73 Interesting Facts About Dominican Republic You Might Not Know

The beautiful island of the Dominican Republic is the second-largest and most diverse Caribbean country.

The Dominican Republic is more than just a venue option for a destination wedding or honeymoon and thanks to these 73 interesting facts you’ll see why the Dominican Republic is loved by many.

Many Years Young

The life expectancy of Dominicans is 72 years old, while the life expectancy of the average U.S citizen is 78 years old.

The Breadbasket of the Caribbean

Dominican Republic is nicknamed the breadbasket of the Caribbean because it grows, farms, and catches almost everything that people of the island eat on daily basis.

Money Talks

The currency used on this island is the Dominican Peso, but the U.S dollar is also widely accepted here. One U.S dollar is roughly 50 Dominican Pesos.

Christopher Columbus & ‘Little Spain’

The famous explorer, Christopher Columbus, discovered the Dominican Republic whilst working for the Spanish Crown in 1492.

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