59 Interesting Facts About California You Might Not Know

California is an incredibly diverse state with everything from movie stars to national parks to mountains to wine. 

Here are 59 interesting facts about California you might not know. 

Mediterranean climate 

California is able to produce over 17 million gallons of wine each year.

California’s first drive-through burger stand 

No In-N-Out stores were opened outside California until 1992. 

Largest living tree in the world 

In California’s Sequoia National Park. It is only 275 feet tall, but its circumference is 100 feet and known as General Sherman. 

The original Disneyland was built in Anaheim, California

In 1955 and it is the only theme park designed and built under the management of Walt Disney.

Largest amphitheater in the United States 

Hollywood Bowl opened in 1922 and also has a public park and picnic area.

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