10 Facts about Mexican Food You Might Not Know

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think about mexican food? Beans? Nachos? Tacos? Here are 31 facts about Mexican food you might not know - and they might have you seeing this delicious cuisine in a new light

1.    Mexican Food Differs in Various Region

Mexico is divided up into nine different regions with each region putting its spin on humble Mexican food.

2.    Mexican Food Contains Lots of Fruit & Vegetables 

Ancient Mexican dishes were developed on the use of fruit, and vegetables and not much has changed since then.

3.  Mexican Food is Super Healthy  

Most people associate Mexican food with being spicy, and heavy but, in reality, it’s really healthy.

4.  Mexican Food is a World Heritage Cuisine  

In 2010 Mexican cuisine was added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

5.    The Caesar Salad was invented in Mexico 

This familiar favorite dates back to 1924 when Caesar Cardini opened up a restaurant named after himself in Tijuana, Mexico.

6. Nachos were an accidental creation

One night back in 1943, Mexican chef and restaurateur Ignacio Anaya Garcia (known as “Nacho”), threw together ingredients to make a snack plate for a group of U.S military wives who were visiting his restaurant.

7. The Fajita Craze Started in The 1970s 

It's believed that Mexican cowboys living in Texas invented the fajita in the 1930s when they grilled their skirt steak with vegetables and served it alongside a tortilla.

8. Mexico is the birthplace of Hot Chocolate

When Spanish conquerors arrived in Mexico they discovered that the Aztecs drank a bitter chocolate mixture made from cacao seeds and mixed with spices.

9. Mexicans eat tuna ice cream.

Tuna fruit is a prickly pear and unique to Mexico. The fruit is mixed with milk, sugar, and cactus fruit.

10. Glen Bell Didn’t Invent The Taco Shell 

Taco Bell owner, Glen Bell is often credited with the invention of the taco shell, but it’s believed that tacos date back to as far as 500 B.C in Mexico.

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