their Life Sleeping
  9. Snow Leopards, Cheetahs and More Big Cats are Endangered
  10. Owning a Cat Reduces Cardiovascular Disease and Lowers Cholesterol

1. More than Meow! Cats Can Make Over 90 Different Sounds

Cat facts

Meow! Grrrr! Hisss! These are some of the noises we typically associate with cats. One of the most surprising cat facts is that cats can actually make almost 100 different sounds. From the peeps of kittens to the meows of adults, cats have a wide range of vocalizations. Kittens typically meow to their mother for milk, but most adult cats are only known to meow in the presence of humans. Cat owners must be seen as cat parents after all!

Scientific studies of the noises cats make have mostly centered on classifying the various sounds. Some scientists have sought to learn the truth behind one of the most mysterious cat facts – just how do cats purr? The rhythmic vibration of the purr comes from the cat’s throat, but, as yet, there is no agreement on how exactly the sound is made.

Do you ever get the feeling your cats are talking to you? Maybe they are! Cats have been known to imitate the sounds of human babies in order to attract the attention of their owner. They can also recognize the sound of their owner’s voice. However, cats lack the advanced mental capabilities of humans that enable language. So don’t worry – you’re still smarter than your cat.

2. Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, and Leopards Purr Too


When we think of purring, we often think of house cats, but big cats like cheetahs and mountain lions also purr. Even tigers, lions, jaguars, and leopards sometimes make a purr-like sound when they exhale. The roar of a lion is actually closely associated with the purring sound all cats make. The ability of one species of cat to purr and another species to roar is based on their anatomy, including specific features of the vocal folds and the length of the vocal tract.

3. Cats Can Move Their Ears 180 Degrees

Cat facts

Cats have amazing hearing that’s made possible by some incredible features of their anatomy. They can move their ears 180 degrees. We’ve heard of looking back, but cats can ‘hear back’ too! Cats can also hear higher frequencies than humans. Humans can hear frequencies up to 20kHz, while cats can hear up to 64kHz.

Say what?! More cat facts? You heard right! Cats have an array of over 30 different muscles controlling their ears. This gives cats incredible control over their ears, as well as the ability to point each ear independently. One of our favorite cat facts is that cats actually have better hearing than dogs! Plus one for our feline friends!

Cats are incredibly good at hearing different tones and being able to identify the location of sounds. This leads us to another cat fact. Cats know when we’re talking to them. Our cats might look like they don’t hear us when they’re sitting on the middle of the stairs and we tell them to get out of the way, but they’re only pretending they don’t!

4. Milk Is Not Good For Cats! Most Cats Are Lactose Intolerant

Cat facts

Some people think that feeding cats milk is good for them. This supposed cat fact is really a myth. Perhaps it’s all those cartoons we’ve seen featuring kittens lapping up milk from saucers, but cats are actually lactose intolerant and feeding them cow’s milk is not good for their digestive system.

It’s true, however, that kittens need milk in order to survive. The best milk a kitten can have is the milk from its own mother. When a kitten is orphaned, there is special kitten formula you can use to ensure the kitten develops into a healthy adult cat. Despite the myth, cow’s milk doesn’t have the right set of nutrients to help a kitten grow. While some cats are not lactose intolerant, the very best thing for all cats to drink is fresh water.

5. There Are Exactly 24 Whiskers On Every Cat

Cat facts

Cat’s whiskers are another amazing feature of their anatomy. There are exactly 24 whiskers on a cat, 12 on each side of their face. Cats use their whiskers for hunting and for sensing their surroundings. Veterinary neuroscientists have established some incredible cat facts relating to whiskers. A cat’s whiskers connect to a part of their brain that is similar to the visual cortex. This means that cats can almost see with their whiskers.

When hunting in close quarters, a cat’s whiskers will point towards their prey. It’s also been shown that cats with damaged whiskers have difficulty catching their prey. Those whiskers are more than just a fashion statement! Cats also use their whiskers to sense whether or not they can fit into a tight space.

6. All House Cats are Descended from One Species, Felis Sylvestris

Cat facts

Recent studies show that domestic cats are all descendants of one species, Felis sylvestris. It’s an incredible cat fact that all the different breeds of cats in the world are from one species that was domesticated in the Near East nearly 12,000 years ago! As humans developed agricultural societies, it’s likely that cats became helpful in controlling rodent populations.

The love affair of Egyptians and cats is perhaps one of the best-known cat facts in history. Some gods were portrayed as cats in Ancient Egypt. Cat owners in Egypt were even mummified with their cats so that they would have their pets with them in the afterlife. Some cat owners today still treat their pets like gods!

7. The First Brand of Commercial Cat Litter Was Invented in 1947

Cat facts

Of course, no list of cat facts would be complete without a kitty litter fact. File this one under practical cat facts! Cat litter was originally mostly sand that was bagged and sold by pet stores until 1947 when Edward Lowe introduced his clay-based Kitty Litter. At first, Lowe had trouble convincing his local pet store to sell the product.

Lowe took a gamble and gave his cat litter away for free until people were willing to pay for it. Lowe’s gamble paid off, and Kitty Litter became such a household name that the trademark became generalized to refer to all cat litter. Lowe continued in the cat litter business and founded the company behind the Tidy Cat brand of cat litter.

8. Is It Time for a Catnap? Cat’s Spend 2/3rds of Their Life Sleeping

Cat facts

For cats, it’s almost always a good time to take a catnap. Has is it ever seemed like your cat is always napping? That’s because cats spend around two-thirds of their life sleeping, as opposed to humans who spend around a third of our time asleep. For kittens, sleeping is an important part of their developmental process. Kittens produce a certain type of growth hormone only during their sleep cycle.

You might wonder whether it’s ok for your cat to sleep in your bed. Doctors caution against sleeping with animals if you have allergies. It’s generally ok to have a pet sleep in your bed as long as you aren’t allergic, and as long as they don’t hog the covers!

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9. Snow Leopards, Cheetahs and More Big Cats are Endangered

Cat facts

One of the sad cat facts is that big cats are now endangered all over the world. Snow leopards, mountain lions, jaguars, cheetahs, and other big cats are being pushed to extinction. As humans use more and more natural resources, we are harming the habitats of big cats all around the world.

In addition to reduced habitats, these proud predators often don’t have enough prey to thrive either. Big cats are still revered for their hides in some cultures, and poaching further threatens the existence of these incredible animals. You can do your part to prevent this sad cat fact from becoming a grim reality by refusing to buy any goods that are made from the fur of big cats. A real leopard print bag might sound cool, but it’s not cool for our big feline friends!

10. Owning a Cat Reduces Cardiovascular Disease and Lowers Cholesterol

Cat facts

Doesn’t it seem like cat ladies live forever? That’s because they do! Cat owners enjoy the companionship of a four-legged friend along with a lot of additional health benefits. It’s a heart-warming cat fact to know that owning a cat reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease and lowers your risk of heart attack. Another heartening cat fact is that owning a cat has also been shown to lower your cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure.

Cats actually reduce allergies and asthma. While it may seem like a counter-intuitive cat fact — like the fact that cats can hear better than dogs — it’s true. Studies have shown that infants and kids exposed to cats are less likely to develop allergies and asthma later in life. Being exposed to cats early in life triggers a child’s immune system to begin developing immunity.

These little feline healers are holistic practitioners. Owning a cat is good for both your body and your mind. Cat owners frequently report lower levels of stress than other people, and cats have even been shown to be helpful in providing therapy for autistic children. A cat a day keeps the doctor away! People who own cats also require fewer trips to healthcare professionals. No wonder the Egyptians adored cats and many people still treat them like gods today!

There are so many amazing cat facts about these pluperfect companions. To learn more, visit a cat near you. With an estimated 90 million cats in the United States alone and many more worldwide, you’re sure to be only a whisker’s width away from a feline friend!

Gold Facts: 50 Surprising Facts about Gold

Gold is valuable and there are many weird, cool, awesome, funny amazing and interesting Gold facts you probably aren’t aware of.

Gold was originated 200 million years after the formation of earth, and all of the gold on our planet came from the bombardment of Meteorites. This bombardment has filled the core of earth with plenty of gold. In fact there is enough gold in the core of this planet to coat its surface with a depth of 1.5 feet or more.
Gold and copper were the first metals discovered by human being. And it is observed that nearly half of all the gold ever mined in this world has come from South Africa.

Gold Is Edible

A very weird but true fact about gold indicates that Gold is suitable to eat and it can be eaten as a food. By considering this fact Dubai has launched a program in 2014 to pay children 2 grams of gold for every KG weight they loose. If you want to earn some gold, go to Dubai and consider loosing some can know about getintopc

Did You Know?

Gold can cure cancer. Sounds strange but some gold facts are verified by the researchers and their research shows that by injecting gold in ones body can cure the cancer quicker and completely.

Time has the ability to change a very useless coal into valuable gold.

Interesting Gold Facts Ever

Here is a list of some weird but true gold facts you may not know.

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  • The Worlds largest GOLD BAR has a weight of 250 KG.
  • Gold is not very unique, that it has been found on every continent.
  • You have 0.2 Milligrams of gold in your body. The amount of gold is present in your blood cells.
  • A very strange fact shows that earthquakes can turn water into gold.
  • EUCALYPTUS trees are the only trees whose leaves contains small traces of Gold.
  • Olympic gold medal have only 1.34% of gold in it.
  • A research shows that the amount of gold ever mined can be fitted in 3 Olympic swimming pools.
  • By wearing a gold ring continuously over a year, you loose 6 milligrams of gold from it just by wearing it on your finger.
  • Oceans are the only place on earth with maximum amount of gold. Researchers have claimed that over 20 Million
  • Tons of gold is present in the oceans.
  • Melting temperature of 24K gold is recorded as 1063°C.
  • Most of the people in this world has fear of gold and this type of illness is known as Aurophobia.

A False Experiment

gold facts

Hennig Brand was a chemist who believed that urine can be converted into gold just by boiling it. And for that he requested many times for this experiment to occur. When he was permitted to do this experiment, he collected 1500 Gallons of Human Urine and boiled it. And let me tell you that he never found Gold by boiling it, the only thing he found was Phosphorous.

Gold as a Thread

Gold facts and studies shows that this is the only metal that is ductile and it can be stretched. It is observed that even one ounce of gold can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles long. These type of threads (Gold Threads) are also used as embroidery thread.


Cockroach Facts: Nature’s Perfect Creature

Here is a collection of creepy, weird, funny, unbelievable, interesting  and amazing cockroach facts that will blow your mind.

Cockroaches were born 300 million years ago, and they are the survivors of ice age, asteroids impacts and the giant volcanoes. A cockroach is a survivor which can go for hours without oxygen, 90 days without food and 40 days without water.

There are 428 species in Australia. The most is the German cockroach. In fact if one German female moves in to your home, you could have 100,000 more within a year.

Nature’s Perfect Creature

Cockroaches are cleaner than humans. They eat our rubbish and don’t typically carry diseases. In fact the pesticides we use to kill them can be much more of a threat to us than the roaches themselves. And they can actually be good for our health, having been used for treatments of indigestion, tetanus, boils, earache and impotence.

A 2010 Study found roach brains have powerful antibiotic properties killing 90% of resistant bacteria and E.coil.

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Cockroaches have a reaction time of 40 milliseconds and can travel up to 50 Body lengths per second. Human engineers are hard at work of looking secrets of their extraordinary mechanics. One scientific project hopes to use this knowledge to make cars that are impossible to crash.

Else way there is even been a suggestion that the roaches can be turned into human time capsules. Researchers have proposed that using their genetic code in humans can make humans live for millions of years.

They are Ancient than Dinosaurs

cockroach facts

You probably are thinking that Dinosaurs are the most ancient animals in the history of this world. But let me tell you that a cockroach will always protest against this thought because they are more ancient than dinosaurs.

Cockroach facts show that cockroaches are 120 Million years older than the Dinosaurs.

Unbelievable Cockroach Facts

Below is my favorite collection of weird and unbelievable cockroach facts to blow your mind.

  • A cockroach head can live without its body for 12 hours.
  • A cockroach without its head can live for up to 40 days. It is the starvation that kills it.
  • They have neighbors relations like humans.
  • Cockroaches are scared to live alone. They become sick if left alone for a while.
  • A new species of cockroach was found in the U.S. That has the capability to live in freezing cold.
  • The family of cockroaches is known as an Intrusion.
  • There is a trend of eating fried cockroaches in Thailand, China and some other countries.
  • Engineering students in china in 2015 worked on How to control cockroaches using an electronic device.
  • If a cockroach is raised in space, it will become much stronger, quicker and faster than all the cockroaches on earth.
  • They do shedding.
  • They can re-grow all of their 7 legs.
  • You should use CATNIP to repel cockroaches. It is the best natural repellent for cockroaches.
  • A Russian roach called “HOPE” was the first land animal to conceive and give birth in space.

They Can Run Faster than You

cockroach facts

There are many facts about cockroaches but let me tell you one of the most interesting cockroach facts that they can run on two legs like humans. Yeah that’s right, they can run faster than any insect living on earth, it is also said that they can achieve the speed of 5 feet per second while they are on two legs.

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Littering Facts, Effects and Statistics

Today we have got crazy, weird, wild, unexpected and true littering facts to show you how litter affects your life and environment.

LITTER: A Piece of rubbish or waste disposed improperly at any wrong location is called Litter.

LITTERING: Littering means throwing useless objects or things on the ground improperly rather than disposing them in recycle bin or garbage can.

Origination of Litter

As you probably have seen objects thrown away on different locations on the ground that produces unwanted smell and disgusting environment, all the waste that originates from factories, houses and industries disposed improperly causes littering.

Litter can also originate from moving vehicles, demolished sites, households, uncovered trucks, and even pedestrians. Apart from that, the negligence of people or people with environmental authorities in the town or city can cause litter. For example: Unavailability of trash cans, garbage containers, and carelessness of pedestrians.

What Are the Effects of Littering?

The effects of littering are limitless because it destroys life as well as economy of the nation.

  • It is unattractive, filthy and smelly.
  • It is unhealthy and very dangerous for those live nearby.
  • Litter has also increased the population by rats within few years to more than over 70 million.
  • It can cause many harmful diseases.
  • littering factsLittering also affect plants and trees, it stops their growth by unnecessary means, i.e. damaging the soil.
  • Useless chemicals from the industry are disposed in water that is main cause of water pollution.
  • It is also very harmful for oceans, storm water and rivers.
  • It also affects the local economy that concerns tourists.
  • As far as litters like sharp objects can damage the health of street animals.
  • Litter is a great symbol that indicates carelessness.
  • Local communities are also affected by littering.
  • It also risks the life of birds because most of the birds swallow sharp objects like nails and steel causing death.

In short I must say Littering affects the “QUALITY OF LIFE.

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11 Interesting Littering Facts

Here is a collection of litter facts that will surely enhance your knowledge about this disgusting habit.

  • Litter has a huge effect on the economy of a Nation; it costs over 300 million dollars per year.
  • The plastic litter, executed in the sea from factories has killed over 300,000 turtles and mammals.
  • One person produces garbage of about 1600 pounds per year.
  • Due to increase in garbage, each year 15% more carbon dioxide is emitted.
  • Due to litters and objects on the road, severe accidents are committed and for the last four years, littering on the road has caused 500,000 accidents
  • Littering facts show that it’s illegal and is strictly banned in several countries.
  • Places with high litters are considered to be criminal spots, because the probability of having a criminal in places with litter is very high.
  • Littering kills 10,000 tress each year.
  • An average American after every 4 hour throws trash without disposing it properly.
  • Over half of all the littering objects contain “cigarette butts”.
  • People with dirty mind and thoughts produces more irritating environment.
  • Laziness and ignorance in people is the major cause of littering.
  • One of the most interesting littering facts shows that people addicted to alcohol and drugs causes more litter.

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Stop Littering and Save the World

Well it is a very simple question with a very simple answer: PICK UP LITTER, STOP LITTERING and REPORT QUICKLY if you find someone littering.

Other than this “Stop littering” will be useful with following perspectives:

  1. It will decrease the water pollution and will increase its quality.
  1. It will also control the emission of Carbon dioxide.
  1. Stop littering will save wild life and humanity from death.
  1. It can strengthen the economy of nation.

Save the world and stop littering, it will save both your health and your nation because the only cure for Litter is You.

Bacteria Facts: 30 Weird Facts about Bacteria

You can find bacteria everywhere, it is what keeps us alive. Some Bacteria facts tell us that, from the yogurt that you eat to the water you drink, these microbiological cells live everywhere. Even though they are also present in the digestive system of our body to help in digesting the food.

Like viruses they are also called microbes and as they are too small and can only been seen with microscope. They are also called germs but that is totally wrong, only few of bacteria are harmful, while most of them are good for humans.

Aim in Life

Strange bacteria facts show that they do have aim in life that is doubling, doubling and doubling, they keep on increasing and increasing, yeah that’s right that’s the only one thing they want to do their life.

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Bad Bacteria

Even though 99% of these unicellular organisms are good for you but 1% of them are still harmful for human body and this bad bacterium is called “Pathogens” which can cause a lot of diseases.

Pathogens can cause:

  1. Pneumonia
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Cholera
  4. Plague
  5. Rickets

Weird Bacteria Facts

Here is an interesting range of bacteria facts that will definitely blow your mind.

  • If you collect all the bacteria of your body, then it will weigh 4 pounds.
  • It can enter to your body through nose, mouth or from broken skin.
  • Fever protects you from bacterial infections.
  • There is a type of microbes called “ACTINOMYCETES” are responsible for the smell of rain.
  • On average, mobile phones have more bacteria than handles of toilet.
  • bacteria factsYour sweat is odorless, but the bacteria present on your skin mingle with it and causes body odor.
  • After cleaning your mouth, you still have more than 10,000 bacteria on each tooth.
  • Weird bacteria facts show that the amount of bacteria present in your mouth is much greater than the amount of people living in this world.
  • Your office desk contains 400 times more viruses than a toilet.
  • The shelf-life of tap water is about 6 months, after which bacteria starts to grow.
  • A very unique and specific breed of bacteria also lives in hair gel and hairspray.
  • If you love money than you should also know that there are 300 different types of bacteria living on a dollar bill.

Interesting Bacteria Facts

  • Bacteria are also used in most of the Antibiotics.
  • Ants can pull up to 100 times their own body weight and are said to be the strongest creatures but weight there is a type of bacteria called “GONORRHEA BACTERIA” that can lift up to 100,000 times their own weight.
  • It is observed that male employees cause more bacteria in offices than female employees.
  • Bacteria produce half of the oxygen present in the atmosphere.
  • Bacteria facts and studies shows that CHOCOLATE is antibacterial and it protects your teeth and fight against viruses that causes tooth decay.
  • According to a research in 2013, researchers of Newzealand found a type of bacteria that resists every antibiotic ever known.
  • In every 20 minutes new bacteria grows on a Sponge of Kitchen.
  • When babies are born, there body has 0 Bacteria.
  • There are types of wrecking-bacteria that can eat Titanic in 20 years.
  • There is a type of chlorine bacteria that causes red eyes in swimming pool, its not the chlorine itself.

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Weird Monkey Facts For Kids

Monkeys are simply curious animals and are also considered as popular exotic pets, there are many interesting and weird monkey facts for kids that you may love learning.

Monkey Facts For Kids

  • The Smallest Monkey in the world can hide behind your coffee cup; it is about 6 inches tall.
  • Albert II was the first monkey to land on moon.
  • The largest monkey can be up to 3 feet tall and can weight average of 77 pounds.
  • Monkeys spend a long time in grooming; one of the most amazing facts about monkeys for kids is that they help each other in removing items from their fur.
  • Arboreal are the only type of monkeys who lives their entire life on trees.
  • Only Tails differentiate monkeys from APES.
  • monkey facts for kidsMonkey is also a part of Buddhism and Hinduism religion.
  • Monkeys live in groups.
  • Some type of monkeys can also howl, yet their howl is very loud and can be heard up to 10 miles away.
  • Howler Monkey is the only type that spends 80% of its life sleeping or resting.
  • One of the interesting monkey facts indicates that they are easy to train and are extremely intelligent and social.
  • Monkeys have a great ability to grasp anything with both their toes and fingers.
  • Monkeys communicate with each other using face expressions and hand gestures.
  • Monkeys are the only civilized animals living on this planet after humans.
  • Spider monkeys can walk on with two legs on a thin branch of tree.
  • As we all know They Love Bananas.
  • Owl Monkey is a type that sleeps all day.

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10 Unique Types of Monkeys

Here is a list of 10 most unique types of monkeys:

  1. Spider Monkey
  2. Baboon
  3. Blue Monkey
  4. Squirrel Monkey
  5. Howler Monkey
  6. Gibbon
  7. Mandrill
  8. Vervet Monkey
  9. Capuchin Monkey
  10. Japanese Macaque

List of Important Monkey Facts for Kids

In the image below, the most informative and interesting monkey facts for kids are given that you may be willing to learn.

monkey facts for kids

Incredibly Weird Facts That Will Blow Your Mind | Interesting Facts

All these facts might looks weird to read but let me tell you that all these facts are true and these weird facts are astonishing to listen because all the things i am going to tell you had happen in the past or still happening in the present.

List Of Most Weird Facts Ever

Fact #1

awesome weird facts

In old times black peeper that we use today was much valuable for the people, that they use it as their currency and even rob those who had it.

Fact #2

interesting weird facts

well well well!!!! You think you are clean and if cockroach touches you, then you should wash your hands twice, this means you are wrong, because someone already had done this, its the cockroach that runs to safety and cleans itself if it touches human body, weird to listen right?? But its totally true.

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Fact #3

weird facts ever

Scientifically it has been proved that the dead cells in human body keeps on growing even if a person dies, because dead cells are dead and they don’t need any nutrition or blood to grow, so they keep on growing if a person dies, and our hairs and nails are dead cells, so they will never stop growing.

Fact #4

new weird facts

With reason unknown it was observed by the researchers that human nose can smell stronger in the evening, but in the morning the smelling power is much weaker. Few of the reasons are given for this weird fact but no authentic has been yet provided.

Fact #5

most weird facts

Creatures who don’t fart, neither vomit simply have better immune system, they have powerful barriers between the throat and the stomach, they have great muscular power and heavy digestive system, which doesn’t allow them to vomit.

Fact #6

best weird facts

One of the very weird facts indicates that when hippo’s feel warm a blood type liquid comes from their skin, firstly people were confused on it, but later on researchers found out that its the sweat of the hippo which is red in color.

Fact #7

few weird facts

Bread is made up of flour and flour is made by grinding the seeds, which we use to eat in breakfast and lunch, but let me tell you that ancient people use, bread to remove pencil work, that was the time before the invention of eraser.

Fact #8

weird facts in the world

Cutest fish of all is dolphin, which is also known as the most friendly sea creature. The most weird thing about this cute creature is that it sleeps with one eye open, some people say that dolphin keep alerted by doing so, and some say that its in their creation, they don’t have control on their one eye.

Fact #9

werid facts

A very true fact, we can’t commit suicide by holding our breath, because its simply impossible, no matter how hard we try, no matter what happens we cant kill our self by holding breath. Your mind will never allow you to do it.

Fact #10

some weird facts

Another one of the most interesting weird facts; If your eyes are open , then you are watching your nose, each and every second we see our nose, but the only thing we do is to ignore it, as long as our eyes are open. Well thanks to your brain, that chooses to ignore it, otherwise its very weird.


100 Mind Blowing Facts About Life, The Universe, And Everything

Mind blowing facts about Life show that life is very simple but we insist on making it very complicated, world is full of facts and there are plenty of untold facts about life. These interesting facts will tell you the simplest and less complicated way to live your life, because you can never live your live unless or until you know the most true facts about life.

Sometime it seems a bit difficult to believe on something that’s heard for the first time or when it seems really astonishing. These unbelievable facts are doubtful but they are very amazing and interesting to read.

Unbelievable Mind Blowing Facts About Life and The Universe

  • Cockroaches can survive without head for several weeks.
  • The total weight of all the ants on this planet is much greater than the total weight of all the human being on earth.
  • Your nose has the ability to remember 50,000 different scents, while it seems a bit difficult for your brain to remember 50,000 different names.
  • A Mosquito has 47 teeth.
  • A Normal Mouse has the ability to fit through a small hole, size of a ballpoint.
  • If all the muscles in your body start pulling in one direction, then you could be able to lift 30 tons.
  • Woman speak 13000 more words than the average man, Woman Speak nearly 30000 words a day.
  • Mind blowing facts about life educate that cold water can easily freeze, but hot water freezes much faster than cold water.
  • 150 Years ago in the CRIMEAN WAR, Russian and a Frenchman at once fired at one another and their bullets collided, this has happened for the first time in History.
  • Dog is the only animal that can see sadness in your eyes, often dogs attempt to make their owners happy by start cuddling.
  • Right handed people on average lives 9 years more than left-handed people.
  • unbelievable factsThe population of earth is too much and let me tell you another most unbelievable fact that the number of people that are living on this planet are greater than number of people that are gone from this world from the beginning.
  • Simple Scientific Calculator has 6 times more processing power than the computer that landed on moon ( Apollo 11 )
  • You probably have heard a famous saying that “Slow and steady wins the race”. Sea turtles are the most ancient animal living on this planet, Sea turtles are more ancient than dinosaurs and are the creation that has existed 215 million years before and these are the only ancient animals that are yet alive.
  • If Human Brain were a computer, it could perform 38,000 Trillion operations per every single second. This could be the world’s fastest computer as compared to our new generation computers.  Human brain could be 99.998% faster than any other computer.
  • Veronica Seider was a woman who had an unbelievable eye sight, She had an amazing ability to see and identify things 1 mile away, which is 1.6km and that kind of human being existed only once. And personally I think that this is one the most mind blowing facts about life you can ever read.
  • If all the honey bees are suddenly disappeared or if they die due to some reason, then the world will no longer remain the same and within 4 or 5 years after the honey bees the life on this planet will end.
  • Charles Darwin was an English geologist and was best known for his contributions as a naturalist. He had a great role in the evolutionary theories. The most unbelievable fact about this great naturalist is that he ATE every animal he discovered.
  • Korea is a well known country where the people love to eat OCTOPUSES alive.

Top 9 Best Mind Blowing Facts about Life

  1.  Fresh Vegetables, Daily Exercise And Sports Only Make You Die Fast, it’s Dullness That Can Keep You Alive
  2. Women Spend One Year Of Their Lives Deciding What To Wear
  3. People With Many Friends Live More
  4. People With Many Friends Live More
  5. Love In Life Is Very Costly
  6. You Can Remember Your Dreams 30% More When You Are in Love
  7. You Can Remember Your Dreams 30% More When You Are in Love
  8. Life Is A Mystery
  9. Success Always Hug You In Private But Failure Slaps You In The Public

Fresh Vegetables, Daily Exercise And Sports Only Make You Die Fast, it’s Dullness That Can Keep You Alive

mind blowing facts about lifeExercise can only make you die fast, it’s not a key to live a long life. Sounds funny right? but its not.

A rabbit only loves vegetables, jumps all the day, but the maximum life of rabbit is 5 years.

Postman Walks all day, if jogging would make you immortal then the post man never dies.

Whale Swims all day , it only eats fish, but still whale is not smart enough it’s too fat.

Turtle is the only animal that sleeps all day, do nothing, never jumps, hate swimming all day, don’t love hopping but still turtle lives 450 years.

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Women Spend One Year Of Their Lives Deciding What To Wear

As we all know that women are the only beauty conscious creature living on this earth, and women are the cause to delay in the parties, functions etc. Every woman will think many times before wearing something because they can’t decide what t;6o wear, and on a average they waste 1 year of their lives on deciding what to wear.

People With Many Friends Live More

Mind blowing facts about life show that people with less friends dies fast because of the isolated environment, while on the other hand a person with more friends live almost 4 years more than others.

Love In Life Is Very Costly

Some people think that love is life but there are many psychological facts about love which proves that love is not a piece of cake.

Love is a Relationship in which, one person is always right and other person is always husband.

You can’t buy love but you can pay as much as you can for it.

Having single child will make you a parent but having 2 children makes you a referee.

Wife and Husband always compromise, husband admits that he’s wrong and wife too agrees with him.

Our Language is mother tongue because father never gets a chance to speak.

You Can Remember Your Dreams 30% More When You Are in Love

When you in love your heart flutter more than normal to get oxygen to the brain. So, we can say that it is possible that you can remember more of your dreams when you are in love.

Success Always Hug You In Private But Failure Slaps You In The Public

mind blowing facts about life

Success and failure are the only achievements you can have after every work. These are the only destinations you can have.

Mind blowing facts about life show that your success is for a very short period of time while your failure is a nightmare that keeps you awake for a long time.

Life Is A Mystery

A very well known saying about life is this that it’s totally a mysterious, life is a thing that’s not discovered yet, it’s totally different for everyone.

Life Is a Dream For the wise, it’s a game for the fool, comedy for a rich and a tragedy for a poor.

Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

Many people think that money can buy everything including happiness, well I totally disagree with the statement because as much as I know about life it’s that I think it’s much comfortable to cry in BMW rather than on a bicycle.

You cannot wipe your tears with dollars; it’s much easy to use a tissue paper.

Money can buy expensive shirts, but it’s hard to buy a shoulder.

A truly rich person is the one whose family runs into its arms even when his hands are empty, it’s something money can’t buy.

The Best Priority To Judge You For The World Is Your Failure

No matter how hard you try, no matter how long you try, no matter how you struggle, success or failure are the only result, the achievement is so little, it only makes you feel better for yourself only, only few people will love it and only few will care about this.

But if you fail, you will be grounded in front of the world because your failure is the best priority for people to judge you.

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