37 Facts About Anxiety You Might Not Know

Mind racing, palms sweating, heart beating rapidly—anxiety is not fun to experience and often not pleasant to talk about either.  

There are many causes, symptoms, and treatments for anxiety that you may not have heard about. In this list, you can find everything from the top stats to unique tips on dealing with anxiety.

There’s a Difference Between Anxious Feelings and Anxiety Disorder

If anxious feelings stick around for a long time and make it hard to cope with daily life, this could signify an anxiety disorder. 

Anxiety Can Sometimes Be Helpful

For example, when walking alone at night, anxiety can heighten your senses and make you more aware of your surroundings.

There are Various Types of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety shows itself in different ways, and these various types of mental illnesses are grouped under anxiety disorders. 

The USA has the Most Cases of Anxiety Disorder

According to a 2018 survey, the USA has the most cases of adult anxiety disorders.  

Women are More Likely than Men to Develop Anxiety

This could be due to biological differences that impact how women react to stress hormones. 

Anxiety and Depression Often Go Together

Many people who have anxiety also develop symptoms of depression. People also diagnosed with depression are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder. 

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